Inventive Extension Outlines for Fast Recharging.

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Real Questions. How would we develop spans quicker?How do we make them strong for 75
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Imaginative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal HNTB Corporation Iowa State University, Ames, IA Structural Engineering Associates, San Antonio, TX Nyleve Bridge, Emmaus, PA Walsh Construction, Chicago, IL Transportation Research Board SHRP2 - Project R04

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How would we build connects snappier? How would we make them tough for 75 – 100 years? What specialized issues are standing out? What arrangement issues are standing out? Real Questions

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Owner Initiatives

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R04 Findings – Major Themes Strong impulse to utilize ABC Support (genuine or saw) is solid at most levels Reluctant organizations list cost as the primary obstacle ABC, when utilized, has a striking fulfillment rate DB, A+B and ID contracts most regular Owner Initiatives

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Project Survey – Main Themes Common reasons movement and specialist/open security Few offices have an ABC procedure Reasons for not utilizing ABC Requires more research Requires institutional change 5 offices gave specifics on ABC ventures User costs just thought to be genuine expenses by 1 in 5 DOT\'s Benefits considered to exceed costs by every one of the 5 DOT\'s Owner Initiatives

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Many "Flavors" of ABC Florida Several SPMT ventures finished; more arranged Some utilization of precast wharf development Texas Significant utilization of pre-assembled substructures Use of U-shafts for fast superstructure erection Utah Developing a standard office approach based on quick substitution North Carolina Creation of Alternative Delivery Unit Owner Initiatives

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Project Procurement and Contracting

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UDOT CMGC Owner contracts the architect and contractual worker, all the while, by means of independent contracts NC DOT Washington Bypass Design Build Best Value Ministry of Transportation Model (Clyde Avenue) Only chose pre-qualified general temporary workers welcomed to be offered GC\'s required to submit qualifications of at least one overwhelming lifters for extra prequalification. Inventive Contracting

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European Model ( reference – Freyssinet/Hebetec ) Owner orders claim to fame techniques for erection Owner contracts the forte contractual worker or lifter Engineers required to plan a good arrangement GC is required to develop the picked arrangement Much less "dread" about architect/temporary worker association amid configuration stages User expenses are very esteemed Innovative Contracting

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Contractor Concerns If ABC movements to vast scale construction and utilization of strength movers, what is the part of the GC? Has suggestions on benefit and obligation Current contracts include costly subs Lack of control of an extensive segment of the offer value Engineers ought not manage strategies for development Innovative Contracting

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Innovative Projects/Construction Technologies

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Washington Bypass Pictures from Flatiron Construction

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115 ft traverse capacity; profundity/traverse 36 With 4" c.i.p. fixing and outside boundaries, fragment weight is 150 tons Contractor places 2 ranges for every night TxDOT Pre-Topped U Beams

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Gantry Beam Erection

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Gantry Beam Erection

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Structure based on pontoon establishment 35m extension; 2400ton; development time < 5 hours Suitable for poor subgrade conditions Pressure < 10 psi Freyssinet Autoripage System

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Standard segment composed by VSL Works in traverse by traverse, adjusted cantilever and full traverse propelling Segment measure 15m x 3m x 90 metric tons Segments can be made ahead of time and stockpiled Westlink M7 Motorway

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Full Span Launching Segment Delivery

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Full Span Launching Segment Placement

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Innovative Foundations Solutions

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Relative to superstructures, substantially less work around there FHWA 2002 Scan Tour recognized some encouraging advances Self-Drilling Piling (grouted or screw heaps) Continuous Flight Auger heaps w/mechanized control Cased secant heaps Hydro-Mill persistent dividers ABC Bridge Foundations

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GRS Bridge Abutments

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GRS Bridge Abutments

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Continue information assembling and audits Determine what strategies have guarantee New scaffold plan ideas that better utilize inventive development procedures New/refined development methods for existing/new extension ideas Implement new research Coordinate with other SHRP2 ventures R02 Foundations R07 Performance Specifications R19 100 yr benefit life Where to From Here?

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Thank You Dr. Francesco M. Russo, P.E. FRUSSO@HNTB.COM

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