Jupas Application Extra Data Composing.

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Have an incredible force of expression. Have a lovely appearance ... remote music/melodies. e.g. Craftsmen: Love melodies; Eric Clapton: Guitar. Kenny G: Saxophone ...
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Jupas Application Additional Information Writing Expectation of Tertiary Education Career Aspiration Areas of Strength Areas of Weakness Hobbies & Interests

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Expectation of Tertiary Education Acquire hypothetical learning Cultivate freedom & certainty Face various new difficulties Provide a perfect concentrating on environment Offer a promising future

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Career Aspiration Be proficient in scholarly field Be a scholastic analyst/a speaker Be a specialist/a bookkeeper Be a legal counselor/a bookkeeper Be an authoritative official/an administrative business visionary

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Areas of Strength Speak familiar English/Mandarin/Japanese Possess a phenomenal force of demeanor Have a charming appearance and great conduct Have a basic intuition capacity Have a solid memory Be a decent pioneer with awareness of other\'s expectations Be useful and chivalrous for others

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Areas of Weakness Become anxious effectively Have no certainty Be excessively distracted Be somewhat forceful Be not sufficiently capable

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Hobbies & Interests Reading books e.g. Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist; Great Expectations Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire Reading magazines e.g. Time, Newsweek, The Economist Listening to outside music/melodies e.g. Craftsmen: Love melodies; Eric Clapton: Guitar Kenny G: Saxophone

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Hobbies and Interests Watching outside motion pictures e.g. Forrest Gump; Dances with the Wolves Sporting exercises e.g. swimming; climbing; angling outdoors, playing football/b-ball

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