JokerStars: Online Card Playing.

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Server application must be non sufficiently specific to bolster any card amusement ... Diversion Engine will perform every one of the obligations of a merchant in a conventional card room ...
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´╗┐William Sanville Milestone 5 JokerStars: Online Card Playing

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Original Specifications Simulate a solitary table of Texas Hold\'em over the Internet 9 clients playing at a solitary card table Server application must be sufficiently bland to bolster any card amusement Client module will send all clients to a foreordained card table

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Original Specifications Game Engine will play out every one of the obligations of a merchant in a conventional card room User Interface will overhaul progressively to show the activities or different players

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Final Product Bare bone elements of an online card room Texas Hold\'em ring diversion just Allow clients to play against each other over the Internet Simulates all parts of a live session of Texas Hold\'em Play cash Upon enlisting for a record, a client is given play cash to use at the amusement tables

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Final Product Two executables Server application Performs the obligations of a merchant in a customary card room Client application Interacts with the end client

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Server Application Maintain association with every client Automate the stream of the diversion Ask every player what he or she needs to do Ensure that every player plays by the guidelines Evaluate winning hands Allow framework administrators to make virtual card tables at run time If different recreations other than Hold\'em were actualized, the server can run them

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Client Application Interacts with the end client Create account, sign in Displays a rundown of amusement tables as of now running on the framework Allows the client to choose which table(s) to play at Allows for clients to play at numerous tables simultaneously

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Card Table Features Allow up to 6 players to play Texas Hold\'em at every table Unlimited number of onlookers In diversion visit amongst players and observers Virtual merchant gives every player his or her choices

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Card Table Features Continued Players can take a seat and leave whenever Traditional ring amusement style Players select which seat they wish to sit in, the amount of cash to play with

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System Requirements Client Application .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Older forms won\'t work Internet association Server Application .NET Framework 2.0 or higher Internet association

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Limitations Only one semester Limited measure of elements No information encryption Cheating is conceivable Not safeguard Users encountering Internet association challenges may experience runtime mistakes

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Features Not Implemented Auto-Post blind wagers Each player must snap to post the blinds Sit Out choice Players don\'t have the choice to sit out a hand Re-purchase If you might want to add more cash to your chip stack, you should leave and take a seat again Muck losing hand Dealer demonstrates all hands that were assessed in a show down

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