Kentucky at Work: Clean Energy Corps .

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2/3/2012. DRAFT. 2. Kentucky\'s Challenge: Kentucky\'s Opportunity. Vitality wastefulness in low-pay lodging is at the center of a hefty portion of our Commonwealth\'s focal difficulties: Kentucky\'s per capita vitality use is among the most astounding in the country: The normal yearly use per Kentuckian on vitality was $4,084, positioning the state ninth across the country, despite the fact that we positioned 45th across the country in vitality pric
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Kentucky at Work: Clean Energy Corps Promoting Energy Savings, Environmental Protection, and Civic Engagement… While Creating Thousands of New Green-Collar Jobs in Kentucky

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Kentucky\'s Challenge: Kentucky\'s Opportunity Energy wastefulness in low-pay lodging is at the center of a large portion of our Commonwealth\'s focal difficulties: Kentucky\'s per capita vitality utilize is among the most elevated in the country: The normal yearly consumption per Kentuckian on vitality was $4,084, positioning the state ninth across the nation, despite the fact that we positioned 45th across the country in vitality costs. Bring down pay families bear the best weight: Their bills are altogether higher as a part of salary than those for the well off, in light of inadequately protected and built structures. Inadequately developed and vitality wasteful homes additionally add to wellbeing and security issues. The worldwide environment endures: Approximately 33% of every single nursery ga discharges originate from development, redesign, and operation of building stock. Utilities and communities are battling: In a troublesome economy, they are compelled to assemble costly new framework to take care of expanded demand. The silver covering: As Governor Beshear\'s complete vitality arrange thinks about, Kentucky is introduced a huge open door for cost reserve funds and decreased carbon discharges since vitality effectiveness measures can diminish our state\'s vitality utilization 18% by 2025. DRAFT

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Kentucky\'s Clean Energy Corps February 26, 2009 , the Beshear Administration and an expansive based coalition of open and private segment accomplices propelled an aggressive statewide program of vitality effectiveness change for humble pay Kentucky homes. The Mission : To outfit the assets of government, business, training, and non-benefit segments, keeping in mind the end goal to: Make these homes roughly 30% more vitality productive , sparing unassuming pay families cash, securing the earth, and lessening interest for utility help subsidizes as of now accessible to help these families. Advance simple, ordinary strides that all nationals can take to catch vitality funds and diminish carbon discharges in their homes, so they can get to be vitality chiefs , not simply clients. Connect with Kentuckians—especially our most youthful era—in volunteer administration for their neighbors and their groups. Make a large number of new "green neckline" occupations in Kentucky. DRAFT

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Clean Energy Corps: "Weatherization on Steroids" Each Clean Energy Corps lodging venture will get: A vitality review , utilizing the National Energy Audit Tool, with blower entryway tests and infrared photography to decide spills in building envelope. Vitality proficiency training that incorporates a property holder\'s manual with vitality funds tips and an administration and support date-book A vitality productivity recovery , with a normal consumption of $10,000 , to conceivably include: Insulation of channels, storage rooms, dividers, and roofs Replacement of wasteful apparatuses (heaters, fridges, water radiators, lights) with effective models Repair as well as substitution of risky electrical hardware Air penetration and repair, climate stripping, and substitution of defective entryways and windows Repair and substitution of rooftop, siding and establishment Smart vitality meters gave by utilities to observing and recording of constant vitality utilization, to track reserve funds, with outsider check DRAFT

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Clean Energy Corps EARTH DAY: April 22, 2009 On Earth Day , more than twelve unassuming pay homes in seven regions got broad vitality effectiveness changes. The Clean Energy Hybrid Bus Tour achieved five districts. Every transport visit site additionally facilitated an Open House, where understudy volunteers who rode the transport will share " Clean Energy Kits ," loaded with vitality effective gadgets and easy to understand instructive tips on the most proficient method to spare vitality in their own homes. Lexington Herald Leader\'s Earth Day Editorial: "Vitality Corps having any kind of effect" 3/11/2014 3/11/2014 DRAFT 5

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Clean Energy Corps: The Timeline Phase One: The Pilot Program February 26-September 1, 2009 100 unobtrusive wage homes in Central and Eastern Kentucky Phase Two: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funds can be spent through March 31, 2012 Goal of 10,000 homes over the Commonwealth $72 M from Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will give up to $6000/home for families beneath 200% of neediness; other ARRA and private financing sources will be tried to completely subsidize recoveries. Key accomplices: Community Action of Kentucky and Louisville Housing Department Use recipe allotments and look for aggressive dollars from ARRA for open lodging recoveries. Lead accomplices: HUD and open lodging experts Development of rotating advance reserve at Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) for low and direct wage family units; credits to be reimbursed by families with vitality investment funds. $2 M startup financing from ARRA State Energy Program, with extra $2M coordinate from KHC. Test cases programs in each district of state—Key accomplices: utilities, cooperatives and other non-benefit associations Phase Three: The Long Term Vision Create maintainable model that effects around 2,000 homes/year 3/11/2014 DRAFT 6

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Community volunteers—especially youthful Kentuckians from our "Greenest Generation"— will assume a basic part in the Clean Energy Corps by serving as Green Education Ambassadors, spreading the good news of vitality effectiveness to families statewide. After far reaching preparing, volunteers will: Conduct vitality productivity training programs for the humble salary mortgage holders taking part in the Clean Energy Corps program Host Energy Open Houses after recovery finish, so neighbors can find out about the changes and be given data for their own particular home Work with understudy, neighborhood and religious gatherings to share vitality reserve funds thoughts in schools, chapels, and the more prominent group Incorporate these thoughts into their own particular homes, schools, and places of business and love And most fundamentally , make presentations to center and upper-wage property holders, imparting to them vitality investment funds methods and contact data for vitality inspectors and green contractual workers, in this manner significantly animating interest for vitality effectiveness change work over the state Clean Energy Corps: Volunteer Education Outreach 3/11/2014 DRAFT 7

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Greening Public Facilities: The Green Bank In Kentucky\'s first extensive vitality arrangement, Governor Steve Beshear set driven, forceful objectives for decrease of vitality use in broad daylight offices: By 2025, offices will lessen their vitality utilization by 25% To meet these objectives, Beshear propelled an exhaustive push to diminish vitality use in Kentucky\'s administration offices: " Setbacks " of building frameworks on evenings and ends of the week to lessen vitality utilization " High Performance Building Standards " for new development and redesign of open offices The Green Bank of Kentucky would permit commendable vitality proficiency ventures to vie for low-premium or no-premium credits so work could go ahead that would some way or another be surrendered or postponed. These advances will be reimbursed after some time from the vitality reserve funds created by the upgrades, and the Green Bank will reuse the reimbursements to make extra advances Startup financing: $14 M from ARRA State Energy Program dollars. Will seek after ARRA green holding expert in 2010. 3/11/2014 DRAFT 8

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The Clean Energy Corps has propelled a coordinated and sped up open/private push to prepare and build up another green neckline workforce: A coalition of state authorities, worker\'s organizations, junior colleges and colleges, zone innovation focuses, Community Action, homebuilders, councils of trade, and utilities and coops, will: Design and execute an arrangement to teach, prepare, and affirm specialists Develop another vocation advancement way for long haul work openings Create another green neckline work bank that can be gotten to by: Clean Energy Corps unassuming wage home tasks Private, higher-pay property holders persuaded to pay for their own particular vitality proficiency enhancements Construction and remodel ventures financed by the Green Bank of Kentucky : state and nearby government structures, K-12 schools, and higher ed offices Job Training and Development 3/11/2014 DRAFT 9

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Develop work preparing and confirmation measures that will: Empower specialists with the abilities and affirmations fundamental for work past the Weatherization program Provide programmed accreditation to veteran laborers in the field with broad experience on Weatherization Ensure citizens and private mortgage holders have certainty that gifted occupied with vitality productivity action Design apprenticeship projects to guarantee a long haul profession improvement way for laborers Provide models for work, higher ed, and other workforce 3. Create a "green neckline" work bank to be gotten to by businesses, private mortgage holders, and government. SECRETARY\'S CEC GREEN COLLAR JOB TRAINING STANDARD WORK GROUP 3/11/2014 DRAFT 10

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