Islam "Peace" in accommodation to God..

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The Caliph khalifah pioneer of the Islamic Ummah, an Islamic group ruled by first 4 caliphs under 1. Abu ... Islamic structural planning. Ottomon Period: Blue Mosque 1616 left. Sultan ...
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Islam "Peace" in accommodation to God.

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The term Islam "accommodation" to God is Peace – Salaam = Islam Islam = Peace Muslim = One who submits to Peace or a "Peacenik" Allah = Eloh of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Mecca = the most sacred city #2 Medina, #3 Jerusalem

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The Islamic World = 1.2 billion The Islamic World = 1.2 billion

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Background: Abraham once more, with Jesus included Abraham, Hagar, Ismail (Ishmael) – Ka\'bah Central Role of Jesus for Muslims Angels

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The Angel Gabriel Appears to Mary at the origination of Jesus

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Muhammad "The Praised One" He was likewise dynamic as a negotiator , dealer , savant , speaker , official , general , reformer and as per the Muslim conviction as an operator of awesome activity Biography: Muhammad The Prophet - History Channel (1 of 6)

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Prophethood Muhammad as delineated in Medieval Europe

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There is no God yet God La ilaha illa Allah – There is no God just God Muhammadhu Rasul Allah - ... furthermore, Muhammad is God\'s Messenger One lady\'s clarification: The shahadah Only reasonable delineation of God: Allah in Arabic La ilaha illa Allah – There is no God just God Muhammadhu Rasul Allah - ... also, Muhammad is God\'s Messenger One lady\'s clarification: The shahadah

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Qur\'an – the "Recitation"

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Al-Tawhid: Oneness of God has no accomplices Closer than your performer yet "entirely other" than human 7 sky and heaven

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The Five Pillars of Islam The shahadah , "I affirm that there is none deserving of love aside from God and I affirm that Muhammad is the Messenger of God." Salah , or custom supplication, which must be performed five times each day. Every salah is done confronting towards the Kaaba in Mecca. Adhan (call to petition) are communicate openly from nearby mosques at the proper times. The petitions are discussed in the Arabic dialect , and comprise of verses from the Qur\'an. [45] Zakat , or charity giving. This is the act of giving in view of amassed riches, and is mandatory for all Muslims who can bear the cost of it. The well-off owe to the poor in light of the fact that their riches is seen as a "trust from God\'s bounty". Sawm , or fasting amid the month of Ramadan . Muslims must not eat or drink (in addition to other things) from sunrise to nightfall amid this month, and must be aware of different sins. The Hajj , which is the journey amid the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah in the city of Mecca .

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Seventh Heaven: the fundamental criteria for  salvation  in  existence in the wake of death  is the conviction in  one God  ( Tawhid ),  Last Judgment , great deeds, and in every one of the emissaries of Allah, and in addition trusting that Muhammad is the  last prophet  of God. Heaven itself is generally depicted in the  Qur\'an . The largest amount of Paradise is  Firdaws  ( فردوس ), which is the place the  prophets , the saints  and the most honest and devout individuals will abide. Interestingly to  Jannah,  the words  Jahannam  and  Nār  are used to allude to the idea of  damnation .

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622 CE Hijira Muhammad and supporters escape to Medina. Islamic date-book (AH, Anno Hegirae ) starts. 624 CE Muslims effectively assault Meccan convoys at Badr. 625Muslims are vanquished by Meccans at Uhud. 630Muslims catch Mecca. Ka\'ba is purified, journey customs are Islamicized, tribes of Arabia promise faithfulness to Muhammad 632 Death of Muhammad. Abu Bakr picked as caliph.

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Hadith: Modeling Muhammad\'s life Hadith  ( الحديث transliteration : al-ḥadī th , pl.  aḥadī th ;  lit . "narrative") are oral  customs  relating to the words and deeds of the  Islamic prophet Muhammad . 

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Islamic law is known as the  Sharī\'ah . The Sharī\'ah depends on the  Qur\'an  and the  Sunnah ,

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Sunni: the words and activities or case of the Prophet Muhammad. The  Caliph  khalīfah pioneer of the Islamic  Ummah , an Islamic people group ruled by 1 st 4 caliphs under  1. Abu Bakr as-Siddiq , 2. Umar ibn al-Khattab  and 3. Uthman ibn Affan ...4: Ali

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Sunni versus Shi\'a : Who will succeed Muhammad as pioneer? Majority rules system or Genealogy? The  First Islamic Civil War  (656–661), fought against  Ali ibn Abi Talib , the fourth and last of the  Rightly-Guided Caliphs , brought about by the questionable death of his predecessor,  Uthman Ibn Affan .

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First Caliphate: Umayyad Dynasty

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The Shi\'at or Party of Ali, a.k.a. Shi\'a or Shi\'ite Muslim

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Shi\'at Ali: The Fourth Caliph: Ali in A.D. 656 the fourth Caliph, a man by the name of Ali, was chosen as leader of Islam. Ali came to power when his forerunner was murdered. 

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Fatimah: Daughter of the Prophet little girl of the  Islamic prophet Muhammad  from his first wife  Khadija after the passing of the Prophet she shielded Ali\'s cause, restricted the  race of Abu Bakr , and had vicious debate with him and especially with  Umar Muhammad\'s cousin, additionally had a yearning to wed Fatimah yet did not have the strength to approach Muhammad because of his destitution

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Holy Genealogy The anticipated 13 th or shrouded imam or "aide" of Islam

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Sunni promulgation: Ali ibn Abi Talib "With respect to me, two classes of individuals will be destroyed, in particular he who cherishes me an excessive amount of and the adoration removes him from Rightfulness, and he who loathes me a lot of and the disdain removes him from Rightfulness. The best man concerning me is he who is on the center course. So be with him and be with the immense larger part (of Muslims) on the grounds that Allaah\'s hand (of assurance) is on keeping unity".  Nahjul Balagha

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Remembering saint Husayn (Hussein) 626 680 CE Second Islamic Civil War , amid the early Umayyad  dynasty, taking after the demise of the principal caliph  Muawiyah.  succeeded upon his passing in 680 by his son, Yazid whose first pposition originated from   Husayn ibn Ali , grandson of the prophet  Muhammad  and the child of the previous 4 th caliph  Ali ibn Abi Talib , killed at the Battle of Karbala  680 CE.

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Shi\'a Islam (Shi\'ites) 940 Muhammad al-Mahdi, the twelfth imam, vanishes. Twelvers still anticipate the future return of the "Hidden Imam."

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Arab Islamic Empire (750-1055) 680 Death of Husayn imprints start of the Shi\'at Ali ("party of Ali") or Shi\'a faction. 732 Muslim realm achieves its uttermost degree. Clash of Tours forestalls further propel northwards amid Ummayyad Caliphate.

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Arab Islamic Empire (750-1055) Abbasid Dynasty

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 Islamic Golden Age: 700 A.D. to 1600  Like refined sugar and espresso Yum! Much appreciated Islamic society!

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Philosophy – Islamic blessing to Europe 980-1037 Life of Ibn Sina or Avicenna, Iranian doctor and Aristotelian savant. He tried to accommodate discerning rationality with  Islamic religious philosophy . His point was to demonstrate the presence of God and his production of the world experimentally and through  reason  and  rationale Ibn Sīnā is viewed as a father of modern  pharmaceutical

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Ibn Rushd referred to toward the West as Averroes: there is no contention between  religion  and  logic , rather that they are diverse methods for achieving the same truth.  conceived in  Córdoba , cutting edge Spain , and kicked the bucket in  Marrakech , present day day  Morocco .   Italian artist  Andrea di Bonaiuto  (Florence, second 50% of the fourteenth century) " presence goes before quintessence ", a key foundational idea of  existentialism , can likewise be found in progress of Ibn Rushd, as a response to  Ibn Sina \'s idea of " pith precedes  presence "

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The Role of Women see understudy Vjolca\'s Zekiri\'s work Women in Islam as per the Qur\'an

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Pilgrim Woman Bible Fashions for Woman: Abrahamic Styles… .. Mennonite Woman

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No not exactly the ruler of paradise, the Virgin Mary wears Bible Fashions

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Sufism 1100-1200s Sufi requests ( turuq ) are established. Fanah: The demolition of the self for God. Click here for Bennet Hoffman\'s uncover: Buddhism impacts Islam: Sufism Two Pitchers

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Shi\'at Ali in red, Sunni in green

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Islamic engineering Ottomon Period: Blue Mosque 1616 left Sultan Suleiman I   mosque: 1557 right

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The British-drove Egyptian Expeditionary Force, directed by Edmund Allenby, caught Jerusalem on 9 December, 1917 and possessed the entire of the Levant taking after the thrashing of Turkish powers in Palestine at the Battle of Megiddo in September 1918

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