Iowa Social equality Commission Disclaimer.

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Our central goal is to implement social equality through Compliance, Mediation, ... The distinctions that make us every one of a kind. Perceiving the distinctions until the ...
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Iowa Civil Rights Commission Disclaimer The data contained in this presentation is a brief review and ought not be translated as legitimate guidance or thorough scope of the subject.

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BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE IOWA CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION A state managerial organization which upholds the Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965, otherwise called Chapter 216 the Iowa Code

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OUR VISION A State free of Discrimination

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OUR MISSION Our central goal is to authorize social equality through Compliance, Mediation, Advocacy and Education.

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AREAS Employment Housing Credit Public Accommodations Education

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Race Color Creed National Origin Religion Sex Pregnancy Physical Disability Mental Disability (not in Credit) Age ( in Employment and Credit just ) Familial Status ( in Housing and Credit just ) Marital Status ( in Credit just ) Retaliation PROTECTED PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS

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WHAT IS DISCRIMINATION? The demonstration of giving unequal treatment to an individual or gathering of individuals since they are individuals from a specific culture or race, or due to different contrasts. People are prevented square with circumstances on the grounds that from claiming their disparities.

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ATTITUDES TOWARDS DIFFERENCES Where do they originate from ? Family Friends Community Television, Films and other media

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CONTRIBUTING FACTORS Stereotypes Prejudice

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STEREOTYPE A misguided judgment around an individual or gathering, in view of the conviction that all individuals in a specific gathering will act the same way. Case: "All… … are apathetic."

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PREJUDICE A nonsensical suspicion or disdain of a specific gathering, race, or religion Making up your brain about what a man or gathering resemble before you become more acquainted with them.

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WHAT IS CULTURE ? Society is a mutual arrangement of conviction frameworks, qualities, practices and suspicions which decide how individuals connect with each other and decipher the world.

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WHAT IS CULTURE ? The educated conduct, traditions and lifestyle of a gathering of individuals

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DIVERSITY All the ways that we are comparable and distinctive The distinctions that make us every one of a kind Recognizing the distinctions until the distinctions don\'t have any kind of effect any longer.

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WHAT YOU CAN DO TO FIGHT DISCRIMINATION Know yourself and your own way of life. Inspect your own states of mind towards individuals who are not the same as you. Attempt to distinguish the birthplace of your negative response toward contrasts.

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WHAT YOU CAN DO TO FIGHT DISCRIMINATION Decide if your predispositions are acting as a burden. Talk, listen and learn. Stand up against unfeeling comments and biased conduct.

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WHAT YOU CAN DO TO FIGHT DISCRIMINATION Be mindful of the nuances of separation. Know about how segregation damages and who it harms. Go about as a good example.

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WHAT YOU CAN DO TO FIGHT DISCRIMINATION Take activity when suitable and address prejudicial conduct. Keep on respecting, acknowledge and acknowledge contrasts. Advance differing qualities gratefulness in your group.

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Iowa Civil Rights Commission 211 East Maple Street, second Floor Des Moines, Iowa 50309 515-281-4121 800-457-4416 (toll free) fax: 515-242-5840 site:

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