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comprehension of components of configuration and principals of association. ... Morals History of Design (order based) Design Studies elective or Intermediate Art History ...
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" ...outline thoroughly thought out and very much executed can edify us and contribute altogether to the general nature of our lives. As this conviction turns out to be increasingly acknowledged, configuration is progressively being approached to address the real social, social, and business worry of our time. With this new arrangement of chances and requests, the significance of the part of administration on the planet is progressively getting to be perceived… - Parsons School of Design " Senior Project for Design Management Katherine Burdick\'s

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Introduction Self Evaluation Formal: Katherine Leigh Burdick Age : 17 Resides: Downtown, Saginaw, Michigan Favorites: Math, Art, Sports High School: Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy (S.A.S.A.) Accomplishments: Foreign Exchange, summer 2003 – Japan Awards –

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Skills and Education High School (all in years) (4) Math: Algebra I & II Geometry Pre Calculus & Trigonometry (2) Science: Earth Science Biology (3)Language Arts & Literature: World Literature American Literature (2) (3) Social Studies: American History World History Government and Economy (4) Art: Art History Studio (4) Electives: Yearbook (2) German I & II, Dual Enrollment Extra Curricular: Ski Club (4) Soccer (2) Model United Nations (2) National Art Honors Society(3)

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Career Design and Management Job Description . let them know what we intend to offer through visual correspondence watch over and direct the organizations workmanship office to fit the organization\'s allure work to keep a particular looks or style under the organization\'s profile. Portrayal of Essential Duties/Abilities Required to Fulfill Job Title . have the capacity to pull in and offer the item to the customer know individuals. morals . people groups impression of things. know the workforce. the organization, business industry . what to do, how to get some place, and complete something. know craftsmanship. recognize the purchaser particularly . visual correspondence. advance is outwardly . comprehension of components of configuration and principals of association.

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This is an essential educational programs gave by the Parsons School of Design, NYC Further Education Parsons School of Design Freshman Year Critical Reading & Writing I & II Perspectives in World Art & Design I & I Foreign Language Design I & Design II Intro to Design & Management Design Technologies Seminar: Design in Everyday Experience Department Elective Total: 35 credits Sophomore Year Economics Foreign Language Mathematics/Statistics Marketing I Seminar: Innovation Design III Language of Design Production Topics in Design Problem Solving Liberal Arts Elective Department Elective Total: 35 credits Junior Year Design Research Methods Market Research Methods Design Project Lifecycle Managing Creative Projects & Teams  Ethics History of Design (control based) Design Studies elective or Intermediate Art History  Seminar: Sustainable Design Internship Department Elective Liberal Arts Elective Total: 34 credits Senior Year Business Law International Business Strategic Management Financial Management Senior Seminar & Thesis Liberal Arts Elective Department Electives Total: 30 credits

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