Key Findings and Implications for the Future from the Stock Condition Survey attempted by Savills .

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Key Findings and Implications for the Future from the Stock Condition Survey undertaken by Savills. Presented by Winston Williams January 2008. Presentation will Cover:. Purpose of the Survey Methodology Savills key findings and comments Summary of Costs Implications for the future
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Key Findings and Implications for the Future from the Stock Condition Survey attempted by Savills Presented by Winston Williams January 2008

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Presentation will Cover: Purpose of the Survey Methodology Savills key discoveries and remarks Summary of Costs Implications for the future Questions

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Purpose of Survey Assess current state of the stock Assess future repairs and support obligation Assess changes required to the stock Assess properties against the Decent Homes Standard Assess prerequisites past Decent Homes

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Methodology Analysis of database 10,527 properties Representative 10% Internal and External example in light of sort, age and area

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Methodology Benchmarks and models Schedule of rates Schedule of life cycles Historic consumption to the properties

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Savills Findings The stock has had considerable speculation made in Decent Homes work 84% of the stock meets the Decent Homes Standard Major venture required to non nice homes things

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Savills Findings Roof covers serviceable yet numerous need substitution in the medium term 60% of properties have profited from the establishment of twofold coated windows 75% of the properties have had advanced secure front and indirect accesses fitted Very little venture made in the general environment

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Savills Findings Most properties have some type of focal warming, in spite of the fact that a huge program is required to supplant the more seasoned frameworks throughout the following 5 years most of the Kitchens and Bathrooms have been modernized and wiring has been overhauled Internal modernisation program to be finished

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Savills Findings: Non-Traditional Properties/High Rise Flats 902 pads in skyscraper obstructs Some of the pieces require new cladding, lifts and boilers 1,308 Wimpey No Fines properties which require over cladding

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Savills Comments The age profile of the stock is with the end goal that it is unavoidable that more noteworthy use will be required to the stock later on. The changing/expanding desire of inhabitants The following level of venture past Decent Homes, production of practical lodging Dovetailing stock study discoveries into general resource administration technique/usage

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Savills Comments Savills attempt the greater part of reviews the nation over, including countless stock. We had truly consistent criticism from the looking over group that the nature of work embraced to our stock thinks about positively. Truth be told, it was one of the best ALMO stocks they have reviewed and the properties which have been enhanced (which is the larger part) have been moved up to a truly all encompassing better than average homes standard. They were not been gathering to the conveyance of the program, the expenses or the timescales and consequently can\'t remark on that. Notwithstanding, one might say that the last result is a high caliber and it is a disgrace there is not business as usual all through the nation.

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Summary of all Costs

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Implications for the Future Report recognized some high venture needs, including Health & Safety works Survey in view of costs at June 2007 Approximately 300 properties will drop out of goodness every year. Low SAP evaluated properties require up-reviewing to meet not too bad homes standard Responding to Savills discoveries, specifically the H&S things, inside current spending plans Although ecological works noted – report just addresses stock condition.

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Implications for the Future Current H&S needs for 2008/09 Electrical reviews/repairs Asbestos evacuation (according to Savills discoveries) Low SAP evaluated properties Heating disappointments Structural works Legionella administration Fire Risk Assessment Boiler substitution

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Implications for the Future Other Non-H&S Pressures Impact on R&M spending plan for diminished extent of attempts to approx.1,500 properties.

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Implications for the Future Together with SBC, successfully deal with the accessible spending plan to guarantee the wellbeing, security and prosperity of our clients is kept up, having respect to the latest stock condition overview. Keep on working with SBC to secure the fitting subsidizing to guarantee the stock is kept up and enhanced as vital.

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