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Full mainland breakfast will be given Thursday, April 2 and Friday, April ... join bunches at your decision of two Junction City or three Manhattan eateries. ...
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Join KASL in Junction Annual State Membership Meeting April 1-3, 2009 Junction City Courtyard Marriott Co-Sponsored by KSDE

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Conference Center Built in 2004

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Conference Lobby

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Restaurant on location

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Comfortable Meeting Rooms

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Great Food!!! Exclusive Continental Breakfasts Club Croissants-Wed. Bistro Buffet-Thurs. Herb Grilled Chicken Breast-Fri.

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AASL is coming to Kansas! Perusing and the Elementary Library Media Specialist Institute Pre Conference Session held April 1, 2009 Presented by AASL Strategies to enhance understudy perusing from top national moderators.

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What a deal! AASL Institutes cost $179 at ALA. KASL is financing this pre-meeting. YOU can go to for $65 which incorporates lunch.

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Tour of Ft. Riley Military and Historical Sites Experience present day military innovation preparing offices for Iraq fighters.

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US Calvary Museum Tour

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First Territorial Capitol

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Technology Pre Conference April 1, 2009 9am-12pm Presenters Needed!

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Join us for Geocaching!!! It\'s a cutting edge treasure chasing diversion utilizing GPS gadgets. It\'s the game where you are the internet searcher. Haven\'t knew about it? Ask your math and science educators!

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Win a GPS!

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YALSA Road Trip!!! KASL is joining YALSA\'s Road Trip program. Look for sessions supported by a standout amongst the most element ALA segments.

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Your Favorite Sessions We are arranging the sessions you need! HOT NEW TITLES for Elementary, Middle School, and High School William Allen White titles and news Technology, Technology, Technology

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Curriculum and new AASL Standards Research based promising practices

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Breakfast free in the displays! Full mainland breakfast will be given Thursday, April 2 and Friday, April 3 in the shows. Because of George and Shelia Blume who will arrange the displays.

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Lunch is incorporated!!! Lunch will be presented with the AASL pre meeting. Thursday\'s lunch will be a Bistro Buffet and is incorporated into your enlistment. Friday\'s lunch will be the KASL participation meeting with a creator!

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John Hall and Stephen Gilpin Bill Martin Jr. Recompense Nominee

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KASL Author Showcase! Kimberly Willis Holt National Book Award Winner

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New Books

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Little gathering in the Little Apple

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KASL hosts booked the get-together transport to take us to Manhattan! Join to join your companions Thursday night in Manhattan, only 12 short miles away. Only $5 for gas at the transport entryway. Dutch Treat Dinner with a neighborhood curator. Join to join bunches at your decision of two Junction City or three Manhattan eateries.

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October 15-17, 2009 New fall meeting! Topeka, Kansas Partners for Excellence: Kansas Reading Association Kansas Department of Education AND Kansas Association of School Librarians

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Credits: Photography by George Blume Pictures from Junction City Convention and Visitors Bureau Music from Abba Greatest Hits Take a Chance on Me

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