Introduction for Understudies Fall 2009 E KOMO MAI - WELCOME.

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Hawai`i Junior college. Introduction for Understudies Fall 2009 E KOMO MAI - WELCOME. Hawai`i Junior college Mission. Hawai`i Junior college advances understudy embracing so as to learn our remarkable Hawai`i Island culture and moving development in the soul of E `Imi Pono.
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Hawai`i Community College Orientation for Students Fall 2009 E KOMO MAI - WELCOME

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Hawai`i Community College Mission Hawai`i Community College advances understudy embracing so as to learn our exceptional Hawai`i Island culture and moving development in the soul of E `Imi Pono. Adjusted to the UH Community Colleges system’s mission, we are focused on serving all portions of our Hawai`i Island group.

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Congratulations On Your Decision to Pursue Higher Education at Hawai`i Community College! We accept advanced education at HawCC can advantage you in numerous ways… Open ways to more openings for work Increase your self-assurance Enhance your acquiring potential

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Start off RIGHT Navigate Through an Orientation before the semester starts Why is Orientation Important? So You Will Know - What HawCC Expects of You The Resources Available at HawCC

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What Does Hawai`i Community College Expect From You? Go to Classes Complete the Assignments Meet with Teachers to Ask Questions Get Free Tutoring in the Learning Center Access Computers (accessible in the Learning Center or Testing Center) Use the Web to Register for Classes Check MyUH Emails for grant information, messages from advocates, imperative declarations, and so forth

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More Expectations For Success Develop Study Skills Read with a Purpose Set Goals Manage Time, $$$ and Stress Be Willing to Ask for Assistance Learn about and Use Resources Know Your Catalog

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Remember… College Expectations Differ From High School Expectations High School Required to Enroll Free/Low Cost Bus Service Long Day in Classes Schedule Provided Not Much Freedom No Financial Aid College Your Choice Tuition & Book Costs You Transport Yourself Less Class Time- - More Study Time You Schedule Online More Freedom & Responsibility You Can Apply for Financial Aid

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NO WORRIES With All These Expectations Comes….. Heaps of Support and Many Resources at Hawai`i Community College to Assist You!

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Support You Can Expect From Hawai`i Community College Manono (Lower) Campus Resources Career Center Counseling Center Financial Aid Ha`awi Kokua Lab Disability Services Hale Kea Center (Computers) Job Placement Student Life Cafeteria Upper (Main) Campus Resources Bookstore Campus Housing Health Services Learning Center (Computers) Library Parking Office Women’s Center Campus Center

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What Can These Resources Do For You? Learning Center (Main Campus) Receive Free Tutoring Use Computers Hale Kea Testing Center (Manono Campus) Use Computers Use Testing Services Counseling Center (Manono) Navigate HawCC Get Academic Counseling Get Personal Counseling Get Transfer Advising Receive Financial Aid Advising Learn Student Success Strategies Call 974-7741 for Info

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Counseling, Advising and Support Services Center The Counselors, Advisors and Support Services Center will assist you… With recognizing boundaries to your prosperity and systems to overcome them Develop a comprehension of data expected to explore through school Formulate and apply critical thinking choice making aptitudes Further refine and/or conform qualities and objectives Engage in important occupation HELP ME PLEASE…

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Career Center Manono Campus The Career Center can help you with… Decide Which Major is Best for You Decide Which Career is a Good Match for You Get a Job (On-Campus or Off-Campus) Learn Job Readiness Skills Resume Writing Interviewing Job Search Plan Further Education Call 974-7741 for an appt with: Career Counselor : Karen Leialoha Job Placement Counselor: Helen Nishimoto

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Ha`awi Kokua Program Services For Students With Disabilities Support Services are Available for Students With: Disabilities (Emotional, Learning, Physical) SPED High School Experience Chapter 31 Veterans’ or Workers’ Comp Status Situations Involving Rehab or Incarceration Kokua Lab Resources in Bldg 388- - Room 104 Adaptive Equipment Computers w/Assistive Technology Call or See Karen Kane, Counselor BLDG 388, RM 106 (Manono Campus) 808-933-0702 Karen Kane

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Student Life Center Building 379 – Manono Campus What Can You Do There? Join or Create a RISO (Registered Independent Student Organization) Volunteer to be a HawCC Partner Participate in Student Body Gov’t Be a Student\'s Part Life Council (SLiC) Use the Center for Relaxation, Meetings, Events, Socializing or Coffee Break Collaborate on Community Partnerships/Events Watch DVD’s (motion pictures) Ernelle Downs Student Government Interim Advisor 808-974-7611 Kaleo Quintana Student Life Council Interim Advisor 808-974-7741 Kelly Lau Student Life Assistant 808-933-1105

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Student Government at Hawai`i Communtiy College ASUH—HawCC Associated Students of University of Hawai`i- - HawCC WHO? - Elected understudies of HawCC WHAT? - Represent understudies of HawCC WHERE? - Office: Campus Center-Room 308 974-7480 & Info accessible at Student Life Center – Bldg 379 WHY? - To assist you with making this school be all it can be for you Let your understudy voice be listened!

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More Resources to Know About LSK Classes - Learning Skills to Help You Improve Test Taking Skills Enhance Time Management Plan Career and Educational Goals Develop Study Skills Financial Aid - $2 to $3 Million Dispersed Each Year Apply every year utilizing the FAFSA (online rendition prescribed) Go to and click on Financial Aid , then tap on the crate marked “Start Here Go Further” Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress while an understudy Apply for Scholarships (data in Counseling Center & FA Website) Peer Advisor Assistance with FAFSA accessible in FA Office Workshops Available to Assist You - Call 974-7663 Sheryl Lundberg-Sprague Financial Aid Officer

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Resources to Know About Bookstore (upper grounds) Take your enrollment shape or class timetable to figure out which books you need or Access book data on the HawCC site -, (click on UH Hilo Bookstore , then tap on Bookstore site Used and new books are accessible

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Another Resource You’ll Need Student ID Card Get a personal ID made at the Campus Center, Show your paid enlistment and a picture ID (cost= $10) Show it to utilize Library and Learning Center assets, go to school occasions free and get understudy rebates

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The Catalog Very Useful Resource Academic Calendar .......................................pages 2-3 Find Deadline Dates for Adding Classes, Withdrawing from Classes, Applying to Graduate Find Dates for Non-Instructional Days & Holidays Academic Policies.........................................pages 22-26 General Policies ............................................pages 30-34 Academic Grievances Student Conduct Regulations Policy on Sexual Harassment Financial Aid and Scholarships....................... pages 35-38 Course Requirements for Degrees & Certificates...pages 39-64 Course Descriptions and Prerequisites ............pages 67-111

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MyUH is a Resource You require a MyUH Account to Register for Classes (Click on MyUH on our site to set up your record) Other advantages of a MyUH Account incorporate A free email account Able to check your evaluations, budgetary guide, transcripts and STAR (an online instrument that shows what courses you have to graduate) Receiving educational messages from HawCC Remember your Username and Password !! Record IT!

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MyUH Website

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Why is the Catalog Important It Lists the Courses Required for You to Earn Your Degree or Certificate If you are ceaselessly selected, you don’t need to finish extra or new prerequisites to graduate, ought to program necessities change later Provides a portrayal about the projects and courses offered by the school It incorporates current Campus Maps The Catalog is accessible by means of: HawCC’s Website ( The Bookstore ($2.25) On Campus Orientations

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Registration Information Booklet Each Semester It Provides You With...... The Semester Calendar Due Date for Fees Refund & Withdrawal Information Start Date for Classes A List of Courses Offered Pre-Requisites for Each Course Tuition and Fees Information Registration Dates The No Show Policy If you miss the initial two class sessions you could be dropped A List of “Writing Intensive” Courses Distance Education Information Final Exam Schedule

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Helpful Definitions Semester = 16 weeks in addition to an end of the year test week ( Fall Semester = Late Aug to Mid-Dec) ( Spring Semester = Mid-Jan to Mid-May) Full Time = 12 credits or more You will be in a classroom more or less 12 hours for every week and need around 24 hours of week by week planning time. Labs typically meet for 3 hours. Low maintenance = Less than 12 credits Add/Drop Week = The 1 st week of school- - you can change your plan online if the classes are transparent got the pre-reqs. You can change your calendar at A & R with a structure & $5 Late Registration = The 1 st week of school If you haven’t enlisted for classes before then you will be charged a Late Registration Fee of $30 when you enroll amid late enlistment

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More Definitions Majors Advising Sheets These are useful agendas for every Program or Major Available at Orientation or Counseling Center STAR A Degree Audit Page On MyUH Helps You See Your Academic Progress & Courses Needed Parking Decal An unquestionable requirement to Park on Upper Campus Available for a Fee at Auxiliary Services on Upper Campus (Bldg 300) No

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