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Weight. Movement. Every property of each article in the scene ... Get record: Every individual will burn through 10 ...
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Key Frame Animation Amy Gooch AA3: Intro to Animation

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3D Animation Rendering 3D Scene and Motion Sequence of Frames Rates: Video 30fps, Film 24fps Persistence of Vision Animator must make .. Dream of Life Weight

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Animation Almost every property of each item in the scene can be energized (changed through time) Models, cameras, … Transformations: Move Rotate Scale Modifications/Deformation: alters, twists, turns, controlling a skeleton materials, hues, compositions

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Animation 3D Scene does not have Gravity Weight Force connections between articles (bit of a falsehood) You should make it appear to be so!

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Primary strategies for Animation Keyframe Procedural Expressions Scripting Dynamics/Simulation Physics Motion Capture Combinations of the above

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Keyframe Workflow Set Keys Usually great positions Less is more: Keys just the properties being vivified Set Interpolation Specify how to get starting with one key then onto the next. Optional, however an important step. Scour Time slider and refine movement bend

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Setting Keys Start with compelling positions Add middle of the road positions Secondary movement Less is more Don\'t include keys for properties that you are not vitalizing Easier to oversee/alter less keys

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Motion Curves: Position versus Time

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Motion Curves Is the container Starting from stop or very still? Halting toward the end or proceeding? At the point when is the case going Ahead? In reverse? Quickest?

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Interpolation Specify how to get from one key to the next (inbetweening) Common sorts Step: stay at the same worth, then all of a sudden switch Linear: change at steady rate Spline/Smooth: make it smooth All of these (and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg) are valuable and suitable in the right condition

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Smooth Interpolation Soft alters of course

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Linear Interpolation Hard alters of course Appears to be reaching different items, moment changes

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Step Interpolation Object returns in an entirely unexpected position This is extremely helpful. At the point when?

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Ease In/Out Heavy protests take a while to get going trains Use insertion to stress this. Ease in/out –or-Slow in/out intends to leave the key gradually

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Timing of the activity Ahead of the story Something will happened before we realize what it is group of onlookers not yet mindful character may comprehends what\'s up Ex Alien Song Behind the story Audience knows before character knows Ex: KnickKnack (1989) Keep gathering of people Interested!

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In class: ricocheting balls Grab record: Each individual will burn through 10 minutes making one sort of ball skip Then thus, every gathering part will change the activity

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Resources Laws of Cartoon Physics Learning Maya Tutorial rundown Skeleton Tutorial exercises/SkeletonSetup.htm Rag Doll; Skeleton by Proxy instructional exercise exercises/ragdoll/ragdoll1.htm 5-minute Leg Rig exercises/Xen%20Wildman/legrig/legrigtut.html

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Credits Winny Jessica Hodgins

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