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ISLAMIC Disclosure THE QUR`AN NAMES OF THE Disclosure Al-Qur'an = "the Recitation" Al-Kitab = "the Book" Dhikr = "Recognition, counsel" Al-Furqan = "the Differntiating [truth]" Al-Tanzil = "the Uncovered" Mathani = "Oft-rehashed" QUR'ANIC Specialized TERMS
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NAMES OF THE REVELATION Al-Qur’an = “the Recitation” Al-Kitab = “the Book” Dhikr = “Remembrance, admonition” Al-Furqan = “the Differntiating [truth]” Al-Tanzil = “the Revealed” Mathani = “Oft-repeated”

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QUR’ANIC TECHNICAL TERMS AYAH , plural AYAT = actually, “sign, confirmation, evidence”; in fact, “verse of the Qur’an” SURAH = lit. “wall encompassing a city”; tech. “chapter of the Qur’an JUZ’ = “part” one of the 30 sections in which the content is isolated

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114 SURAHS OF THE QUR’AN Each surah has basmalah = “In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate”, aside from Surah # 9, entitled “Tauba” = Repentance Al-Fatiha = “The Opening” is the first surah , that starts with basmalah and is trailed by hamdalah = “Praise fits in with God.”

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HISTORY OF THE TEXT The Art of Writing – Orthography in pre-Islamic Arabia not very much created, albeit composing was predominant. “God taught the utilization of pen.” (96:4) Collection of the Qur’an amid the Prophet’s time – the part of copyists

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THE MECCAN SECTIONS Style: short, rhymed composition (Arabic great to the generation of rhymed structures) Maxims presented by “Say” ( qul ) Soothsayer’s expressions Oaths and “when” entries Dramatic, persuasive keeping in mind the end goal to inspire the soul and secure a contention

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THE MEDINAN SECTIONS Narratives and stories Long verses with custom and lawful solutions Liturgy and confidence Social and political matters presented in the prophetic accounts The test to think and reflect over as opposed to “close” the content

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DOCTRINES OF THE QUR’AN On individual, mankind, direction On Oneness of God, the Creator, the Nurturer, the Compassionate, the Forgiving On

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