Intranets and The Cluetrain Declaration Darlene Fichter and Diminish Morville for Intranets 2001.

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for Intranets 2001. hint map. Darlene Fichter. President, Northern Lights Internet Solutions ...
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Intranets & The Cluetrain Manifesto Darlene Fichter & Peter Morville for Intranets 2001

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Darlene Fichter President, Northern Lights Internet Solutions Intranet Librarian Columnist, Online magazine

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Peter Morville Executive Director, ACIA CEO, Argus Associates Co-Author, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (O\'Reilly) LIS Background Fortune 500 Consulting

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A Few Excerpts People of Earth… We Die… But What\'s This Got To Do With the Internet?

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Clue Map Organization hyperlinks subvert chain of importance loss of control/power Business as Conversation voice/discussion web/intranet workers/clients Intranet Design top-down/base up figurative firewall Other Topics what\'s the web for? specialists as aides archives principle learning administration Wrap Up thoughts questions get in touch with me

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"Hyperlinks subvert chain of importance." (piece of information 7) "Today the organization graph is hyperlinked, not progressive. Regard for hands-on information wins over admiration for conceptual power." (piece of information 50)

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"Hypertext is innately nonhierarchical and antibureaucratic. It doesn\'t strengthen unwaveringness and dutifulness; it supports unmoving theory and free talk. It empowers stories." (p.xxxii) "The genuine business is the arrangement of associations among individuals." (p.120)

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"Intranets are empowering your best individuals to hyperlink themselves together, outside the organization graph. They\'re extraordinarily profitable and creative. They\'re letting one know another reality, in exceptionally human voices." (pg. xxix)

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" While this (loss of control) panics organizations stupid, they likewise depend vigorously on open intranets to create and share basic information. They have to fight the temptation to "enhance" or control these arranged discussions." (piece of information 47)

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"… the Internet has made your entrance level workers as intense as your senior VP of advertising." (p.xix)

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"There are two discussions going on. One inside the organization. One with the business sector." (hint 53) "These two discussions need to converse with each other. They are talking the same dialect. They perceive each other\'s voices." (intimation 56).

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"… partnerships work best when individuals within have the fullest contact conceivable with the general population all things considered." "Companies that let their clients and suppliers into the procedure at an opportune time convey better items." (p.156)

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" Companies normally introduce intranets top-down to disseminate HR approaches and other corporate data that laborers are doing their best to overlook." (sign 44)

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"Intranets actually tend to course around fatigue. The best are developed base by connected with people collaborating to build something much more important: an intranetworked corporate discussion." (intimation 45)

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"In the not so distant future, organizations will need to open up noteworthy segments of their intranets – while as yet ensuring their couple of veritable insider facts – keeping in mind the end goal to make associations with their business sectors instead of boundaries against them." (pg. 24)

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"The Internet/intranet division fortifies the \'not imagined here\' disorder that has harmed such a large number of organizations. Organizations have long comprehended that they need to tear down the inward dividers that avoid essential cross-utilitarian correspondence. Presently they need to tear down their outer dividers too." (p.24)

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"We don\'t comprehend what the Web is for yet we\'ve embraced it speedier than any innovation since flame." (p. 43) "The Internet more looks like an antiquated bazaar than it fits the plans of action organizations attempt to force upon it." (p.xxxi)

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"Progressively, a valuable master is not somebody with (containing) every one of the answers but rather somebody who knows where to discover the answers." (p.128)

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" The Web is a report world… records are our most luxuriously developed sort of information." (p.145) "The universe of data on the Web is, in this way, a ton wealthier than the space of database data in both substance and structure." (p.146)

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"Knowledge administration has turned into an intriguing issue decisively in light of the fact that we noiselessly perceive that our data isn\'t yielding comprehension. In any case, data is uninspiring correctly on the grounds that it\'s overseen; to make it sensible, we strip out connection and voice." (p.149)

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"Discussions among people sound human. They are led in a human voice." (piece of information 3) "We are resistant to promoting. Simply overlook it." (Clue 74)

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"If you need us to converse with you, let us know something. Make it something fascinating for a change." (intimation 75) We are very brave for you as well: some new devices we require, some better administration. Stuff we\'d pay for. Got a moment? (sign 76) "You\'re excessively occupied with \'working together\'s, making it impossible to answer our email?" (hint 77)

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