Islam I: Convictions.

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Islam I: Convictions Prologue to World Religions Fall 2007 Dr. Hannah Schell Plan for class session The religions of Abraham: shared fundamentals Essential terms; worldwide review Starting with God (Allah) The life of the prophet Muhammad A Religion of the Book: The Koran
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Islam I: Beliefs Introduction to World Religions Fall 2007 Dr. Hannah Schell

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Agenda for class session The religions of Abraham: shared principles Basic terms; worldwide outline Beginning with God (Allah) The prophet\'s life Muhammad A Book\'s Religion: The Koran Islam’s perspective of human life The Day of Judgment

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The religions of Abraham Rembrandt. Abraham and Isaac 1634 (120 Kb); Oil on canvas, 158 x 117 cm (62 x 46 in); Hermitage, St. Petersburg

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Judaism - Christianity – Islam Monotheistic : these conventions have faith in a solitary perfect Being who is close to home, that is, having personality and will; unceasing, that is, not subject to the furthest reaches of time or change, all-effective, all-knowing, and all-great. Creation : God makes a world unmistakable from himself, a world which is genuine, not deceptive, however absolutely subject to God; a world which is great. Disclosure : In an one of a kind authentic occasion, God uncovers his will, obliging submission (rebellion being sin. The disclosure for every situation is given in composing). Eternality and Judgment : There is an existence after death; at death, God will judge every person, for prize or discipline. (Embraced from Patrick Burke’s “The Religions of Semitic Origin” presentation. The Major Religions , 191.)

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Judaism - Christianity – Islam These religions underscore the significance of: Persons as better than nature The individual human individual, who must solution for his or her contemplations and deeds The ethical estimation of equity Law History, which moves not in an everlasting cycle, but rather in a straight line, from a starting to an end. Love is collective, and happens in a space intended for the social affair or a gathering (synagogue, church, mosque). (Received from Patrick Burke’s “The Religions of Semitic Origin” presentation. The Major Religions , 192.)

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Basic terms, worldwide outline

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Statistics Islam is viewed as the quickest developing religion on the planet. There are pretty nearly 1.3 million Muslims constituting a fifth of mankind. Most are under 25. All out world populace is 6.1 billion: Christianity 2 billion; Islam 1.3 billion , Hinduism 900 million, Buddhism 360 million Around 85 for every penny of Muslims fit in with the lion\'s share Sunni group. The minority Shi’ite Muslims are moved in Iran and Iraq. Nations that are almost 95% Muslim: BAHRAIN, KUWAIT, MAURITANIA, MOROCCO,OMAN, QATAR, SOMALIA, SAUDI ARABIA, TUNISIA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, WESTERN SAHARA,YEMEN Source:

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Basic Terms & Orientation Islam : the name of the monotheistic convention that looks to Muhammad as the last prophet. (The term truly implies “surrender” or “submission.”) Muslim : term utilized for a man who pronounces the religion of Islam; the individuals who hold fast to the confidence and customs of Islam. (Actually implies “one who submits.”) Umma : alludes to the group of adherents made up of all the Muslims of the world. (Actually implies “nation” or “community”). Koran/Qur’an : sacrosanct sacred text for Muslims; accepted to have been uncovered by God to the Prophet Muhammad. (Truly implies “recitation.”)

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Muslims around the globe NOTE: Less than 20 for every penny of Muslims are Arabs. Half of the world\'s Muslims live in South and Southeast Asia.

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Muslims in Indonesia Source:

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Muslims in North Africa Nigerian young lady South Africans Mosque in Senegal Mosque in Tunisia Praying in Nairobi, Kenya Source of photographs:

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Muslims in “the Middle East” Turkey Egypt Saudi Arabia Iraq Iran Source:

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In the Middle East Mosque in Pakistan Source of pictures:

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Muslims in America The US has an expected 5.7 million Muslims- - generally equivalent to its Jewish populace Source:

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Muslims in the United States In Dallas In Seattle In Harlem At Harvard University in Boston, MA

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The tale of Islam starts with God Radical monotheism: There is no god yet God Divine solidarity – unity of God Allah is extreme; amazing; capable; empathetic and forgiving

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The account of Islam starts with God

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Divine solidarity The Fatihah (Opening) of the Koran: In the Name of God, the tolerant Lord of leniency. Applause be to God, the Lord of all being, The lenient Lord of kindness, Master of the Day of Judgment. Only you we serve and to only you we desire help. Guide us in the straight way,

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From the 99 Names of Allah The Exalter The Patient The pardoner The Eternal The Loving The All-Forgiving The Giver of Life The Last The Hidden The Evolver The Merciful The Guide The Avenger The Creator of Death The Responsive The Trustee The Protecting Friend The First The Manifest The Creator The Beneficent

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The conception story “When God willed the presence of His truth, the legend of Muhammad, and its appearance in a body and in a spirit, in a structure and in a substance, He exchanged it to its settled abode… And He… chose her to be the mother of the Purified One. Also, it was announced in the Heavens and on Earth that she, Amina, had ended up pregnant of one of the Essence\'s Lights. Furthermore, every breeze blew tenderly to make a delicate breeze newly fanning the earth which was dressed, after her long stretch of infertility, with vegetation with green smooth robes. The organic products started to age, and the trees approaches the picker that he may pick the ready natural products. What\'s more, every residential creature of the Quraysh talked about his being normal with expressiveness in the Arabic tongue. The thrones of sovereignty were toppled and the symbols of heathendom fell on their appearances. The wild creatures of East and West forecasted the great news, and in addition the ocean\'s animals. The universes drank delight from the measure of adolescent quality. The spirits got the happy tiding of the approach of his time….” (From: Mawlid Al-Barzanji; in Textual Sources for the Study of Islam , 66).

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The Prophet\'s Life Muhammad

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The Prophet\'s Life Muhammad (570 – 632 CE ): “highly praised,” “laudable.” Born in Mecca (Saudi Arabia); in the effective tribe of the Qur’ash (Koreish). A human prophet Poet, seer, judge; likewise political, military and religious pioneer.

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The future\'s conception prophet One legend has it that the Prophet’s mother, Amina, heard a voice when she was pregnant.. “You are pregnant with the Lord of this individuals and when he is conceived say, ‘I place him being taken care of by the One from the abhorrence of each envier; then call him Muhammad’ [meaning ‘laudable’.”

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Muhammad as a young fellow Gained a notoriety for being speaking the truth and solid – nicknamed al-Amin, “the trustworthy.” Worked as a shepherd, then as in exchange Began to work for the affluent dowager Khadija; they wedded (she was 40 and he was 25). Started to examine the low level of good and social life in Mecca; felt awesome sensitivity for vagrants, dowagers, pariahs and poor people; discriminating particularly of the act of covering baby girls alive. Turned into an exceptionally trained otherworldly seeker (Denny, 51). Mt. Hira – north of Mecca

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The prophet\'s calling Commission happened in 610 C.E.: The Night of Power Angel Gabriel showed up and instructed Muhammad to “Recite!” Khadija turned into his first change over. “Proclaim for the sake of your Lord who made! Made man from a coagulation of blood. Broadcast: Your Lord is the Most Generous Who instructs by the pen; Teaches man what he knew not.” Koran 96: 1-3 (cited by Smith, 226).

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The Night Journey & Ascent to Heaven Angel appeared to the dozing prophet, split open his mid-section and gut and drew out Muhammad’s heart and entrails; washed in a brilliant bowl loaded with confidence and supplanted. Made a trip through the sky to Jerusalem on Buraq, a little steed, and after that to the seven sky into the very vicinity of God Spiritual, dreamlike experience or genuine event?

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The Migration from Mecca to Medina First Muslims – Khadijah; Ali (Muhammad’s cousin and child in-law - wedded to Fatima); other relatives; individuals from humble classes. Endured mistreatment – ex. Bilal, a dark slave – presented to the most smoking piece of the day with a substantial rock on his mid-section (later got to be noticeable as the person who calls the for supplication to God). 622: relocation of Muslims from Mecca to Medina (city of the prophet) – known as the Hijra. Time of battle between the Meccans and the Medinans; in the end Muhammad rededicated the sanctuary (the Ka’ba) in Mecca; mass transformation of the city to Islam (Smith 230). Muhammad passed on in 632, the leader of a domain.

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Muhammad was the “Seal of the Prophets” Koran names 25 prophets, including Noah, Abraham, Moses Jesus and Muhammad. Muhammad is the “seal” (khatam) of the prophets – the last, the one that approves past prescience. Came to “transmit the old message once more and set up through it an all inclusive group […] the umma ” (Denny, I

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