Introduction to Visual depiction and Mixed media.

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Introduction to Visual depiction and Mixed media. Meaning of Visual depiction and Mixed media Innovation Merging Configuration Process Sight and sound Generation Cycle Visual computerization Basics. Characterizing Visual computerization. Not about Programming (just instruments) Visual Correspondence Critical thinking
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Introduction to Graphic Design & Multimedia Definition of Graphic Design & Multimedia Technology Convergence Design Process Multimedia Production Cycle Graphic Design Fundamentals

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Defining Graphic Design Not about Software (just apparatuses) Visual Communication Problem Solving “Information Architects” “…The fashioner considers, arranges, and executes outlines that impart a particular message to a particular group of onlookers inside of given limitations…”

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Defining Multimedia What is it? The presentation of a PC application, typically intuitive, that joins media components, for example, content design, feature, liveliness and sound on a PC TV’s tactile force merging Computer intelligent information Delivered by PC or electronic/digitally controlled means

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Technology Convergence What is union? What does it mean? Merging of tech/media into one apparatus PC-Cell Phone-TV-Radio-and so on

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The Design Process Defining the Problem Research (Audience, Constraints, Goals) Build your Visual Vocabulary-hunt down examples Build on the work of others-consolidate in another unique way Thumbnails Roughs Comprehensives Presentation Ready for Press

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Multimedia Production Cycle Project Planning and Costing Storyboarding Media Components Preproduction/Production/Post generation Testing Delivering

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Key to Multimedia Production Key= Creativity + Organization True Multimedia requires distinctive items in your improvement tool compartment

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It Starts With Creativity Good outline is made with an essential comprehension of: -Design forms -Theories and ideas of configuration Designer/customer relationship oversees the whole plan process

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Fundamentals of Design components Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture, Space Design standards Balance, Proximity, Alignment, Unity, Emphasis, Rhythm

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Basic Graphic Design Concepts Perception Dynamic Balance Gestalt Text Type Layout Color .:tsli

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