Islam in State funded School Libraries.

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Islam in State funded School Libraries Maureen O'Neill School Administrator Baltimore Polytechnic Foundation Presentation Diagram Reason and Basis for the Exploration Foundation and Connection Philosophy Lit Survey Research Discoveries Educational modules Bolster Question:
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Islam in Public School Libraries Maureen O’Neill School Librarian Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

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Presentation Overview Purpose & Rationale for the Research Background & Context Methodology Lit Review Research Findings Curriculum Support

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Question: Which nation has the biggest populace of Muslims?

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Source: CIA World Factbook 2007

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Monotheistic confidence: Judaism & Christianity Comes from Arabic root word “silm” importance “peace & submission” Submission to God by decision “There is no impulse in religion” (2:256)

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Allah: the Arabic word for God Message of God comes through the last prophet, Mohammed (PBUH) Born in Mecca, SA. in 570 CE ~ 600 years after Jesus, peace be upon him. Begun the message of Islam when he was 40 years of age The message proceeded for a long time 13 in Mecca and 10 in Madina Lived for a long time Died in 632 CE and covered in Madina, SA.

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Mohammad “I was sent to impeccable good excellence” Muslims have confidence in all the past Prophets: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus, David, Solomon… 23 Names said in the Quran! Muslims don\'t recognize the prophets – they are every single regarded Messenger of Allah. Muslims additionally accept other Holy Books were likewise uncovered by God: Al-Zapoor (Psalms), Al-Tawrah (Torah), Al-Injeel (Gospel)

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Al-Quran Islam’s Holy Book: The expression of God Revealed by the heavenly attendant Gabriel to Mohammad more than 23 years Mohammad was uneducated! Quran and Sunnah (colloquialisms of the Prophet) constitute Shariah (Islamic Law) Important to separate between social elucidations of Islam and Islam itself: ask, “Is this steady with the center messages & convictions of Islam?”

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Islamic “Law” A settlement in the middle of God and his kin Not for us to abuse one another God will judge us, not one another i.e. Taliban “law” or Saudi “law” are blemished common translations of God’s desires; they will be judged by God at last Human delicacy showed in all religions

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Muslims Not just Arabs (80% Arabs are not Muslim!) 2 nd biggest religious gathering on the planet 95% Sunni, 5% Shia (vary by successors of Prophet Mohammad & certain customs)

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Muslims in America 20% of slaves in America were from Muslim nations Muslim movement: started c.1875 Very hard to appraise Muslim populace in USA: why?

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Resources for Demographic Data U.S. Bureau of State: Muslim Participation in American Society The Pew Forum: Muslim Americans Hartford Seminary: Faith Communities Today research Project

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Background & Context: Islam 101 Be greatly careful about quality & wellsprings of web assets on Islam. For instance: Sharing the God of Love with Muslims Sites Recommended for a Diverse Perspective on Islam & Religion in America: Islamica Magazine Beliefnet Arab American Students in Public Schools Q-News: The Muslim Magazine The Pluralism Project at Harvard Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton Center for the Study of Religion & American Culture Center for the Study of Religion & Society Welcome to the First Amendment Center Online Hartford Seminary: Center for the Study of Islam U.S. Bureau of State: Muslim Life in America Center for the Study of American Muslims

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Background & Context: Religion & American Education U.S. Constitution 1 st Amendment “Congress should make no law regarding a foundation of religion, or disallowing the free practice thereof” i.e. American schools versus French schools

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Background & Context: Religion & American Education History of Religion in America: A past filled with opportunity to rehearse your own religion, not flexibility for others to do as such i.e. The Puritans: Nathaniel Ward: Observers of different religions “shall have free freedom to avoid us, and, for example, will come to be gone as quick as possible, the sooner the better”

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Background & Context: Religion & American Education Horace Mann American Public Schools: regular vote based experience = nondenominational Christian schools! "The government funded school, a critical mingling foundation, turned into the substitute for the American national church" – Susan Rose, Historian

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Background & Context: Religion & American Education NY Times: Universal Faith NY Times: A Church-State Solution Lawsuit Over Islamic-Role-Playing in Public Schools

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"I know of no protected vault of a definitive forces of the general public however the general population themselves; and in the event that we think them not sufficiently edified to practice their control with a wholesome prudence, the cure is not to take it from them, but rather advise their discretion." Purpose & Rationale for This Study Democracy (Jefferson): clever examination & open deliberation obliges an informed citizenry

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Purpose & Rationale for This Study Public Perception of Islam USA Today Article: Muslims Under a Cloud Washington Post: Surge in Anti-Muslim Incidents Backgrounds of Muslim Organizations Under Scrutiny

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Purpose & Rationale for This Study Qurans Pulled from School Libraries Los Angeles City Schools Pull Copies of Qurans from Shelves NY Times: Other Peoples’ Religions

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Problems for Muslims Didn’t Start with 9/11 The Evolution of Islamic Terrorism The Immigration Act of 1965: Intended and Unintended Consequences

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Review of Literature Islam in Children’s Literature: Al-Hazza, Tami. Middle Easterner Children’s Literature: An Update . Book Links, American Library Association, January 2006, p. 11-17. Bradford, Clare. Speaking to Islam: Female Subjects in Suzanne Fisher Staples\' Novels Children\'s Literature Association Quarterly - Volume 32, Number 1, Spring 2007, pp. 47-62 Khan, Rukhsana. Muslims in Children\'s Books. School Library Journal, Sep2006, Vol. 52 Issue 9, p36-37, 2p; (A 22324187) Maughan, Shannon. Gaging the Gap. Distributers Weekly, 9/8/2003, Vol. 250 Issue 36, p35-37, 3p, 3c; (A 10779886) Shedd, Carol Johnson. Kids\' Books on the Middle East (Book Review). Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Apr2001, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p104, 5/6p; (A 4432874)

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SLJ Outstanding International Booklist 2007 (39) LAIRD , Elizabeth & Sonia Nimr. A Little Piece of Ground . Haymarket. pap. $9.95. ISBN 1-931859-38-8. U.K. Gr 9 Up –Details of life in Israeli-possessed Ramallah are told through the eyes of 12-year-old Karim, whose Palestinian family abrades at being cooped up in its loft amid curfews that keep going for a considerable length of time. Notwithstanding playing soccer turns risky when an unforeseen time limit gets Karim too a long way from home. ICHIKAWA , Satomi. My Father’s Shop. illus. by creator. Kane/Miller. Tr $15.95. ISBN 1-929132-99-9. France. K-Gr 2 –In this pleasant book, buzzing with activity rendered in striking, vivid works of art, Mustafa wraps himself in a floor covering from his father’s Moroccan carpet shop and took after by a chicken, parades through the business sector. Visitors, getting a charge out of the exhibition, delightedly share how chickens sound when they crow in their particular nations. 2 things out of 39 managed Islam is the 2 nd biggest religion on the planet

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Methodology Grounded Theory Emergent & Inductive Begin with perception or gathering of information Look for examples Tentative theories & era of hypothesis Not differentiating accumulations by framework demographics!

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Methodology Initial range of perception: What are school library possessions on the theme of Islam? Contact educational systems separately What choices would influence a school system’s support? Free laws: property data!

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Methodology Compare school library property with suggestions & surveys Very little is prescribed; meager lit audit! Who are the specialists in this field? Creators: Are they Muslim? Does it make a difference? What ought to curators and educators be doing with these books?

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Subject Search “Islam” in 6 Maryland School Systems

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Average Division of “Islam” Collection

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Fiction managing Islam is 10% of the accumulations: 90% concentrated on female accounts, 75% manage war or evacuees, & 98% include non-Western societies Fiction Themes & Topics

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Research Findings/Patterns 60 to 70% of the verifiable accumulations are in 297 (religion) 300’s (sociologies) and 900’s (history) constitute 30 to 40% of a “Islam” gathering

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“Islam” Non-Fiction

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Research Findings/Patterns 300’s & 900’s 95% of titles or pivotal words incorporated the words “terrorism,” “extremism,” & “fundamentalism” 2 most normal nations: Iran & Afghanistan

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Research Findings/Patterns Average production date range: 1995-1999

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Not looking at property, however taking note of rising examples & making inquiries Became about quality & what should be possible with the materials Which books/features seem regularly? What is their quality? What points & topics show up & re-show up? Suggestions for educational modules? What would it be a good idea for us to approach when considering books on religion for accumulation a

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