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Intro From Earth to the Universe is an exhibition that endeavors to bring beautiful images of the cosmos to non-traditional venues such as public parks and gardens, art museums, shopping malls and metro stations.
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Introduction From Earth to the Universe is a presentation that tries to bring excellent pictures of the universe to non-conventional venues, for example, open stops and greenery enclosures, workmanship exhibition halls, shopping centers and metro stations. Versatility: Based on subsidizing accessibility, facilitating associations may choose their level of display: Platinum ( ~$250k+, >100 pictures) Gold (~$25-50k, 50-100 pictures) Silver (~$2-10k, 25-50 pictures ) Kim Kowal Arcand

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Prototype Plans are set up to have a model FETTU outside presentation at Albert Dock in Liverpool, UK (seventh to 29th June 2008), that will showcase give or take 75 vast pictures of galactic items. The model has secured important sponsorship from Science Photo Library & ASTRONET. By undertaking this “dry run”, more data will soon be given to nearby coordinators to directing their own particular FETTU shows.

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TIMELINE January 2008: Preliminary picture choice. Execution diagram advancement. [Complete] March 2008: Call for last extra pictures for IYA2009 show to center determination from model. [Complete] April 2008 : Details of Liverpool model are arranged: Selection of pictures, design, occasions, exposure layout. [Complete] May-June 2008 : Final parts of Liverpool model are solidified. “Lessons learned” from Liverpool shared as uncovered. Adjustments to arrange, if vital, are made. Recently changed arrangement coursed. June 7-29 2008: Public “prototype” presentation of galactic pictures in Liverpool, UK July-October 2008 : Identification of destinations for all levels of picture display made. Nearby coordinators contact venues, conceivable financing sources, potential business outlets to create the display. Nearby coordinators recognize particular times for picture show to show up. On the off chance that shows are to travel, timetables are created. Assentions between site areas, subsidizing sources, and nearby coordinators/proper IYA substances are made. Fall 2008 : Production of picture shows in different areas. Publicizing and reputation of shows starts. Plans for instructive and different exercises continue. 2009 : Image shows start showing up far and wide.

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Trailer Sustainability: Exhibitions could keep on being created with the crude materials gave. With the right taking care of and transportation, displays could be sent to numerous areas more than quite a while. In the event that subsidizing can be secured, we imagine the FETTU shows from IYA2009 could go to destinations all through the United States. FETTU could be a venture that reaches out into the following decade.