Islam: a Presentation.

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Islam: a Presentation Session Arrange The Religion of Islam? Muhammad's Life and Importance What is the Quran? Islamic Comprehension of God The 5 Columns, Quickly Capacity, Part and Design of a Mosque The Muslim World A Religion Called Islam? A Religion Called Islam?
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Islam: an Introduction

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Session Plan The Religion of Islam? Muhammad’s Life & Significance What is the Quran? Islamic Understanding of God The 5 Pillars, Briefly Function, Role and Layout of a Mosque

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The Muslim World

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A Religion Called Islam?

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A Religion Called Islam? ‘Religion’ as an elucidating term drawn from specific setting Doesn’t match Islamic connection precisely ‘Din’ is the Arabic expression normally interpreted as ‘religion’ Range of implications, including ‘religion’ Also, ‘way of life’, ‘transaction’ and ‘justice’ Referred to various times in the Quran: ‘This day have I idealized your religion for you, finished My support upon you, and have decided for you Islam as your religion ( racket ) ’ (5:3) ‘The religion ( commotion ) before God is Islam …’ (3:19)

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What is Islam ? What, then, is ‘Islam’? Originates from the root salaam , importance ‘peace’ and ‘submission’ Linked to the Hebrew expression shalom In a religious sense, alludes to accommodation to God’s will A Muslim is in this manner somebody who submits to and takes after God’s will it could be said, everybody is muslim in that they take after Divine request in their exceptionally presence Thus, an acclaimed prophetic custom expresses that each youngster conceived a muslim

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The Shahadah A Muslim somebody who acknowledges the shahadah , the presentation of faithâ (literally ‘witnessing’) In Arabic: La ilaha sick Allah, Muhammadur rasul Allah Literal interpretation: ‘There is noâ god yet God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God’.â  Fuller interpretation: ‘Nothing has the privilege to be loved yet God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God’

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The Shahadah Allah is the Arabic name for God Literally, al-ilah or ‘ The God’ Cognate with Hebrew Elohim and Aramaic Alaha Arab Christian expression for God

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Muhammad’s Life & Significance

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Muhammad at Mecca Born in Mecca, most likely in 570CE Bani Hashim family of the Quraish tribe Orphan, cared for by granddad, then uncle Merchant, known as al-Amin (‘The Trustworthy’) Marriage to Khadijah Deeply insightful and natural Awareness of social issues

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Muhammad at Mecca Spiritual Retreats: the Cave of Hira Ramadan 610CE…Meeting Gabriel ‘Read for the sake of your Lord, Who made: He made man from a coagulation. Perused, by your Most Generous Lord, Who taught by the Pen. He taught man what he didn\'t know’ (96:1-5) Waraqah ibn Nawfal Early disclosures: unity of God, inevitable Day of Judgment, good and social change

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Muhammad at Mecca: Reactions Hostility, Rejection & Opposition Reactions to the Quran: verse & enchantment The ‘Night Journey’ ( al-Isra’ wa’al-Mir’aj ) The conception of the Muslim group The ‘Emigration’ or Hijra to Yathrib (Medina) a defining moment Year 1 of the Muslim schedule Severing old loyalties The Muslim group ( ummah ) Revelations bargain more with social association and legitimate matters

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Muhammad at Medina: Later Years Defensive Warfare The ‘Opening’ of Mecca Reconciliation: the expressions of Joseph ‘Let there be no blame against you this day. God will excuse you and He is the most Merciful of the individuals who show mercy’ (12:92) Islam spreads all through Arabia

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Muhammad in Islamic Thought Why is Muhammad so noteworthy? Muhammad: the Final Prophet ‘Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but rather is the Messenger of God and the Prophets\' seal ( Khatam al-Nabiyyin )’ (33:40) ‘Seal’ comprehended as ‘final’ Eschatological essentialness First indication of ‘the Hour’ ( al-Sa’a )

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Muhammad in Islamic Thought Bearer of the Quran Muhammad the boss mediator of Quran ‘Authentic’ ( Sahih ) reports constitute last analysis Interpretation stays critical Based on Quranic explanations, for example, ‘Your Companion [Muhammad] is neither adrift nor being deluded, Nor does he talk from (his own) longing. It is no not as much as Inspiration sent down to him’ (53:3) Traditions: ‘Indeed, I have been given the Book and something like it…’ ‘Book’ alludes to the Quran ‘Something Similar’ alludes to Sunnah Logical Foundation of his place in Islamic Law ( al-Shariah )

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Muhammad in Islamic Thought Muhammad the Lawgiver Muhammad’s decisions held to be tying Authority 2 nd just to the Quran Derives from analytical part Explain functional use of Quranic standards Prayer a decent sample: ‘And set up petition to God and give philanthropy [literally zakat ] and bow with the individuals who bow’ (2:43) Prayer exceptionally basic subject

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Muhammad in Islamic Thought Muhammad the Lawgiver Further elucidation obliged Prayer Times ‘…And lift up [Allah] with commendation of your Lord before the sun\'s ascending and its setting; and amid times of the night [exalt Him] and at the finishes of the day, that you may be satisfied’ (20:130) Detailed piece from Prophetic Traditions Based on taking after order: ‘Pray as you have seen me praying’ (Related by Bukhari) Quran sets down wide standards Traditions give definite reasonable application

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Muhammad in Islamic Thought The Best of God’s Creatures Muhammad’s part more extensive than analysis and law Role Model Contents pages from Hadith meets expectations illustrative ‘Religious’ Themes: Revelation, Faith & Religious Knowledge Less Obviously ‘Religious’: Cultivation & Agriculture, Loans, Bathroom Conduct Muhammad’s direct perfectly enlivened Aisha: ‘His behavior was the Quran’

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Muhammad in Islamic Thought The Beloved of God Muhammad the ‘Friend’ ‘A Mercy for the majority of the Worlds’ ( Rahmatan lil `Alameen ) Deep, passionate association Imam al-Busiri & Qasida al-Burda Central hold back: ‘O God! Favor and award endless peace without end to you\'re Beloved and the Best of all Your creatures’ Muhammad Iqbal: ‘Love of the Prophet which keeps running like blood in the veins of this community’ ( Rumuz : 190)

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What is the Quran?

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What is the Quran? Esposito’s Definition Useful… ‘For Muslims, the Quran is the Book of God. It is the endless, uncreated, strict expression of God sent down from paradise, uncovered one last time to the Prophet Muhammad as an aide for humankind’ (Esposito, 1998, 17) Divine Origin Literal Word of God ( Kalam Allah ) Importance of Arabic ‘Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran that you may understand’ (12:1) Untranslatable

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Meanings & Descriptions Quran actually implies ‘Reading’, ‘Reciting’ Public declaration Iqra (‘Read!’) first expression of disclosure 114 Surahs (Chapters) Approximately 6,000 verses Ayat ( Ayah sing.), ‘sign’ Revealed piecemeal more than 23 years Not orchestrated sequentially Longer entries toward starting Shorter sections toward end

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The Significance of the Quran Difficult to overestimate significance of the Quran Infallible and extraordinary in each word Literary structure trusted inexplicable Basis for the whole arrangement of Islam Legal Verses Unchallenged (and unchallengeable) lawful power Attempts to comprehend Islamic religious ideas must be founded on the Quran

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The Role of the Quran What do Muslims do with the Quran? A couple examples… The Ritual Prayer Dhikr ‘Remembrance of God’ Recitation Calligraphy

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Quranic Style: Key Features The Quran utilizes an extensive variety of expressive systems Impossible to cover every one of them here A delegate sample… Narrative in the Quran Quranic Simile and Metaphor Divine Instruction The Use of Oaths in the Quran

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Narrative in the Quran Use of story regular in the Quran God as the Narrator ‘Has the account of Musa [Moses] came to you?’ (79:15) \'We do identify with you [O Muhammad] the most delightful of stories, in that We uncover to you this [portion of the] Quran\' (12:3) Three Main Kinds… Prophetic Stories Past People & Events in Muhammad’s Life

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Prophetic Stories Many references to the stories of previous prophets Link to hallowed history Strengthen Muslim group amid mistreatment Examples… Surah 26: Nuh/Noah Surah 28: Musa/Moses Surah 19: `Isa/Jesus

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Past People & Events Significant individuals and occasions Surah 18… ‘The Sleepers in the Cave’ Dhu al-Qarnain (‘the Two-Horned One’) Widely accepted to be Alexander the Great

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Divine Instruction More than 200 entries use ‘Say’ Answers to addresses Wide-extending subjects ‘Say, ‘He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge, He neither generates nor is conceived and nor arrives to Him any equivalent’ (112:1-4). ‘They ask you [O Muhammad], about the Hour: when is its landing? Say, ‘Its information is just with my Lord. None will uncover its time with the exception of Him. It lays vigorously upon the sky and the earth. It won\'t happen upon you with the exception of unexpectedly’. They inquire as to whether you are acquainted with it. Say, ‘Its information is just with Allah, however the greater part of the general population don\'t know’ (7:187). See additionally 9:5

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