J1000: 1 kW AM Advanced Transmitter.

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One printed manual set furnished with transmitter buy ... Dump modification used to improve transmitter operation amid high trough tweak. ...
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J1000: 1 kW AM Digital Transmitter NAB2005 April 18 - 21, 2005

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Outline Feature Overview Technical Theory HD Radio with Case Study

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Jazz™ 1000 Feature Summary Intuitive Control and Monitoring Provided through 240 x 64 realistic client interface, analytic stream chart and a far reaching 128 occasion log for streamlined investigating and upkeep Built-in Power Preset Scheduler Automatically preset and plan your FCC power portions Simple recurrence change Ideal for multi-station reinforcement Redundant Architecture Two complete and autonomous wideband 500 W power modules Compact and Light Weight 19" rack mountable for snappy, practical conveyance and insignificant space necessities Plug-and-play HD Radio and DRM similarity

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Intuitive Control and Monitoring Exciter/Control Panel System Diagram A LED demonstrative status stream outline ceaselessly screens the framework Diagnostic Display Menu-driven realistic client interface screen permits control and observing of J1000 basic parameters and methods of operation Controls Push-catch switches permit helpful access to the transmitter\'s RF status and administrator control source

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Diagnostic Flow Diagram Simplified investigating and support Diagnostic Flow Diagram Front Panel Alarms Exciter Low voltage power supply AC mains Power supply External caution Changeover Mod/PA Output system

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Diagnostic Display Interphase PDM Drive PWB Main Screen 14:55:27 Excit A Man Forward Power: 1003 W 0 500 1200 Refld Power: 25.0W 0 100 200 VSWR: 1.05:1 1 1.50 2.00 Power:1003W Man 3   Menu Power  Top Level Screen shows: Transmitter status bar Three meter choices Meter choices look with Up/Down catches

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Status Bar The Status Bar is available on all screens Displays: Status Bar Current time Output power setting Manual or auto preset force Selection Active Exciter changeover choice Forward Power: 34.0W 0 600 1200 B+ Voltage : 18.6V 0 25 50 Total Current: 2.88A 0 50 100 14:55:27 Excit A Man Forward Power: 1003 W 0 500 1200 Refld Power: 25.0W 0 100 200 VSWR: 1.05:1 1 1.50 2.00 Power:1003W Man 3 14:55:15 Power: 34.0W Man 1 Excit B Aut   Power Menu Fault Menu Status Power  Status box will just show up when issue has been perceived

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128 Event Log 14:55:15 Power: 1000W Man 1 Excit B Aut  Menu Exciter control Events Log Settings Change meter Module status Events Log  Back Select  Main Menu Selection Press Select to enter Events Log

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128 Event Log Events Log 17Dec03 90:40:05 01Jan04 80:00:02 Modulator Fail A 01Jan04 80:00:02 Ext. PDM Inhibit 14:55:15 Power: 34.0W Man 1 Excit B Aut  17Dec03 91:00:42 Over Voltage P/S A  Back Alarms Only  Events recorded sequentially 128 occasions are put away in memory The most current occasion is dependably occasion 001 Pressing Alarms Only will show just alert occasions

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Power Preset Scheduler Power Preset Scheduler 14:55:15 Power: 1000W Man 1 Excit B Aut  Power January 1: 0:00 Preset February 2: - :- - Scheduler: March 3: - :- - April 4: - :- - May 5: - :- - June 6: - :- - 1: 05:30  Back All Months Select  6 preset RF power levels from 0 W to 1,100 W can be customized to naturally meet FCC power portions for the duration of the day, 12 months of the year. At the point when a period has been entered for the main month, all months can be chosen to duplicate this time setting for all months Using Up/Down catches will move choice through the six force levels Press Select to enter time choice

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Control Section Local: Sets and confines control of J1000 capacities that can be controlled remotely, to switches on exciter front board Remote: When chose, all pushbuttons on exciter front board, aside from the RF Off switch, are debilitated and have no impact RF On: Turns on the J1000\'s RF power stage and chilling fans RF: Turns off J1000 RF power stage

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Redundant Architecture A double exciter framework with programmed switchover is accessible to suit the most elevated repetition necessities. Exciters sustain two totally free and repetitive sign chains from AC to RF. Excess secluded outline has two complete and autonomous 500 watt broadband force modules, each with its own high productivity RF enhancer, modulator, switch mode power supply and vital ventilation fan.

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Excellent Sound Quality Universal switch mode power supplies naturally conform working voltage to improve execution at any force level An incorporated exciter, utilizing propelled DDS innovation produces RF drive at the wanted working recurrence guaranteeing the most ideal sign propagation Feed an outside GPS reference clock sign to the J1000 controller for synchronous operation Plug-and-play HD Radio and DRM similarity

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J1000 – Operational Features Switch mode power supply works from 170 V air conditioning to 270 V air conditioning Low voltage power supply works from 83 V air conditioning to 270 V air conditioning (auto-exchanging) Low voltage power supply keeps giving rationale circuits amid brownout RF intensifier is wideband with computerized RF drive - never needs tuning

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Compact and Light Weight Compact outline takes into account speedy, savvy conveyance (next business day shipment from processing plant) and insignificant space necessities The control/exciter segment is 19 crawls wide and 7 creeps high (4U) and is side mounted for advantageous access to low level hardware The J1000\'s energy choice mounts in a standard 19" rack and is just 15 ¾ crawls high (9U)

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Quick Frequency Tuning Simple change to any recurrence between 531 kHz and 1,610 kHz Requires field update pack, recurrence generator and counter, qualified professional and 1 hour Easy-to-use advanced controller. exciter, combined with dial up transporter recurrence determination RF channel just needs least part changes to tune to new recurrence band

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J1000 Options J1000 Standby DDS Exciter Section: Built-in with programmed changeover Includes DDS synthesizer, interphase PDM driver and low voltage power supplies J1000 Interface Protection Unit: Includes RF seclusion, AC surge security and divider mount fenced in area (counting interconnecting RF link)

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J1000 Options J1000 Deluxe Cabinet: Aluminum rack get together incorporates dress boards, back entryway and clear front channel boards Color composed to Jazz topic Rack Mounting Kit: Includes mounting point support for RF get together and slides for exciter/control segment

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Nautel Deluxe Rack Kit Dimensions: H = 72.5" W= 23.5" D= 28" Nautel aluminum luxurious rack packs are accessible to hold the control/exciter segment and the force segment, with a lot of additional space for your helper gear. Impression = 23.56" wide * 28.8" profound Weight (rack just): 205 lbs (93 kg)

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J1000 "Additional items" Spares Kit: Includes lights, wires, semiconductor, ventilation fan, and different equipment J1000 500 W Power Module: Comes with high proficiency RF enhancer, modulator, switch mode power supply and basic ventilation fan

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J1000 "Additional items" Frequency Change Kits: PACKAGE A: Frequency change unit for low band (540 kHz to1,060 kHz). Incorporates set of RF force capacitors PACKAGE B: Built-in recurrence change unit with programmed changeover for high band (1,060 kHz to 1,610 kHz). Incorporates DDS RF driver, PDM modulator driver and low voltage power supplies.

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J1000 Technical Manuals Operator\'s Manual Product review Site and pre-establishment Operating directions Testing and alterations System level investigating Repair Manual Theory of operation Component level investigating Parts & wiring data Electrical & mechanical schematics One printed manual set furnished with transmitter buy

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Online Documentation Nautel Users Group: Online access to specialized every now and again made inquiries (FAQ), data sheets and field overhaul reports Online Documentation: NUG site gives online access to all specialized documentation for the J1000 transmitter

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Online Training Covering: Product diagram Site and pre-establishment Theory of operation Testing and changes Operating guidelines System level investigating Component level investigating Component part records and wiring course sheets

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Extended Warranty Plans ADD 12 or 24 months to Nautel\'s STANDARD 13-month guarantee arrangement Includes: Module trade program for basic modules and PWBs (CAN/US just) sans toll hotline (CAN/US just) Necessary work led at Nautel offices or by Nautel approved faculty to repair back to particulars Necessary segments Modifications to enhance execution Return shipping

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Modulation Theory Interphase PDM Drive PWB PDM signals created for transporter just - no sound connected PWB produces double PDM signals stage moved by 180 ° : Half of the modulators in the transmitter chip away at each PDM signal (1/2). Lessens the impact of the PDM on the range.

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Modulation Theory Interphase PDM Drive PWB PDM signals created for bearer with sound connected

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Switch Mode Power Supply Power Supply consequently chooses modulator working voltage for particular yield power Output voltages are 150 Vdc, 250 Vdc and 350 Vdc Designed to switch when obligation cycle is ostensibly 45%

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RF Power Assembly Modulator Assembly

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Exciter/Control Interphase PDM Drive PWB Dump modification

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