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Islam. Islam The Muslim populace of the world is More than 1 BILLION. 30% of Muslims live in the Indian subcontinent, 20% in Sub-Saharan Africa, 17% in Southeast Asia, 18% in the Middle Easterner world, 10% in the Soviet Union and China. There are 5 MILLION Muslims in the US.
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Islam The Muslim populace of the world is OVER 1 BILLION. 30% of Muslims live in the Indian subcontinent, 20% in Sub-Saharan Africa, 17% in Southeast Asia, 18% in the Arab world, 10% in the Soviet Union and China. There are 5 MILLION Muslims in the US. Question 1 "What is Islam?” For a world\'s fifth populace, Islam is both a RELIGION and a complete lifestyle. Muslims take after a religion of peace, leniency, and pardoning, and the lion\'s share have nothing to do with terrorism. The best contrast between us is that we are a WORKS ORIENTED RELIGION while your confidence depends on THE SHED BLOOD OF JESUS AS SAVIOR. Islam

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A Brief History of Islam, started in MECCA where the disclosure of God (Allah), through the holy messenger GABRIEL , went to the prophet named Muhammad. He was conceived around AD 571 His dad\'s was ABDULLAH his mom AMINAH Muhammad was taught the family business and got to be fruitful. An affluent dowager named KHADIJAH organized Muhammad to manage her exchanging business. She proposed marriage to him. Muhammad was 25 and Khadijah was 40 when they wedded. They had 6 kids, 2 young men and 4 young ladies. On A TRIP he got his first appearance from GABRIEL who said, THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD, AND HIS NAME IS ALLAH, WORSHIP HIM.” Islam

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Persecutions turned out to be great to the point that a large number of our confidence fled to MEDINA for asylum. Muhammad charged the Muslims in Mecca to move to MEDINA which turned into a completely Muslim group. His strategies changed. He built up himself as religious, political, and military pioneer, with the group of devotees turned out to be more essential than FAMILY OR TRIBE. Whole tribes and urban communities were "converted." under danger of war or by triumph. Achievement prompted more prominent achievement. In the year 630, Muhammad came back to MECCA which made no resistance. City after city pronounced constancy to Islam and it\'s prophet. The colossal prophet kicked the bucket in 632 at 63 years old. Allah had permitted him to set up a religion that is still prevailing in the ARAB world today. Islam

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Islam kept on thriving under the initiative of Mohammed\'s allies. ABU BAKR solidified Islamic impact over the whole ARABIAN landmass. The second caliph was UMAR He was in force from 634 to 644. SYRIA MESOPOTAMIA, EGYPT and Persia were added to the developing rundown of Islamic subjects. In the end the caliphate advanced into the OTTOMAN Empire which kept going until the mid twentieth century. It is inappropriate to consider Islam just as a RELIGION. Islam is likewise a SOCIAL and POLITICAL framework. There are those of our association who might assert that we are a united religion without any divisions. Islam is, as a general rule, DIVIDED into a wide range of branches. Islam

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With the riches from PETRODOLLARS Islam, as a religion, is by and large effectively spread over the world. We are glad to be one of the quickest developing religions on the planet, developing at a yearly rate of around 3 percent. In 1900 we contained around 12.4 percent of the world\'s populace. By the year 2000, appraisals put the figure at around 21.5 percent. Venerate We love on FRIDAYS in our holy places, which we call MOSQUES All Muslims supplicate confronting toward EAST WOMEN : There are some significant contrasts between us in the matter of the genders. A lady\'s statement in one of our courts conveys 1/2 the weight as that of a man; a female acquires just 1/2 of a male\'s bit. "Men are accountable for ladies in light of the fact that Allah has made them one EXCEL the other." Islam

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Because of these distinctions, we trust that it is legal for a man to have 4 wives and to possess mistresses. On the off chance that you wish a separate, you should simply say, “YOU ARE DIVORCED.” Question 2 "Who are the Muslims?" One billion individuals from an incomprehensible scope of races, nationalities and societies over the globe- - from the southern Philippines to Nigeria- - are united by their basic Islamic confidence. Around 18% live in the Arab world; the world\'s biggest Muslim group is in INDONESIA Question 3 "What do Muslims believe?" Look at this rundown and confirm on the off chance that you concur with us. Muslims trust ___One, Unique, Incomparable God. Heavenly attendants ___ Prophets Day of Judgment ___ Individual accountability God\'s finished power ___ God\'s last message was uncovered to the Prophet. Islam

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Allah alludes to Himself by give or take 100 names, every a spellbinding trait of God. We trust Allah\'s is True and each other divinity is false. We trust He has the most glorious Names. We trust He has no partner in His Divinity We trust God’s most noteworthy characteristic is: HE IS ONE. We realize that you Christians trust in three divine beings: GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, GOD, THE MOTHER. We trust that you and the Jews have CHANGED the Bible. I have confirmation. The following imperative quality of Allah is: "the Most Merciful, the One who acts MERCIFULLY We trust that Allah\'s words are the most TRUTHFUL in passing on data. We trust that He CREATED the Heavens and the Earth in six days We trust He magnifies whom He wills and He dishonors whom He wills. We don\'t say that Allah is with His animals on Earth. We trust that He is the Doer of what He wills. Islam

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Question 4 "How does somebody turn into a Muslim?" Simply by saying: “THERE IS NO GOD APART FROM GOD, AND MUHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF GOD. Question 5 "What does "Islam" mean?" The Arabic word "Islam" essentially implies SUBMISSION and gets from a word importance PEACE. In a religious connection it means complete accommodation to the will of God. "Mohammedanism" is in this manner a misnomer in light of the fact that it recommends that Muslims venerate MOHAMMAD instead of God. Question 6 "Why does Islam frequently appear strange?" Perhaps in light of the fact that religion does not DOMINATE regular life in the West today, while Muslims have religion constantly UPPERMOST in their psyches, Islam

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Question 7 "Do Islam and Christianity have diverse origins?" Islam, Christians and Jews all tally our roots from the same source: the prophet and patriarch ABRAHAM Three prophets are specifically plummeted from his children MUHAMMAD from the eldest, ISHMAEL and Moses and Jesus, peace be upon them. Question 8 "What is the Ka\'ba?" The Ka\'ba is the spot of love which God instructed Abraham and Ishmael to manufacture more than 4,000 years prior. The building was developed of stone on what numerous accept was the first site of a haven set up by ADAM God charged Abraham to summon all humanity to visit this spot, and when pioneers go there today they say " AT THY SERVICE, O LORD " Islam

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Question 9 "Who is Muhammad?" He was a man of TRUTHFULNESS, GENEROSITY and SINCERITY Historians depict him as CALM AND MEDITATIVE Question 10 "How did he turn into a prophet and god’s dispatcher God gave a disclosure which is known as the QURAN Question 11 "How did the spread of Islam influence the world?" Islam has achieved: MEDICINE MATHEMATICS PHYSICS ASTRONOMY GEOGRAPHY ARCHITECTURE ART LITERATURE HISTORY Islam

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Question 12 "What is the Quran?" We trust that Allah sent down a Book with each CAT We are likewise advised in the Quran to peruse three other blessed books: 1. The TORAH which was uncovered to Moses. 2. The GOSPELS which Allah uncovered to Jesus. 3. The PSALMS which Allah provided for David. 4. Tablets of LAW TO ABRAHAM AND MOSES 5. The Glorious KORAN PREVIOUS SCRIPTURES CHANGED The past sacred writings were implied for a LIMITED period. They experienced DISTORTION AND CHANGE. Islam

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The Final Book (Quran or Koran) Each book contained the same MESSAGE. Humanity was required to GUARD these Books. 1400 years back, God sent us another Book with the same essential message as the prior ones, yet with a little however critical contrast. This time, God announced THIS WOULD BE THE LAST BOOK AND HE WOULD PROTECT IT. The Quran is a record of the EXACT WORDS uncovered by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad. It has a lot of GUIDANCE and INFORMATION Question 13 "What is the Quran about?" Its essential topic is the relationship in the middle of GOD and CREATURES Islam

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Question 14 "Are there whatever other holy sources?" Yes, the SUNNA which is the PRACTICE and EXAMPLE of the Prophet. A HADITH is a dependably transmitted report of what the Prophet said, did, or endorsed. Cases of the Prophet\'s expressions The Prophet said: \'God shows no benevolence toward one who shows no leniency for others.\' \'None of you genuinely accepts until he wishes for his sibling what he wishes for himself.\' \'He who eats his fill while his neighbor goes without sustenance is not an adherent.\' \'The honest and trusty businessperson is connected with the prophets the holy people, and the saints.\' \'Effective is not he who thumps the other down, to be sure capable is he who controls himself in an attack of outrage.\' \'God does not pass judgment on as indicated by your bodies and appearances but rather He filters your hearts and investigates your deeds.\' Islam

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Question 15 "What are the \'Five Pillars\' of Islam?" In the Koran, we locate the five mainstays of Islam. They are our doctrines. They are the structure of the Muslim life: 1. In the first place Pillar: FAITH 2. Second Pillar: PRAYER - FOUR times each day 3. Third Pillar: ZAKAT OR CHARITY 4. Fourth Pillar: THE FAST DURING RAMADAN 5. Fifth Pillar: THE PILGRIMAGE (HAJJ) Question 16 "Does Islam endure other beliefs?" It is one capacity of Islamic law to ensure the favored status of MINORITIES. Islamic law likewise allows non-Muslim minorities to set up their own C

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