ITER Instrumentation and Control - Status and Plans .

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Plot. Mission StatementBrief HistoryGlobal ArchitectureMain ChallengesStandardsInstrumentation
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ITER Instrumentation and Control - Status and Plans Anders Wallander 1 , Lana Abadie 1 , Haresh Dave 1 , Franck Di Maio 1 , Hitesh Kumar Gulati 1 , Chandresh Hansalia 1 , Didier Joonekindt 2 , Jean-Yves Journeaux 1 , Wolf-Dieter Klotz 1 , Kirti Mahajan 1 , Petri Makijarvi 1 , Luigi Scibile 1 , Denis Stepanov 1 , Nadine Utzel 1 , Izuru Yonekawa 1 ITER Organization, 13067 St. Paul lez Durance, France 2 ATOS Origin, 38243 Meylan, France

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Outline Mission Statement Brief History Global Architecture Main Challenges Standards Instrumentation & Control Integrated Product Team CODAC Core Systems Plant System I&C Identification Interfaces Infrastructure Interlock and Safety Implementation Plan

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Goal for ITER Instrumentation & Control System Mission Statement Ensure all ITER Plant Systems Instrumentation & Control are composed, actualized and coordinated to such an extent that ITER can be worked as a completely incorporated and robotized framework. Effective combination = higher dependability Economy of scale Minimize administrator human mistakes Few required administrators Minimize required upkeep team Reuse plant framework I&C outline formulas Only standard links going into control room Only standard gear in control room One control room

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Brief History CODAC theoretical plan created by Jo Lister, with support from the combination group, in 2006 and 2007 This applied plan was evaluated in Nov 2007 A CODAC gather began to shape at ITER Organization in 2007-2008 ITER is not any longer a paper extend It is a genuine venture

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Conceptual Architecture Conceptual Architecture I&C structure Segregation of ITER I&C into 3 vertical levels and 2 even layers Control and screen all ITER Plant Systems Interlock Protect the speculation Independent system and I&C Safety Protects staff, and environment Independent system and I&C Two prepare frameworks

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Scope and Definitions ITER Instrumentation & Control System All equipment and programming required to work the ITER machine. Involves Plant System I&C and Central I&C Systems. Focal I&C Systems All equipment and programming required to arrange and organize all Plant Systems I&C and give the human machine interface. Contain CODAC System, Central Interlock System and Central Safety System. Plant Systems I&C All equipment and programming required to control a Plant System remain solitary and self-rulingly.

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CODAC Human Machine Interface System Central Safety Central Interlock System Plant System Host System interface Networks Plant Systems I&C 161 Black Hole Actuators and sensors Plant Systems I&C IN FUND by WBS 4.5, 4.6 and 4.8 Like every extensive venture I&C has low need in the early stage Project center is around exorbitant things (mechanics) There are no I&C determinations and nobody is taking a shot at them Responsibility limits are not clear nor acknowledged IN KIND by WBS 1.*, 2.*, 3.*, 4.*, 5.*, 6,* I&C Standards (Plant Control Design Handbook)

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Our fundamental test is the Black Hole. What are we doing about it ? Institutionalization (Plant Control Design Handbook) Engaging gatherings in characterizing measures and prototyping Instrumentation & Control Integrated Product Team Plant System I&C distinguishing pieces of proof (plant profile database) Interface definitions (S-ICD, IS, meetings) Early conveyance of CODAC Core System

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Objectives of Plant Control Design Handbook The Plant Control Design Handbook (PCDH) characterizes technique , norms , determinations and interfaces appropriate to all ITER Plant Systems Instrumentation & Control (I&C) I&C models are basic for ITER to Integrate all Plant Systems into one incorporated control framework Maintain all Plant Systems after conveyance acknowledgment Contain cost by economy of scale (extra parts, skill) The PCDH is relevant to all Procurement Arrangements ITER Organization (IO) Develop Support Maintain Enforce these guidelines Living archive Latest discharge May 2009 Publicly accessible

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Well characterized checkpoints Well characterized deliverables Plant System I&C Life Cycle Chapter 3, PCDH v 4.1

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February 1, 2009 "The CODAC assemble declares that EPICS will be utilized as the pattern for the product environment for the ITER control framework inside the extent of PCDH" May 7, 2009 "ITER Plant Systems Instrumentation & Control might utilize Siemens Simatic S7 product offering of Programmable Logical Controllers for modern control and SIL-3 applications" Contracts and Tasks 2008-2009 Three free contracts to set up CODAC programming environment Programmable Logic Controller (moderate control) choice process Cubicle choice process Two autonomous undertakings to investigate existing EPICS customer applications Detail outline and generation of Plant System Host and model Mini-CODAC Support useful examination and interface definitions for CIS Support readiness of specialized specs for next flood of agreements Build a Central Safety System (CSS) test system Two contracts to model High Performance Networks Three contracts to review and model Fast Controllers Two contracts to model CODAC High Level Applications

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Distribution of agreements and errands among gatherings Strategy: Engage and include all gatherings with a specific end goal to amplify acknowledgment of gauges

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A Plant System I&C has one and just a single Plant System Host Plant System I&C ID

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Identify plant frameworks I&C Develop S-ICD and interface sheets Maintain data in plant framework I&C profile database CODAC, CIS and CSS interfaces to everybody (practically) We are beginning to recognize the interfaces to Plant System I&C Interface definition

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Instrumentation & Control Integrated Product Team IO Management asks for CODAC & IT Division to make an Integrated Product Team for Instrumentation & Control. The goal is to enhance correspondence and coordinated effort between the I&C partners CODAC Group Plant System Responsible Officers Domestic Agencies required in Procurement Arrangements Industries actualizing Plant Systems The Instrumentation & Control IPT gives a fabulous chance to streamline the I&C improvement approach and to advance PCDH. A proposition was displayed to ITER overseeing body on March 9 and Kick-off meeting hung on May 15.

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Instrumentation & Control IPT Produce I&C determinations 1 Get to a standard Built to Print Design 2 3 Get to a standard Factory Acceptance Tests Get to a standard Site Acceptance Tests 4 IPT SCOPE

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Instrumentation & Control IPT 27 PBS bundles packaged in 10 Plant System Groups totaling 161 Plant Systems  Staged usage! What is generally dire?

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Instrumentation & Control IPT Coordination between Plant Systems I&C STANDARDS (PCDH) Development lifecycle with deliverables Components (equipment and programming) Interfaces Coordination amongst DA and IO I&C Coordination between Plant System I&C and Industry Coordination between Plant System I&C and Process

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CODAC Core Systems CODAC Core Systems is a very much characterized item to be sent out to all Plant System I&C designers CODAC Core Systems contain the equipment and programming required to create, interface and test plant frameworks I&C. The equipment stages are Plant System Host (PSH) and Mini-CODAC. The product includes correspondence middleware, plant framework self depiction constructions and apparatuses and SCADA functionalities; logging, disturbing, blunder taking care of, announcing, arrangement, database and HMI. CODAC Core Systems will be discharged on a yearly bases with the principal discharge anticipated February 2010.

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CODAC Core Systems Strategy: Promote utilization of CODAC Core Systems as right on time as conceivable to make vast client group and acknowledgment of gauges Mini-CODAC Plant System Host (PSH) Alarm Handling (AH) Error & Trace Logging (EL) Live Database (LD) Data Archiving (DA) Data Retrieval (DR) Testing Tools (TT) Communication Middleware (CM) Generic Plant System Software (PS) Visualization Builder (VB) Plant System self portrayal (SD) Strategy: Discourage utilization of private SCADA framework underneath PSH for simplicity of incorporation

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CODAC Core Systems CODAC Core Systems v.1 - Feb 2010 Scope, EPICS customers, arrangement

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Main Star Points CODAC Networks CODAC Network Hutches Network Infrastructure Network foundation Location of system association focuses Cable trenches Cable outlines

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Central Interlock and Safety Systems Functional investigation of Central Interlock System very much propelled Interface definitions for Central Interlock System and Central Safety System advancing A test system of Central Safety System, in view of contribution from Safety Group, is near finishing

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Central I&C Implementation Plan Work for CODAC, CIS and CSS has been partitioned in ten undertakings Each errand has Description Deliverables (in type of PBS level 3 items) Schedule (connected to ITER Integrated Project Schedule) Resources (HR and contracts)

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Central I&C Implementation Plan CODAC Core Systems Design and obtain equipment and programming required to create, interface and test Plant Systems I&C Interface Plant Systems I&C Develop, bolster, keep up and uphold benchmarks. Processing plant and site acknowledgment tests. Organize Infrastructure Design and get arrange foundation (links, pens, switches,… ) CODAC Servers Define and get CODAC servers Central Interlock System Design and obtain equipment and programming required for entomb plant framework interlocks CODAC Application System Design and acquire application programming (planning, supervision

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