ISOQOL 2007 Toronto, Canada.

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Close to Niagara Falls. Toronto ...a city of 2.6 million. Welcoming ...
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ISOQOL 2007 Toronto, Canada Where distinctive thoughts meet & feel at home

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Very near Niagara Falls

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Toronto … a city of 2.6 million

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Greeting from the leader "I am charmed that we will have the chance to have the yearly meeting of the International Society for Quality of Life Research planned for October 2007 in Toronto" David Miller, Mayor

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A city of numerous societies

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Where great meets current

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… .sport meets workmanship

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Toronto, where practically everybody is at home

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"Toronto is an energizing city with gigantic soul. With its famous ethnic differences and multicultural legacy, it is one of only a handful couple of urban areas on the planet where practically everybody is at home. I trust you will make the most of your visit and we anticipate inviting you." His Honor, David Miller, Mayor, City of Toronto

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See you in Toronto! ISOQOL 2007 October 10-13, 2007 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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