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Islam 2010 Samuel Huntington ("The Conflict of Civic establishments") assessed that by 2025 Muslims would increment to 30% and Christians decrease to 25%. Why It Makes a difference From the U.S. Place for World Mission Biggest Muslim Populaces Indonesia - 203 MM 88% Pakistan - 174 MM 96%
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Islam 2010

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Samuel Huntington (“The Clash of Civilizations”) evaluated that by 2025 Muslims would increment to 30% and Christians decrease to 25%. Why It Matters From the U.S. Community for World Mission

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Largest Muslim Populations Indonesia - 203 MM 88% Pakistan - 174 MM 96% India - 161 MM 13% Bangladesh - 145 MM 90% Egypt - 79 MM 95% Nigeria - 78 MM 50% Turkey - 74 MM 98% Iran - 74 MM 99%

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Islam And Terrorism Most Muslims are not terrorists, but rather today all terrorists are Muslims. Since 9/11 more than 10,000 terrorist assaults have been conferred by Muslims. We have to comprehend what in Islam causes this wonder.

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The Prophet’s Early Days Muhammad ibn Abdallah ibn Abd al-Muttalib (570-632) Youth checked by destitution and dismissal Age 25: weds Khadija, a well off more seasoned dowager Age 40: first disclosure Co-picks the moon god Allah Meccan foundation betrays him

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The Prophet Has To Flee Flight to Medina in 622AD :”Hijra” Marriage to Ayesha at age 6 Wooing of the Jews The Years\' start of the Sword

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Paradise Lies Beneath The Shadow Of Swords “I will cast dread into the heathens\' hearts! Strike off their heads” (8:12) Battles, assaults and band pillaging Massacre of the Bani Quraiza Treaty of Hudaibiyah with Mecca falls, notwithstanding the ceasefire In 632 Muhammad kicks the bucket at age 62

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The First Caliphs Muhammad was succeded by his dad in law Abu Bakr The second caliph Umar, another father in law, was killed in 644 The third caliph Uthman, a child in law, was killed in 656 The fourth caliph Ali, another child in law, was killed in 661

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Sunni/Shi’a Split Shi’a originates from “followers of Ali” Shi’a take after the same primary fundamentals of Islam as Sunnis under diverse names Shi’a perceive twelve caliphs, Ali being the initial 10% to 13% of Muslims are assessed to be Shi’a The twelfth caliph: the Mahdi

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The Mahdi Prophecy “a fire … will show up in the sky and a redness … will cover the sky. … blood will be shed and houses wrecked. Demise will happen … and a trepidation will come over the general population …” “We must set ourselves up to run the world ” President Ahmadinejad

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The Spread of Islam was spread by the sword, not change 637: Jerusalem falls 641: Alexandria falls 677: Siege of Constantinople; Islam comes to from Tunisia to Afghanistan 711: Spain falls 846: Sack of Rome

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Islam Checked 718: Saracens spurned at second attack of Constantinople 732: Charles Martel massacres Muslim armed force at Poitiers in focal France 1529 and 1683: Turks assault Vienna yet neglect to take it

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The precepts of Islam Shahadah : Testifying that there is none deserving of love with the exception of God, and that Muhammad is His hireling and courier. Salah : Performing the five day by day supplications to God. Zakat : Giving philanthropy. Sawm : Fasting from day break to nightfall in the month of Ramadan . Hajj : The Pilgrimage to Mecca, mandatory rare for one who can do it.

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Interpretation of the Koran Islamic law depends on: The Qur’an The Hadith (portrayals about the Prophet’s life, the most solid being the Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) The Sira (life or history of the Prophet) No unchallenged content of the Koran even 200 years after Muhammad’s demise Four Schools of Law in Sunni Islam No settled Sunni church progressive system Allah’s word can not be adjusted or deciphered

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Doctrine of Abrogation The Doctrine of Abrogation ( naskh ) The later (Medinan) suras, supersede the more seasoned (Meccan) ones The Sword\'s Verse (9:5): “slay the worshipers of another god wherever you discover them, and take them prisoners and attack them and lie in sit tight for them in each ambush”

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The Closing Of The Door Of Ijtihad “Ijtihad” implies free thinking and systematic thought After the X century no more Schools of Law were established All lawful inquiries were considered to have been determined Makes it to a great degree hard to change Islam to adjust it to the current world

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Islam Is The State Islam is a religion, as well as a political philosophy No understanding of a mainstream, religiously unbiased, state Islam cases to saturate all aspects of administration and every day life Mandatory use of Shari’a Law to the entire world No equivalent rights for non-Muslims (Dhimmis)

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US Muslim Attitudes 47% of the 2.4MM Muslims in the US are Muslims to start with, Americans second 26% of those under 30 bolster suicide bombings in a few circumstances – 300,000 altogether 7% of those under 30 have an ideal perspective of Al Qaeda – 100,000 altogether

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Taqiyya Shia allotment to disguise one’s confidence when debilitated “When it is conceivable to accomplish … [a praiseworthy] point by telling so as to ly yet not reality, it is admissible to lie if achieving the objective is permissible..., and compulsory to lie if the objective is obligatory.” Al-Ghazali (Sunni scholar)

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What is Jihad? Numerous Muslim theological rationalists declare that Jihad is just a battle for inward change They preclude the other sort of Jihad, fighting against the unbeliever, which is generally as obligatory under standard Muslim statute

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Shari’a Law Submission to law other than Shari’a is defiance to Allah Shari’a is the law wherever Islam rules Barbaric disciplines “Kill the person who sodomizes and the person who gives it a chance to be done to him.” (Tirmidhi) Blood cash

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Infidels and Apostates “Take not the Jews and the Christians for companions. … He among you who taketh them for companions is (one) of them.” (5:51) “Slay the heathens wherever ye find them” (9:5) “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then execute him.” (Sahih Bukhari)

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“Strike Off Their Heads” “I will cast fear into the hearts of the individuals who distrust. In this manner strike off their heads…” (8:12) Religious power for decapitations Also seen by some to permit terrorism “Being a terrorist makes me a decent Muslim”

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Women Under Islam “Men have power over women” (4:34) A lady can not affirm against a man blaming him for assault Flogged or stoned to death

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Freedom of Speech under Islam Since there is no refinement in the middle of Islam and the State, there can be no flexibility to take a stand in opposition to Islam Abu Afak and Asma bint Marwan 624 AD: “Who will free me of Marwan’s daughter?” 2006 AD: “Behead Those Who Insult Islam”

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London, Feb. 2006

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Dhimmis, heathens living under Muslim standard, are peons An unbeliever who curses a Muslim is to be executed unless he changes over Dhimmis need to pay the Jizya, or survey charge Dhimmis can not give proof against Muslims

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Sharia and Slavery The Koran directs subjection in point of interest, investing it with awesome approval Muhammad claimed many slaves Enslavement of Muslims is demoralized Saudi Arabia Mauritania and Sudan

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Hatred of Jews Muhammad unsuccessfully charmed the Jews Their dismissal guaranteed them of his scorn “Muslims will murder Jews” Pigs and monkeys Arafat, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Adolf Hitler

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Pakistan, Feb. 2006

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Islam Claims World Rule Islam cases to dependably have been the main genuine religion Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb Recovery of once Muslim lands Reestablishment of the Caliphate Choices for a heathen: Convert to Islam Live as a “Dhimmi” Be slaughtered

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Manhattan, Feb. 2006

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The Rise of Wahhabism Founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab (1703-1792) in Arabia Restore Islam to its “original meaning” Made authority religion of Saudi state in XVIII century by Muhammad receptacle Saud Insignificant organization until disclosure of Saudi oil in 1938 Saudi Arabia supposedly has spent over $75 billion to spread Wahhabism around the globe

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Wahhabism Today Wahhabi evangelists show disdain for Jews, Christians and even non-Wahhabi Muslims They call for Muslims to join Jihad Wahhabi mosques are habitats for conveyance of hostile to Western contempt writing

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Islam In The West France - 4.5 MM 7.5% Germany - 3.0 MM 3.7% United States - 2.4 MM 0.8% Great Britain - 1.6 MM 2.7% Spain - 1.0 MM 2.5% Canada - 0.7 MM 2.0% Sweden - 0.4 MM 4.0%

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Demographic Timebomb Fertility Rates (2.1 is substitution level): Somalia -6.8 Nigeria -5.5 Pakistan -4.0 Saudi Arabia -4.0 United States -2.1 France -1.8 Great Britain -1.7 Europ. Union -1.5 Germany -1.4 Russia -1.3 Italy -1.3 Spain -1.3 Every second Frenchman conceived today is Muslim By 2050, Europe’s local populace will have fallen by 1/3, and Muslims in Europe will have expanded from 20MM to 100MM.

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Islam To Conquer America? “Islam isn’t in America to be equivalent to some other confidence, yet to end up prevailing. The Koran ought to be the most noteworthy power in America, and Islam the main acknowledged religion on Earth.” Omar Ahmad, administrator and cofounder of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, 1998

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Islam Will Conquer Europe Seek official acknowledgment of Muslims as a different religious group Request the same rights as other set up religious groups appreciate Gain political rights as a constituent group of the host co

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