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Creativity. COSC 109 Computers & Creativity. Introduction. Definitions of Creativity Questions about Creativity Creative Thinking Techniques Relationship with Computers. Definitions for Creativity. Originality, expression and imagination Innovative
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Inventiveness COSC 109 Computers & Creativity

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Introduction Definitions of Creativity Questions about Creativity Creative Thinking Techniques Relationship with Computers

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Definitions for Creativity Originality, expression and creative energy Innovative Ability to make novel and valuable thoughts or answers for ordinary issues

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Questions about Creativity Are we as a whole imaginative? Which contributes most to innovativeness, nature or support? In what manner would we be able to build our levels of innovativeness? Is the PC an instrument or a medium in which we express inventiveness?

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Creative Thinking Techniques Ask Questions Six Thinking Hats Brainstorming Storyboarding

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Ask Questions Why? Six Universal Questions What? Where? At the point when? Why? Who? How?

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Six Thinking Hats Technique to increment imaginative deduction created by Edward de Bono Hats speak to bearings to think White -Facts, figures and data Red -Intuition & sentiments Black -Judgment & alert Yellow -Positive components Green -Creative conceivable outcomes Blue -Overview & handling

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Six Thinking Hats Book Information Title : "Six Thinking Hats" Author : Edward de Bono Publisher: Little, Brown and Company Year Published: 1985

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Brainstorming Recording ALL arrangement thoughts without judgment or derision Open environment for investigation of any idea or thought preceding utilization of imperatives Creates a chain response of thoughts

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Storyboarding Developed by Walt Disney & his staff 1928 Popular administration apparatus Spreading out considerations and thoughts of others on a divider for assessment and usability Interconnections of thoughts gets to be evident Parts/units turn out to be a piece of a by and large "story"

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Final Thoughts TRUE Creativity and Innovation comprises of SEEING what others has seen THINKING what nobody else has thought, and DOING what nobody else has challenged! Innovation is 99% sweat and 1% motivation ( Thomas Alva Edison)

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