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Epic Games. More than 4 million duplicates of Gears of War sold around the world; voted
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Authorizing Middleware Is Totally Awesome!! Michael Capps, Ph.D. President, Epic Games, Inc.

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Introduction Quick Epic diagram My part at Epic I\'m not only the President, I\'m additionally a customer! Authorized Unreal Engine 2 for America\'s Army Using Unreal Engine 3 for Gears and Unreal I\'m not here to offer you the Unreal Engine (But rather Mark Rein is)

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Unreal Engine 3 Customers A couple of licensees: Activision Atari Bethesda Softworks Bioware Capcom Disney Interactive Electronic Arts EIDOS Gearbox Software Microsoft Game Studios Midway NCsoft Real Time Worlds Sony Online Square Enix Take Two THQ Ubisoft US Army Vivendi Webzen

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Shared tech yields better amusements All about abstracting without end subtle elements We maintain a strategic distance from machine dialect when we can Shared base like Windows, DirectX, and so on let us concentrate on diversions rather than base innovation Middleware libraries and diversion motors let us dynamic away stage points of interest

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Don\'t have a motor? Taken a toll reserve funds contention is straightforward License tech for short of what it expenses to fabricate even amortized over various titles Content is the most costly part of any cutting edge diversion With authorized tech, content advancement begins instantly And less motor tech update implies less substance modification/cutting

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Have a motor as of now? The lion\'s share of improvement groups have free access to some motor innovation But we find that about a large portion of our clients are in this circumstance – as of now have tech, yet permit our own. Why? That tech presumably needs adjustment for the following title, yet so would an off-the-rack motor

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Replacing your in-house motor Cost reserve funds aren\'t the main motivation to permit Often you\'ll discover middleware is Battle tried More steady Has your group ever compromised amid boat crunch? More usable, more accentuation on devices and interface Better recorded and bolstered More element rich More current Better advanced

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Middleware past motors Even when "moving your own" motor tech it\'s savvy to permit a couple of segments Physics is an awesome illustration – very few groups can compose a decent material science solver Epic\'s recreations have numerous real conditions on outer middleware

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Integrated Partners Program Morpheme (NaturalMotion) * FaceFX (OC3 Entertainment) * SpeedTree (IDV) * VoiceIn (Fonix Speech) * GameSpy * Bink (RAD Game Tools) Beast (Illuminate Labs) Game-Link (MÄK Technologies) AI Implant (Presagis) Rendez-Vouz and Spark! (Quazal) (Digimask Ltd.) FMOD (Firelight Technologies) Kynapse (Kynogon) Enlighten (Geomerics) IMPULSE (PhaseSpace) Scaleform: GFx (Scaleform) ProFX (Allegorithmic) * Visual Assist (Whole Tomato) Umbra Gameface Studio & SDK (Anark)

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Smart authorizing Managing dangers is critical to diversion advancement Any outer reliance is a danger, so oversee it: Has the tech been dispatched some time recently? Transportation is the place reality sets in. Will you deliver on the off chance that they close their entryways? Neglect to make guaranteed redesigns? Neglect to bolster you? We push for (and give) source code access, so there\'s dependably the choice to alter the boat blocking bugs ourselves.

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Questions? Don\'t hesitate to contact me at

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Epic Games Founded 16 years prior by CEO Tim Sweeney 96 representatives at Cary, NC home office External studios in Poland and Shanghai Creator of Unreal Engine innovation Multiple million-offering, grant winning hits in the Unreal arrangement

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Epic Games More than 4 million duplicates of Gears of War sold around the world; voted "Round of the Year" by over about six driving media outlets and the Academy Spike TV\'s 2006 "Studio of the Year" Official Xbox Magazine\'s 2006 "Designer of the Year" NCTA\'s 2007 "Extensive Company of the Year"

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Epic\'s Latest Games Gears of War Xbox 360, PC Unreal Tournament 3 PC, PS3, Xbox 360

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What is the Unreal Engine? Runtime and apparatuses for making and transporting a diversion World-building instruments Particles, landscape, liveliness, material science, and so on. UnrealScript and compiler Visual programming dialect Lip syncing, voice acknowledgment, and so forth

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