IRIS Program Interface Changes .

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Interfaces with IRIS - SAP R/3. The University of Tennessee January 9, 2001. Coordinators for Knoxville Ben Alford and Jeff Maples. IRIS Interfaces Team Lead Joel Reeves. IRIS Program Interface Changes.
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Interfaces with IRIS - SAP R/3 The University of Tennessee January 9, 2001 Coordinators for Knoxville Ben Alford and Jeff Maples IRIS Interfaces Team Lead Joel Reeves

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IRIS Program Interface Changes The IRIS execution will change PC interfaces influencing departmental PC programs in the Financial (FI) and Human Resources (HR) territories. Wording Changes Field Definition Changes Application Interface (API) Changes for Data Retrieval & Update Sort Order Changes

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IRIS Implementation Time Line 1. December 22, 2000 Complete Initial Configuration of the IRIS System 2. January 2, 2001 Cycle 1 Integration Testing Begins (No Interfaces) 3. January 21,2001 - February 5, 2001 Preparation of IRIS System for Cycle 2 Testing 4. February 5, 2001 - March 5, 2001 Cycle 2 Integration Testing (Includes Interfaces, Security, Legacy Data, Etc.) 5. March 6, 2001 - Close of March 2001 Accounting Period Preparation for Go-Live 6. April 2001 Go Live

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UT Departmental Interface Data 1. Department Name ______________________________ 2. List any potential interfaces inside your specialization. 3. Detail kind of interface (outbound or inbound) 4. List media used for exchange (FTP, diskette, and so forth.) 5. Frequency of interface exchange (week by week, fortnightly, month to month) 6. Current interface programming 7. Current status with IRIS extend 8. Responsible Person ____________________ 9. Additional Comments

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Accessing Project IRIS Web Site URL: User Name: project_iris Password: bigbubba Must utilize the Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Cannot utilize the Netscape Navigator Browser

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Project IRIS Web Site - Home Page

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Selected IRIS Terminology Changes Object Codes get to be General Ledger Accounts Chart of Accounts Information gets to be Funds, Cost Centers and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Elements TV\'s (Transfer Vouchers) get to be Documents Encumbrances get to be Commitments Others are nitty gritty on the Project_Iris site

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Selected IRIS Field Definition Changes Object Code length changes from 5 to 6 digits Account Number length changes from 9 to 10 characters The significance of an Account will change definitely in IRIS See the Project_Iris site for points of interest

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API Changes for Data Retrieval and Update CSA DMS Chart of Accounts Employee Strip Files DB2 Tables IRIS Referential Files

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Summary Fill out Survey - ASAP Change & Test Programs - ASAP Provide Test Data to Interface Team by Feb. 5 Test Programs again amid Cycle 2 Testing Questions ??

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IRIS Interface Contacts Ben Alford - Technical Issues 974-1600 Jeff Maples - Non-specialized Issues 974-3061

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IRIS Interfaces Expert Contact Joel Reeves 974-1537

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