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Islam&Christianity Ahmed H Mirza M.D Naqshbandiya Establishment For Islamic Training WW.NFIE.COM Abrahamic Religions Law+Way Law Way
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Islam&Christianity Ahmed H Mirza M.D Naqshbandiya Foundation For Islamic Education WW.NFIE.COM

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Abrahamic Faiths Law+Way Law Way

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Guide us unto the right way   the way of those to whom Thou hastâ  been charitable, not the way of the individuals who are the objectsâ  of Thy wrath,â  nor of the individuals who have gone astray.â  Amen Qur\'an 1:1-7 Give us this day our day by day bread. Furthermore, pardon us our obligations as we overlook our account holders And lead us not into allurement, But rather convey us from shrewdness. For Thine is the Kingdom, The Power and the Glory.For ever and ever. So be it Matthew 6:9-13 Islam & Christianity Supplication,Fateh Lord’s Prayer

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O Thou from whom comes the breath of life, which is available in all domains of vibration and light. Let thy light/solid be knowledgeable about my own particular ‘holy of holies.’ Let your beliefs and guidance guideline. Let your longing be, as in the universe (all that vibrates), so likewise on earth. Give us bread (comprehension/support) for our needs from regular. Free the ropes of mix-ups tying us, as we discharge the strands we hold of others’ flaws. Try not to let surface things mislead us. Be that as it may, free us from what keeps us away from our actual reason. To you has a place the decision will, the life and energy to do, the melody which embellishes all, from age to age it reestablishes. So be it (Sealed in trust and confidence.) The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

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(A) Submission Thee just do we adore and of Thee just do we ask help. (B) Adoration Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Lord of the Day of Reckoning. (A) Submission Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done on earth as it is in paradise. (B) Adoration Our Father who craftsmanship in paradise, Hallowed be thy name. Islam&Chrisianity

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Quran&Prophets "And We gave to Abraham (posterity) Isaac and Jacob and each of them did We manual for the right path as We had before guided Noah to the right route; and (of his relatives We guided) David and Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron. In this manner do We remunerate the individuals who do great. (What\'s more, of his relatives We guided) Zecheriah, John, Jesus and Elias: every one of them was of the righteous." (Quran 6:84-85).

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Quran&John the Baptist "\'O John! Hold quick the Book energetically. We had gave astuteness to him while he was still a youngster; and We additionally blessed him with delicacy and virtue; and he was exceedingly devout and esteeming to his guardians. Never was he ill bred or insubordinate. Peace be upon him, the day he was conceived, and the day he will bite the dust, and the day he will be raised up alive. (Quran 19: 12-15)

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Quran&Jesus “And recollect when Isa(Jesus), the child of Mary, said: "O Children of Israel! I am the errand person of God sent to you, affirming the Law (which came) before me (the Torah), and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name should be Ahmad (the commended one)." The Quran 061.006

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Quran&Christians And closest among them in adoration To the Believers wither thou Find the individuals who say, "We are Christians": Because amongst these are Men given to learning And men who have disavowed The world, and they Are not presumptuous. Qur\'an 5:82

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Quran&Jesus Behold! the blessed messengers said, \'Gracious Mary! God gives you happy greetings of a Word from Him. His name will be Christ Jesus, the child of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter, and in (the organization of) those closest to God. He should identify with the general population in adolescence and in development. He should be (in the organization) of the upright... What\'s more, God will show him the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel\'" (3:45-48).

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Quran&Jesus " He [Jesus] said: \'I am to be sure a hireling of God. He has given me disclosure and made me a prophet; He has made me favored wheresoever I be; and He has charged on me request to God and philanthropy the length of I live. He has made me kind to my mom, and not domineering or hopeless. So peace is on me the day I was conceived, the day that I kick the bucket, and the day that I might be raised up to life (once more)!\' Such was Jesus the child of Mary. It is an announcement of truth, about which they (vainly) question. It is not befitting to (the greatness of) God that He ought to generate a child. Brilliance be to Him! When He decides a matter, He just says to it, "Be," and it is" (19:30-35).

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Quran&Mary "Behold! The heavenly attendants said, \'Gracious Mary! God has picked you and refined you, picked you over the ladies of all countries. Gracious Mary! Revere your Lord ardently. Prostrate yourself, and bow down (in petition to God) with the individuals who bow down” (3:42-43 ).

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Jesus in Islamic Tradition Kaab Said “Jesus,the child of Mary, was a reddish man, slanting towards white. His hair was not thin, and he never oiled it. He went barefooted; never claimed a spot, or a change of garments,or property or vesture or procurements, with the exception of his every day bread. Also, at whatever point the sun started to set,he would bow and supplicate until the morning. He was in the propensity for recuperating the wiped out and the lepers,and raising the dead by the will of God.He strolled on the water\'s substance on the ocean. He was a plain in this world and extraordinarily covetous of the world to come; persistent in serving God” .

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1.”There is no God aside from one God" (47:19) 2."There is nothing at all like unto Him"(42:11) 3.”Make not God\'s name a reason to your oaths"(2:224) 1. Thou might not take any God aside from one God. 2. Thou might make no picture of God. 3. Thou should not utilize God\'s name futile. Ten Commandements Quran Bible

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4."Be kind to your folks if one or them two achieve seniority in thy life, say not an expression of disdain nor repulse them but rather address them regarding honor."(17:23) 4. Thou should honor thy mother and father. Ten Commandements Quran Bible

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5.”As for the criminal, male or female, remove his or her hands, however the individuals who apologize After a wrongdoing and change might be overlooked by God for God is pardoning and kind."(5:38 - 39) 5. Thou might not take. Ten Commandements Quran Bible

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6."They conjure a scourge of God on the off chance that they lie." (24:7) "Hide not the Testimony"(2:283) 7."If anybody has slaughtered one individual it is as though he had murdered the entire mankind" (5:32) 6. Thou might not lie or give false affirmation. 7. Thou might not slaughter. Ten Commandements Quran Bible

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8."Do not draw close to infidelity. It is a disgusting deed and a path for other evils."(17:32) 9."Do great to your folks, relatives and neighbors."⻠(4:36) "One of the best sins is to have unlawful sex with your neighbors wife”.Hadith 8. Thou might not submit infidelity. 9. Thou might not pine for thy neighbors wife or belonging. Ten Commandements Quran Bible

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10"When the require the Friday Prayer is made,hasten(62:9) 10. Thou might keep the Sabbath heavenly. to the recognition of God and leave off your business."â» (Exodus 12: 1-17 & Deuteronomy 5: 6-21) Ten Commandements Quran Bible

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Second Vatican Council The congregation has likewise a high respect for the Muslims. They revere God, who is One,Living and Subsistent,Merciful and Almighty, the Creator of paradise and earth, who has likewise identified with mankind. They attempt to submit themselves without store to the shrouded announcements of God, generally as Abraham submitted himself to God’s arrangement, to whose confidence Muslims energetically connect their own.

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Second Vatican Council Although not recognizing him as God, they love Jesus as a prophet; his virgin Mother they likewise respect, and even now and again ardently summon. Further, they anticipate the day of judgment and the prize of God taking after the dead\'s revival. Hence they profoundly regard an upright life and love God, particularly by method for supplication to God, offerings deeds and fasting. ( Nostra Aetate)

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Pope John Paul “We Christians happily perceive the religious qualities we have in the same manner as Islam.Today I might want to rehash what I said to youthful Muslims a few years prior in Casablanca: “We put stock in the same God, the one God, the living God, the God who made the world and conveys his animals to their perfection”

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“His change (tawba) occurred between the hand of Jesus, his first ace. He said in regards to Jesus: "He has appealed to God for me all together that I may endure in the religion and has called me his cherished. He requested me to hone zuhd (renunciation) and tajrid (the stripping ceaselessly of all that is unnecessary)" Ibn al-Arabi& Jesus

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Sufis&Jesus Jesus was an awesome model for Muslim religious austerity, lecturing neediness, lowliness and tolerance. Jesus was getting to be disguised by Muslims as a model and motivation in their own particular profound quest.The Sufis were particularly committed to Jesus and called him the prophet of adoration. The twelfth century spiritualist Ibn al-Arabi called him "the seal of the saints" - purposely matching him with Muhammad, the "seal of the prophets". Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time. Karen Armstrong

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Rumi&Jesus Where Jesus lives, the colossal hearted accumulate. We are an entryway that’s never bolted. On the off chance that you are enduring any sort of torment, stay close to this entryway. Open it. I called through your entryway, “The spiritualists are gathering in the road. Come out!” “ Leave only me. I’m sick.” “I don’t care if you’re dead!” Jesus arrives, and he needs to revive somebody!” .

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