John A. Logan Self Study For Re Accreditation 2007 Higher Learning Commission North Central Association .

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Learning for Life . John A. Logan Self Study For Re Accreditation 2007 Higher Learning Commission North Central Association. Re-Accreditation. North Central Association – Higher Learning Commission Voluntary peer review process
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Learning for Life John A. Logan Self Study For Re Accreditation 2007 Higher Learning Commission North Central Association

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Re-Accreditation North Central Association – Higher Learning Commission Voluntary companion survey handle Critically assess College purposes and whether those designs are being accomplished.

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Accreditation Required Receive government and state budgetary guide dollars and awards Provide understudies transferable scholastic credit Meet licensure necessities Recruit quality understudies and personnel Provide responsibility to citizens

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Important Questions Are we doing what we say we are doing? What are our qualities and our difficulties? By what method would we be able to position ourselves for what\'s to come?

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Self-Study Report Based On: Surveys Focus Groups Advisory Groups College Reports

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John A. Logan College Mission "We are a different learning and showing group focused on enhancing singular life and society through high caliber, available instructive projects and connected with learning openings." Vision "Learning forever"

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John A. Logan Mission Goals To encourage a domain where different people, gatherings, and perspectives are esteemed . To give projects and administrations to long lasting discovering that make and upgrade open doors for accomplishing vocation and individual objectives in an evolving society. To present with uprightness and responsibility as a model of institutional brilliance. To offer reasonable projects and administrations upgraded by innovation in an open and safe learning and workplace . To be an inside for scholarly, monetary, social, and recreational assets for people and groups.

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Five Criteria Mission and Integrity Preparing for the Future Effective Teaching and Learning Acquisition of Knowledge Engagement and Service

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Four Themes Future-Oriented College Focus on Learning College Connected College Distinctive College

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Planning Documents The Plan – Operational Plan Technology Plan Planning Council Department Plans Strategic Planning Initiative

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Facility Growth 1997 - 2007 $16.4 Million Building Project Alongi Extension Center – Du Quoin Community Health and Education Center (aquatics and heart stimulating exercise) Workforce Development & Construction Management Teaching & Learning Center Write Place

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Instruction Flexible Scheduling Block, Fridays Only, Online Dual Credit each of the 11 High Schools Title III Grant $1.8 M Increased enunciations Partnerships with universities SICCM, SIUC, McKendree, Illinois Eastern, SIUE, Mid-Continent, Franklin

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Technology Expanded remote & data transmission Increased IT arrange & bolster staff Upgraded managerial programming Added new administrations on the system (Scheduler +, STAIRS, WorkKeys, PassKeys, ASSET testing, COMPASS testing and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg) Instituted Microsoft grounds assention Continually present security capacities 54 innovation improved classrooms 8 more booked for the current year Replacement plan for PCs & equipment Access for expansion grounds and CC&RR 400 office and 750 lab PCs

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Student Services Online enrollment/advisement every minute of every day Expanded understudy administrations Increased faculty and amplified times for enlistment Increase in money related guide staff/space APECS access to understudy and worker records

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Human Resources New procuring approach and strategies Expanded educational cost waivers for representatives and senior natives Recognition of representative accomplishments (OPAC, Authors, Poets, Artwork, Service)

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A Learning-Focused College Assesses understudy learning General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment Academy – 4 years Supports learning Service Learning/Academic Clubs Man Tra Con nursing labs (W.F., DuQ) Increased concentrate on non-customary gatherings (Maytag, TUMS) Supports grant Tuition waivers Sabbaticals, smaller than normal vacations Academic grant acknowledgment

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Focus on Learning Creates the limit for deep rooted learning. General Education Learning Outcomes Aquatic/Aerobic Center Lifelong Learning Conference Literacy/GED Strengthens authoritative arranging. Office Goals Operational/Strategic Planning

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A Connected College Serves the benefit of everyone Workforce Development/Transfer Employee investment in administration Resource for NCLB prerequisites Serves constituents Cultural occasions Lifelong learning – all ages Identified gatherings: secondary school, veterans, extraordinary necessities Creates a culture of administration Employees display benefit Service Learning ventures

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Service Collaborates Regional Economic Development K – 20 Education Groups/Partnerships Cross-divisional coordinated effort Assessment Academy Man Tran Con Initiative/Maytag Engages in sound inward correspondence Campus Conversations Newsletters, Publications Postings to Intranet

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A Distinctive College Has an unambiguous mission Quality Educational Programs Lifelong Learning Service to Region Accessibility Workforce Development Appreciates differing qualities All ages, ethnic gatherings Is responsible Financial Audits Open Meetings/Minutes Business Processes

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We Challenge Ourselves: Develop a mission-driven key arrangement Increase listening and correspondence with worker gatherings and key partners Decisions driven by Institutional needs and cautious arranging

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We Challenge Ourselves: Develop a culture of appraisal all through the school Provide proficient advancement open doors for all representative gatherings Focus research and grant on instructing and learning

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We Challenge Ourselves More consider and proactive in achieving assorted gatherings in the group Institutional responsibility to administration learning and group engagement Support for new projects & set up projects

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Consultant-Evaluator Team Six Members February 5 – 7 Focus Groups Students and Faculty Staff Personnel Administrators Distance Learning Planning/Budgeting

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Mr. David K. Ho Team Chair Metropolitan Community College Management Instructor Omaha, Nebraska

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Dr. Steven M. Boettcher Team Member Estrella Mountain Community College Maricopa Community Colleges Mathematics Faculty & Assessment Coordinator Avondale, Arizona

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Dr. Velvie Green Team Member Glendale Community College Maricopa Community Colleges President Glendale, Arizona

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Dr. Patrick J. Nedry Team Member Monroe County Community College Professor, Business Division Monroe, Michigan

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Ms. Donna S. Nance Team Member Oklahoma City Community College Vice President for Business & Finance Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Dr. Steven F. Murray Team Member Phillips Community College of The University of Arkansas Chancellor Helena, Arkansas

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Visitation Schedule

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Wednesday Exit Conference Meet with President Mees Open meeting for all workers in the gathering focus HLC Report to follow in a couple of months

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Are You Ready? Do you know the College mission and mission objectives/center qualities? Is it accurate to say that you are acquainted with the JALC accreditation site? Has your office or range arranged a "gloat book" fastener?

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Important Questions to Think About How carry out my occupation/activities add to the College Mission? How would I advance understudy learning? Do I give an administration? Do I dispose of boundaries for understudies or personnel? Do I accomplish something particular to influence learning?

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Questions How does my information influence arranging inside my area of expertise? How would I utilize information to decide? How would I for one obtain new data/learning?

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Questions What benefits do I get from the school to help me proceed to learn and develop? What do I accomplish for the benefit of everyone –civic engagement/group benefit?

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Questions What do you like about John A. Logan? What needs change? What do you esteem at John A. Logan College?

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Accreditation Website www. Self-Study Reports 1997, 2007 College Response to 1997 report Feedback Committees/Minutes Self-Study Timelines

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