Investigate Minnesota 2010 Agreeable Promoting Program with KQRS-FM and kqrs.

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Here is an open door for your Lodging Property to be highlighted in an on-air and/or online crusade on a standout amongst the best legacy radio ...
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For more data, contact Sarah Burt 612-617-4033 Streaming Commercials: You can assist advance your property by connecting with our immeasurable group of onlookers who listens to the station online (at via airing :30 or :60 second gushing ads that element you\'re cabin property. Your business will pivot in all dayparts including the morning appear. Cost of this component is $200 per 20,000 least impressions. :15 Second Live Produced Ads: If you\'d like to make this one stride further, you can advance your property in a significantly greater path by showcasing your resort, B&B or lodging in a :15 second delivered advertisement running on KQRS-FM. These advertisements will run 60 times over a four week duration. The methodology behind this timetable is to target audience members who are in that "end of week" perspective. W-F 6a-9a 3X every week x 4 weeks = 12X W-F 10a-3p 3X every week x 4 weeks = 12X W-F 3p-7p 3X every week x 4 weeks = 12X W-F 10a-10p 6X every week x 4 weeks = 24X Total cost of this calendar is $9,900. It achieves 559,700 A25+ and normal of 2.5 times and conveys 1,425,600 gross impressions over a four week duration. The aggregate cost and the calendar can be separated similarly between up to four members. Investigate Minnesota 2010 Cooperative Advertising Program with KQRS-FM and Online Video Featuring Your Lodging Property This is accessible for a gathering of 2 or all the more partaking resorts, B&B\'s and/or inns. In the event that you have a pre-created video highlighting your property, we can showcase that video in a 300 x 250 solid shape promotion pivoting all through our site. Guests can tap on the video to connect specifically to your site to increase additional data and reserve a spot. This can likewise serve as a route for you to assemble your email or regular postal mail database and can likewise serve as an extraordinary bob back circumstance. Case: "We\'d like to thank you for going by It would be ideal if you visit us between September 7 and October 15 th and get 25% off your sit tight." 4 week expense of this project is $1500 all out. It will convey 100,000 gross impressions more than 4 weeks. The 100,000 gross impressions and aggregate expense of $1500 can be partitioned similarly up to 4 ways. As a Participant, You Provide: A :30 second limited time video An uncommon skip back offer from your Lodging Property to challenge registrants (discretionary) Lead time to partake in this advancement: 2 weeks LODGING PROPERTIES Here is an open door for your Lodging Property to be highlighted in an on-air and/or online battle on a standout amongst the best legacy radio stations in the nation, 2009 Marconi Award Winner, KQRS. We can include your property with: :30 second online video :30 or :60 second plugs gushing Online bounceback offers from your resort, B&B or inn :15 second delivered advertisements highlighting your property in a high achieve plan on KQRS-FM Strong Points KQRS-FM radio achieves 726,600 12+ audience members consistently. That is around 1 out of each 3 individuals living in the Twin Cities ! This sort of dependability and offer of listenership is not at all like anything in the nation! How can this happen? Legacy and exceptional programming! We\'re seeing the same sort of faithfulness with our site, - reliably a standout amongst the most went by radio sites in the nation! STATISTICS (MARCH 2010) 174.562 exceptional guests - Unique guests are checked just once regardless of how frequently they visit our site inside the month. 2,583,138 online visits - A Page View is each time an alternate page is gotten to inside our site. 103,641 gushing sessions - This is the aggregate number of guest solicitations to stream consistently. To stream is to listen live to the radio station through your PC or iPod.

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