Jacqueline Cocoa College of Washington Pacific Northwest Gigapop Internet2 Spring Meeting Arlington, VA USA April 8, 200.

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Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services Corporation (Pointshare) ... In Process: overhaul of Pacific Wave to bolster 10GbE associations. NLR will offer new ...
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Jacqueline Brown University of Washington Pacific Northwest Gigapop Internet2 Spring Meeting Arlington, VA USA April 8, 2003

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Pacific Wave International Peering Participants at the Pacific Wave peering trade can… Peer straightforwardly with major R&E systems around the world; Reduce costs connected with IP activity that would some way or another travel business bearer circuits; Increase effectiveness by guiding movement as fast as could be expected under the circumstances to the objective system/association; Transfer IP activity comprehensive of multicast, IPv4, IPv6; Access the NOC 24 x 7 x 365. Pacific Wave is additionally a prescribed trade point for peering with the Abilene/Internet2 system .

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is an administration of the Located in SEATTLE, WASHINGTON The Pacific Northwest Gigapop is the Internet2 Point of Presence in the U.S. Pacific Northwest for the Abilene Network. Graciousness S. Corbato and Internet2

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Pacific Wave Facility Located in a cutting edge office in occupant information transfers transporter grade lodging in downtown Seattle Many colocation choices inside the inn Easy-get to fiber-meet-me-room utilized for Pacific Wave associations Fully repetitive environmentals (DC power, HVAC, battery reinforcement, fire concealment) 24x7 secure building and office access

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Pacific Wave Architecture Abilene Big Iron Foundry Switch PNWGP Juniper Router CA*net3 . . . PNWGP Juniper Router Big Iron Foundry Switch AARNet An ATM free zone! Repetitive Gigabit Ethernet switch engineering gives two subnets and 128Gbps throughput. Multicast empowered with PIM-SM snooping.

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Flexibility is the Design Key Self-chose peerings—you peer with who you need. Self-designed peerings—you control the BGP courses for your peering. Any IP movement acknowledged. Essentially less expensive than Commodity Internet. No AUP. Support accessible 24 x 7 x 365. Select either double FE or double GbE.

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Optional: Commodity Internet Transit Available to all Pacific Wave Participants Your ISP is the Pacific Northwest Gigapop Service is multi-homed with the accompanying merchants: Cable & Wireless Level3 NTT/Verio 3Gbps aggregate throughput organized more than 3 free, completely burstable Gigabit circuits 7x24 NOC administrations Use-based valuing with high-volume (50+Mbps/mo) evaluating accessible

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Targeted Constituencies Research and Education Organizations Networks – Universities – Colleges K-12 (pre-college schools) – and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg… Research Consortia Sciences – Social Sciences – Policy Groups Humanities – Arts – and then some… R&D Organizations Biotech – Medical – Aerospace Software – Hardware – and that\'s just the beginning… Public Service Organizations Libraries – Museums – HealthCare Emergency Response Groups – and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg…

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Targeted Programmatic Areas Infectious Disease Database & Management High-Energy Physics Deep-Space Astronomy Deep-Sea Geophysics High Definition TV Broadcasting over IP Atmospheric Sciences & Weather Forecasting Scholarly Research on Rare Writings And more…

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R&E Networks Research & Education Networks at Pacific Wave: April 2003

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Countries by means of Abilene ITN at Pacific Wave: Jan. 2003 Europe-Middle East Asia-Pacific Americas Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Cyprus Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom *CERN Australia China Hong Kong Japan Korea Singapore Taiwan Thailand Argentina Brazil Canada Chile Mexico United States Coming up: Costa Rica Panama Venezuela More data about reachable systems at www.internet2.edu/abilene/peernetworks.html Slide Courtesy of Internet2

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Federal & Corporate Participants at Pacific Wave: Jan. 2003 DREN – U.S. Guard Research and Engineering Network ESNet – U.S. Vitality Sciences Network AT&T Broadband Cable Internet Microsoft Corporation Boeing Research Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services Corporation (Pointshare) and more…

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Peer with PNWGP to come to these PNWGP Participants Microsoft Research NOAA Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Arctic Region Supercomputing Center Plus Major Research Universities of Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana; and Portland Research & Education Network

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PNWGP Partnerships, Memberships, & Affiliations Asia Pacific Advanced Networks (APAN) IEEAF/GEO/Tyco Telecommunications Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) The Quilt PAIX Seattle Peering Interconnects Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) Northwest Access Exchange (NWAX) ResearchChannel KEXP Radio DigitalWell

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Peering Initiatives The Quilt a task of UCAID Participants are non-benefit progressed provincial system associations committed to propelling exploration and instruction in the United States The Quilt Peering Initiative Identifying and building up territorial, national, and worldwide peering courses of action

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National Lambda Rail National Lambda Rail (NLR) is an activity that will offer fiber administrations in backing of cutting edge research and instructive exercises. NLR is led through a helpful organization between the Corporation for Network Initiatives in California (CENIC); Pacific Northwest Gigapop & University of Washington; U.S. Supercomputing Centers; and Other major U.S. examination and instruction based systems administration associations.

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Futures In Process: update of Pacific Wave to bolster 10GbE associations NLR will offer new open doors: Infrastructure for production of new Pacific Wave hubs Backhaul choices 2003: IEEAF/GEO/Tyco Telecommunications 10-Gbps  from Japan to Seattle Continued backing of cutting edge applications (e.g., gushing media, HDTV applications )

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Implementation & Operations Partners In participation with IEEAF and Tyco, administration outline and execution getting ready for a critical trans-Pacific circuit gift are in progress today between these exploration and instruction bunches: More Information will be given as accessible.

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For More Information Email: gigapop-info@pnw-gigapop.net jbrown@cac.washington.edu Web: http://www.pacificwave.net Phone: +1 206 934 5588

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