Jeopardized Creatures.

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Jeopardized Creatures By: Sharone Blue Would you be able to help us? Chapter by chapter list Georgia Execution Norms Definitions a) creatures that are wiped out b) creatures that are jeopardized Needs of Creatures Purposes behind danger How you can help Film Conclusion Georgia Execution Benchmarks
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Imperiled Animals By: Sharone Blue Can you help us?

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Table of Contents Georgia Performance Standards Definitions a) creatures that are wiped out b) creatures that are jeopardized Needs of Animals Reasons for risk How you can help Movie Conclusion

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Georgia Performance Standards S1L1. Understudies will examine the attributes and essential needs of plants and creatures. A. Recognize the fundamental needs of a creature. • Air • Water • Food • Shelter B. Look at and portray different animals—appearance, movement, development, fundamental needs.

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What does the word wiped out mean? Something that no more lives or exists. Can you name a few creatures that are terminated? Click on the words Extinct Animals to see a rundown of terminated creatures

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What does the word jeopardized mean? Jeopardized intends to mischief or put something or somebody in risk Endangered creatures are those animals in threat of annihilation Can you name a few creatures that are imperiled? Click on the words Endangered Animals to see a rundown of imperiled creatures

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We Need Your Help! Time is running out for a few of us! Why are we getting to be imperiled? What is being done to ensure us? How are YOU going to help us? I’m a Red Kangaroo I’m a brilliant headed lion monkey I’m a Dabrazzas Monkey I’m a Black-browed Albatross

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Your objective today is to realize about us and how you can assist us with making due for a truly long time! Gosh, Ms. Blue let me know her understudies were truly keen. They beyond any doubt look brilliant! I wager they can help us!

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Do you know what each creature needs keeping in mind the end goal to survive? What are our essential needs? Great job kids! Ms. Blue was correct! You are brilliant!

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Sssss! Sssoo, let’s perceive how ssmart you truly are! Do you know why sssome of usss are getting to be jeopardized? People Very great however now would you be able to let me know why these things are going on? Contamination Hunting and Fishing Exotic Species

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Why are creatures getting to be imperiled ?

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Can you envision a world without creatures?

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How Can You Help?

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Watch this motion picture about Endangered Animals!

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These are the characteristics of eliminatio

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