June 2008.

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Upgrade on Norfolk Jug June 2008 Key messages from the Jug self-evaluation Norfolk Container ranges for examination Defending Cared for kids (LAC) Youngsters with learning challenges and/or inabilities (LDD) High school originations 14-19s procurement
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Overhaul on Norfolk JAR June 2008

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Key messages from the JAR self-evaluation

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Norfolk JAR territories for examination Safeguarding Looked after youngsters (LAC) Children with learning troubles and/or inabilities (LDD) Teenage originations 14-19s procurement Service administration and ability to enhance

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The JAR self-appraisal Is a position articulation covering each of the investigation ranges for examination Sets our points, the Norfolk connection, association courses of action and key results Is bolstered by a survey of results, movement and advancement against ECM results Both can be found on the JAR pages of http://www.everynorfolkchildmatters.org

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Service Management Since the presentation of Every Child Matters in 2005, we have: Very solid organization working Clear responsibility to enhancing results Shared vision and needs taking into account far reaching examination of necessities with dynamic engagement of kids, youngsters, folks and carers Successfully oversaw real change to coordinate administrations Strengthened execution administration bringing about enhanced results

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Service Management We have 19 needs in the CYPP Plan and Local Area Agreement upheld by: Increasing venture Providing better esteem for cash (LAC Efficiency Project, changed working works on, making great utilization of outside subsidizing) Escalating action on fairness – national pioneers in key parts of work on Completing real redesign of schools and putting over £200M in school structures

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Service Management We have great ability to enhance: Excellent co-operation between offices Strong political and senior authority Developed territory based administrations for kids that are incorporated with different offices Joint charging system Strong responsibility to blended economy of administration procurement Joint workforce arranging Investors in People status

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Outcomes for kids and youngsters in Norfolk Health results for most kids are great Most kids are protected and there has been a movement to before intercession for defenseless kids Most kids appreciate life and the vast majority of them accomplish well Most kids have the capacity to make a constructive commitment and there is astounding backing for the individuals who get included in criminal action Most kids accomplish monetary prosperity

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Our center for development Improve the mental and sexual soundness of kids and youngsters Shift to ahead of schedule mediation and aversion for kids with extra or extraordinary needs Raise instructive fulfillment Reduce youth culpable Increase post-16 cooperation and accomplishment and diminish number of youngsters not in instruction, vocation and preparing

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Safeguarding and LAC - Context In 2005 UEA research by June Thoburn More concentrate on mediation than on supporting families High-profile kid passing had affected the way of life of how offices functioned Performance was behind measurable neighbors with poor results for kids who got to be cared for

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Safeguarding – our reaction Greater spotlight on fortifying families Common Assessment Framework set up and early mediation based on the kid Increased speculation Robust Local Safeguarding Children Board Safeguarding foundation set up – techniques, preparing, named experts, reviews, allotted social laborers, consistent supervision Focus on the right kids shielded and took care of Safe staffing practices National pioneer in ways to deal with hostile to harassing

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Safeguarding – our effect Significant change in statutory markers of defending practice - less kids subject to statutory procedures and appraisals all the more convenient – and great execution contrasted with factual neighbors Children feel safe and trust staff in schools consider tormenting important Fewer 17-25 year olds killed or truly harmed on streets Easier for kids and youngsters to give their perspectives on shielding issues

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LAC – our reaction LAC a need in all offices Developed solid corporate child rearing with between office administration LAC methodology and activity arrangement Increased spotlight on ahead of schedule mediation More productive utilization of assets with over £4M funds and evaded expenses Introduced Single Area Panels Strengthened execution administration

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LAC – our effect Outcomes are great and by and large superior to anything national and measurable neighbors: Good levels of interest in audits Above normal wellbeing appraisals Substance abuse by LAC is underneath normal Fewer get last notices/censures or feelings Educational achievement is enhancing at most key stages Attendance rates are superior to anything normal Above normal in preparing and livelihood Fostering and reception administrations appraised as “good” with some remarkable elements in late examinations

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Children with LDD Positive joint working and duty to joint dispatching Commitment to Every Disabled Child Matters Charter Ambitious SEN Strategy Early distinguishing proof of requirements Regular surveys of advancement of people with solid spotlight on listening to their needs Services being found closer to clients Education and preparing in mixed bag of settings Successful Direct Payments Short Breaks Pathfinder

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Children with LDD – our effect Outcomes are great: More in standard schools where they advance well More SEN proclamations finished inside timescale 9 out of 12 unique schools judged exceptional or great Educational accomplishment fluctuates however upward pattern More study in their own particular region Greater numbers getting to further training Residential relief care units judged great

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Teenage originations Teenage originations a key need with testing future targets Work focused at powerless gatherings and regions of high rates Improved access to prophylactic and sexual wellbeing administrations Disseminated new Sex and Relationship Education direction Increased investment in sexual wellbeing preparing More effectively tended to connection between raising desires and danger elements for adolescent originations Continued backing for youthful folks

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Teenage originations – our effect Under-18 originations beneath the national normal Rate decreased marginally following a year in which it expanded We are effectively focusing on problem area regions

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14-19s procurement Strong association driving the 14-19 technique Colleges real quality More decisions accessible - enhancing access and more extensive educational modules Good fair-minded data, counsel and direction Good backing to explorer group, LAC and LDD Shared obligation regarding NEET Integrated Youth Support Strategy

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14-19s – our effect Close to national midpoints for 5+ A*-C GCSE accomplishment and post-16 cooperation rates More LAC sitting exams and picking up GCSEs Increased extent of youngsters accomplishing Level 2 and Level 3 at 19 More kids with LDD getting to further training and making progress Most schools evaluated useful for educational modules and all FE universities useful for equity of chance Reduction in NEET

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Norfolk’s JAR monitors Lead Inspector : Marianne Ellender-Gel é Deputy Lead Inspector : Geoff Corre One from Healthcare Commission Plus six different investigators including 2 for LDD, 2 for 14-19s Joint Corporate Assessment/JAR Inspector: Ellis Layward Lead YOT examiner: Steve Blackburn

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Analysis week & Fieldwork

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JAR timetable of action Analysis week 11-13 June: reports survey and case documents investigation Start to shape judgments and give us input Decide what they need to take a gander at all the more amid hands on work Confirm meetings, center gatherings and visits Fieldwork 30 June-13 July: Groups of folks, carers and youngsters, Focus gatherings of bleeding edge staff and experts working with test of cases Interviews with chiefs and chose individuals Visits to obligation rooms, schools, understudy referral units and undertakings Feedback to us their perspectives of qualities and shortcomings

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Preparing for hands on work Duty rooms inspected and arranged Case records and polls prepared Advice to assist get ready with staffing for JAR Information pack for any individual who may meet assessors Fieldwork timetable being drafted This will be affirmed by auditors after 13 June

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How you can set yourself up Have a glance at C&YP Plan and your Service Plan to pinpoint where your work contributes JAR Position Statement and Review to see the comprehensive view APA judgment criteria to perceive how ‘good’ administrations are judged Your execution information so you know the most recent position on the effect you are having on the lives of kids and youngsters in Norfolk

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When being talked with Give samples from your work which exhibit results for clients Don’t accept the overseers will know Be prepared to attract confirmation to their consideration Be certain about the great work that you and your administration give Don’t be excessively apprehensive – it’s not an exam! If you don\'t mind don’t give reviewers data specifically Send JAR group any extra reports asked for by auditors

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How would you be able to figure out additional? Visit the Every Norfolk Child Matters site www.everynorfolkchildmatters.org Look at your intranet site Contact JAR Team at County Hall, Room G16 Olivia Butler, 01603 222006 olivia.butler@norfolk.gov.uk Claire Lugg, 01603 638077 claire.lugg@norfolk.gov.uk Karen Ellis, 0

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