IPv6 Esteem Suggestion An Industry perspective of IPv6 Points of interest.

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IPv6 Esteem Suggestion An Industry perspective of IPv6 Points of interest. US IPv6 Worldwide Summit June 25-27, 2003 Yanick.Pouffary@hp.com IPv6 Specialized Directorate – IPv6 Gathering Systems Specialized Executive – OSSG HP Pr. Individual from Specialized Staff. Motivation. What is IPv6 Focal points
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IPv6 Value Proposition An Industry perspective of IPv6 Advantages US IPv6 Global Summit June 25-27, 2003 Yanick.Pouffary@hp.com IPv6 Technical Directorate – IPv6 Forum Networks Technical Director – OSSG HP Pr. Individual from Technical Staff

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Agenda What is IPv6 Advantages IPv6 Value Proposition IPv6 Status Update IPv6 Impact on the Communications Industry June 2003 Page 2

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What is Internet Protocol variant 6? IPv6 is the Next-Generation Internet Protocol The present rendition (IPv4) is coming up short on locations The present adaptation has turned out to be excessively unpredictable, making it impossible to oversee IPv6 jumps from 32 to 128-bit tending to IPv6 encourages The worldwide move toward anyplace, whenever, at any rate Internet access June 2003 Page 3

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Where we are Today issues with IP? IPv4 a casualty its could call its own Success IPv4 locations devoured at a disturbing rate Interim measures set up have helped Eased the directing table development (CIDR) Reduced the weight on location space (NAT) But at the expense of lost straightforwardness (End-to-End) model IPv4 System organization is Labor concentrated, mind boggling, moderate, and mistake inclined Security is discretionary; no single standard QoS is discretionary June 2003 Page 4

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Translates IP locations to ports But unidirectional session start from inside of Overhead of superfluous interpretation Protocol incompatibilities Limits execution of utilization servers Breaks distributed applications Interactive recreations VoIP Real-time joint effort and sharing n.n.n.n:1 – – n.n.n.n:2 – – n.n.n.n:3 – – NAT: The broken IPv4 answer for versatility June 2003 Page 5

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IPv6 - Why do we Care? Remote and Internet Converge Mass business sector worldwide selection of portable interchanges Customer interest for Quality of Service and expanded security Convergence IPv4 is out of tending to space Accelerating development New Internet utilizations 1 billion versatile clients by 2005, Always-on gadgets, Internet apparatuses gadgets, Home systems Accelerating development of existing Internet use and New Internet uses 1 billion Internet clients by 2005 June 2003 Page 6

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Where we need to be? IPv6: Driving the Internet “Everything to the Internet” Pervasive Internet Solve huge numbers of the issues brought on by the IPv4 achievement and the sky is the limit from there... IPv6 organization For the proceeded with development and achievement of the Internet A characteristic advancement from IPv4 Designed considering extensibility and versatility June 2003 Page 7

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IPv6 Immediate Benefits Increased Address Space - 128 bits 2^128 is a huge number Enough remarkable locations for all gadgets Efficient and Extensible IP datagram Efficient Route Computation and Aggregation And while we’re at it, we should make a couple of other improvements… June 2003 Page 8

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Removed IPv6 Header Comparison with IPv4 bit 0 bit 0 8 16 24 31 4 12 16 24 31 Version Class Flow Label IHL Service Type Total Length Version Identifier Flags Fragment Offset Next Header Payload Length Hop Limit Time to Live Protocol Header Checksum 32 bit Source Address 128 bit Source Address 32 bit Destination Address Options and Padding IPv4 Header 20 octets, 12 fields, including 3 banner bits + altered max number of choices 128 bit Destination Address Changed IPv6 Header 40 octets, 8 fields + Unlimited Chained Extension (choices) Header June 2003 Page 9

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Design Philosophy Learning as a matter of fact Recognizable yet streamlined header configuration Reduce basic case preparing expense of bundle taking care of Keep transmission capacity overhead low regardless of expanded size of the location Flexible and extensible backing for alternative headers IP choices have been moved to an arrangement of discretionary Extension Headers Extension Headers are affixed together June 2003 Page 10

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IPv6 Header Performance Wins Layout Fixed Size IPv6 Header Fewer fields in essential header speedier handling of fundamental parcels 64 Bit Alignment Header/Options Efficient choice preparing Option fields handled just when present Options not restricted at 40 bytes Processing of most choices constrained performed just at destination June 2003 Page 11

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IPv6 Header Performance Wins Processing Remove checksum from Network Layer Datalinks are more dependable nowadays Upper Layer checksums are currently compulsory (for instance, TCP, UDP, ICMPv6) No discontinuity in the system Reduce load on switches Easier to actualize in equipment Easy for Layer 3 exchanging of IP June 2003 Page 12

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Link-Local Global Site-Local Addressing Model (RFC 2373) Many sorts of Address No change from IPv4 model Addresses alloted to Interfaces have different locations IPv6 locations have degree and lifetime June 2003 Page 13

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IPv6 Unicast Address = prefix of n bits + interface ID of 128-n bits Separate “who you are” from “where you are joined to” Aggregatable Global Unicast Address position 128-n bits n bits prefix Interface ID Prefix Representation <prefix>::/<n-bits> 3FFE:0301:DEC1:: 0A00:2BFF:FE36:701E June 2003 Page 14

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With NAT (IPv4): Need to learn IP address “outside the NAT” Need to give that deliver to peer third gathering enrollment servers could be expected to discover associates Because NAT changes the IP address, IPSec won\'t work With IPv6 Just utilize the IPv6 address IPSec in IPv6: It’s obligatory Provides end-to-end security Authentication Encryption Peer-to-Peer Apps: Instant informing Interactive amusements VoIP IPv6 Advantage Restoration of End-to-End Model June 2003 Page 15

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IPv6 Advantage Automatic Connectivity Provides Network Stateless and Stateful attachment and-play Link Local Address (No switch or server obliged) Stateless instrument - Router commercials give prefix Stateful component - Server gives address (DHCP) Simplified Network Administration Lower system upkeep Easy Renumbering Designed to happen! Enhanced Competition and a n end of ISP “lock in”! June 2003 Page 16

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IPv6 Advantage Improved Mobile IP support IPv6 Mobility depends on center elements of IPv6 is intended to bolster Mobility is not a “Add-on” highlights No single purpose of disappointment More Scalable : Better Performance June 2003 Page 17

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IPv6 Advantage Mandates IP Security elements are institutionalized and ordered All executions must offer them Extensions to the IP convention suite Operates at the IP layer Invisible to applications Protects all upper layer conventions June 2003 Page 18

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IPv6 Advantage Inbuilt Quality of Service Support for DiffServ (Differentiated Service) Class field empowers a source to distinguish craved class of administration/conveyance need of its parcels Correspond to Type-Of-Service in IPv4 Support for IntServ (Integrated Service) Enable a source to recognize streams requiring extraordinary QoS Flow is a grouping of bundles which require unique taking care of Not completely characterized yet June 2003 Page 19

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IPv6 Advantage Simple IPv4/IPv6 Interoperations Many answers for convey IPv6 administrations One size does not fit every Many instrument Dual IP layer Tunnels Configured, programmed, 6to4, ISATAP, Teredo DSTM Protocol Translation June 2003 Page 20

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Facts: Millions of hubs are running IPv4 today Some hubs will never move up to IPv6 Large interest in IPv4 applications Consequences: IPv4 and IPv6 will exist together for an amplified period Transition ought to forestall confinement of IPv4 hubs No interruption - no Flag Day IPv6 and IPv4 switches and hosts can interoperate No Dependencies - Incremental update and organization IPv6 switches and hosts can be sent in an exceptionally diffused and incremental form Low start-up expenses Make move as simple as could be expected under the circumstances for end-clients, framework executives, and system administrators IPv6 Deployment - Facts Keys to Deploying IPv6 Successfully June 2003 Page 21

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Analyze your foundation Obtain addresses Your IPv6 Internet Service Provider will assign a piece of location space Pick proper arrangement situation Routing/subnet design DNS Network Management And then arrangement for hosts ….. Expect most frameworks will be programming upgradeable Beware of IPv4 usage in equipment Ask your sellers about their IPv6 arranges before purchasing new equipment New and altered programming IP stack, DNS, DHCP, directing conventions Transparent for end clients Network Administrator Quite a long way to go, however much has a commonplace vibe Practical Aspects of IPv6 Deployment June 2003 Page 22

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IETF IPv6 Standardization Status Core IPv6 details are IETF Draft Standards level Some determinations are a bit behind on the gauges track: portable IPv6, header pressure, DHCPv6 June 2003 Page 23

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Address choice Address distribution DNS revelation Anycast tending to Scoped location Flow Label semantics API issues Flow Label, Traffic Class, Scoping and so on DHCPv6 (dhcp wg) Multihoming (multi6 wg) Transition Mechanisms (v6ops wg) DNS operational exchange (dnsops wg) IETF IPv6 Work in advancement June 2003 Page 24

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Uses a 32-bit location Running out of web locations Security was an extra System administration is intricate and moderate Incredibly fruitful 20 + years old Uses 128-bit tending to Enough deliver space to give each human on the planet an one of a kind IP address Mandatory and viable IP security Less Infrastructure Maintenance and multifaceted nature obliged More proficient Mobile IP = consistent administration accessibility Architecture without bounds = Next Generation web convention IPv6 Value Proposition Engineered to Perform and Protect IPv4 IPv6 June 2003 Page 25

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Anywhere availability Always on

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