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Makes a graphical client interface for applications in the cell phones. ... Useful for cell phones with little screens and Limited keys for client section. ...
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J2ME Prepared by: Gaery -Ronny Alan -Andy

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Why Technology for Mobile Devices? The way of remote gadgets is changing Old gadgets: All the product hard-coded by the gadget producer New gadgets: Can be tweaked by powerfully stacking programming over the air New open doors for makers, administrators, and designers!

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JAVA Architecture

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What is J2ME ? A gathering of Java APIs for the advancement of programming for asset compelled gadgets, for example, PDAs and mobile phones. Gives a hearty, adaptable environment for applications running on those gadgets.

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Why is J2ME valuable… J2ME supplements arrangements with profiles , programming to coordinate the equipment. Every design underpins a few profiles. The most widely recognized profile in cellular telephones is MIDP, the Mobile Information Device Protocol , which includes organizing, UI, and determined stockpiling backing to the CLDC setup. Prerequisite for MIDP: screen no less than 96 pixels wide and 54 pixels tall J2SE re-use J2ME is intended to re-use J2SE code wherever conceivable, or if nothing else to put on a show to. Inside the extent of components bolstered by a given design and set of profiles, wherever conceivable the J2ME execution must not change interfaces or conduct from the J2SE unique.

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What sorts of issues does this innovation illuminate well ? Permit cell phones to run full application. Makes a graphical UI for applications in the cell phones.

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J2ME Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)

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J2ME Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP)

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MIDlet – J2ME Software MIDP applications are called MIDlets . MIDlets are gatherings of classes, one of which is derrived from the dynamic class javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet The client chooses and dispatches the MIDlet. Now, the MIDlet enters the KVM and the lifecycle techniques for the MIDlet are conjured.

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J2ME – CLDC Stack

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Why is it cool? J2ME engineers can create on their PC and test the code utilizing an emulator

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Why is it cool? Most applications written in Java can be essentially appeared in the cell phones. Test Codes and Applications . . .

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Wireless Access Protocol

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What is WAP? WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) was intended to permit remote gadgets, and their restricted screens and association paces, to get to Internet and intranet applications. The objective was to offer a permit free standard to the whole remote industry with the goal that anybody would have the capacity to create WAP-based administrations. WAP institutionalizes access for cellular telephones as well as for PDAs (individual advanced collaborators) and pagers.

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How is it utilized?

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Pros Cons improved for versatile systems with slender transmission capacities. Useful for cell phones with little screens and Limited keys for client passage. Useful for gadgets with little memory stockpiling and restricted handling and battery power. Speedier stacking time. UI is exceptionally insignificant. Low security. Requires steady broadcast appointment for stand-alone or disconnected operations.

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Ajax For Mobile Environment

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Ajax for versatile web environment Shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScipt and XML The Ajax method utilizes a mix of: XHTML, HTML, and CCS template. Report Object model , JavaScript . XMLHttpRequest XML

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Ajax Web Application Model

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.Net Mobile Major contender of J2ME

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What is .Net Mobile .NET Mobile is an arrangement of server-side Web Forms and Controls for building applications for remote cell phones, similar to web telephones and PDAs. .NET Mobile is an expansion to Microsoft ASP.NET and the Microsoft\'s .NET Framework.

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Why .Net Mobile? Diverse cell phones support distinctive programming dialects. Some bolster WAP and WML, some bolster HTML or a restricted adaptation of HTML, and some backing both or an alternate dialect. To bolster a wide range of cell phones, designers must make one distinctive application for every dialect.

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Why .Net Mobile? Support for Multiple Markup Languages Cell telephones and different gadgets that utilization Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) to show Wireless Markup Language (WML) Devices, for example, Pocket PCs, which show Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) content Write Once, Access from Multiple Devices

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How can it work? A web customer asks for a website page The solicitation ventures to every part of the Internet The solicitation is gotten by IIS The solicitation is taken care of by the .NET structure .NET Mobile handles any cell phone necessities The page is come back to the customer

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What set J2ME apart from the other? J2ME is the most well known web innovation that is utilized by today\'s cell phones. Permits cell phones to run applications written in JAVA. Little contrast if contrasted and .NET portable since .NET is additionally an Integrated Development Environment.

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