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KH 3000. Marijuana. Presented by: Leonede Buller Mishinda DeBose B.Jermaine Price Edricka Burnett Towanda Smith Shameika Averett. M arijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant.
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KH 3000 Marijuana Presented by: Leonede Buller Mishinda DeBose B.Jermaine Price Edricka Burnett Towanda Smith Shameika Averett

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M arijuana is a green, cocoa, or dark blend of dried, destroyed leaves, stems, seeds, and blossoms of the hemp plant. Otherwise called pot, herb, grass, weed, blast, Mary Jane, criminal, reefer, limit, or unending and nearly 200 others

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Regular Chronic mid-review Hydro Hashish Purple Cali Skunk Indo Sinsemilla Fry Types

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How is it Used? Generally smoked as a cigarette moved, hand-made (called a joint or a nail), in pipe or a bong. Has as of late showed up in stogies called blunts and spliffs.

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Marijuana is on the Rise Among Middle School Age Students

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Why? Increment in accessibility of pot and different medications Teens being misinformed about pot just like a characteristic item. They\'re ignorant of the state of mind modifying and physiological impacts. Has turned into some-what acknowledged by society through media and radio waves

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Why? Less costly of all medications, beside liquor. As expressed by Insel and Roth, "One explanation behind our general public\'s worry with the easygoing or recreational utilization of illicit medications is that it\'s not by any means conceivable to know when medication utilize will prompt manhandle or reliance."

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Reason for its utilization Peer Pressure – in light of the fact that companions or kin utilize it Family impact – on the grounds that they see more seasoned individuals in family utilizing it Listening to music and melodies that allude to its utilization. Conviction of getting away shape issues at home, school, or with companions

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Warning Signs Parents Should Look For… Increasing unsettling and crabbiness Loss of inspiration and enthusiasm for already delighted in exercises Decreased ability to focus and expanded diverted conduct Red or lustrous eyes, extraordinary exhaustion, and weakness lost inspiration and enthusiasm for beforehand appreciated exercises

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A noteworthy weight pick up or misfortune Withdrawal from previous companions who don\'t utilize drugs Failure to gain age-suitable social aptitudes Depression, perplexity, and emotional episodes Changes in preferences and aversions to a more traditional style, (for example, with music, hair, and apparel

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Low Dosage Euphoria, uplift of subjective tactile encounters, mental trips, dreams, suspicion, laid-back state of mind Moderate dose Dryness of the mouth, blushing of the eyes, hindered engine abilities and memory work, pass of consideration, regular craving assaults "munchies", and sentiments of depersonalization Short Term Effects … the impacts of Marijuana are affected by clients desires and past encounters

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Does maryjane influence school, games, driving, and different exercises? Greatest peril for teenagers: Marijuana makes them foul up in school, games, clubs, or with companions. Whenever high, more inclined to commit idiotic errors. Solid connection between medication utilize and perilous sex prompting spread of HIV Lost of vitality, intrigue and hindered vision Timing, coordination, sharpness, and execution all influenced

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Bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, take off throats, hacks, interminable obstructive pneumonic ailment, expanded heart rate, expanded hazard to lungs, fleeting memory, glaucoma, smothers safe framework conceptive framework (diminish in testosterone, diminished sperm number, irregularity of sperm, disabled fetal development and advancement), physical reliance, prompts resulting utilization of cocaine and champion Long term impacts

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Statistics About 1 – 5 eighth graders report they are present cannabis clients (utilized inside past month) Is the most generally utilized unlawful medication as a part of U.S. (more than 30 % of Americans, around 67 million, have attempted it at any rate once) According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA) states that among young people age 12-17, 10.9% reported past month utilization of unlawful medications in \'99. 7.7 % of young people were present clients in 1999

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Effects on the Brain The chemicals go through circulatory system and connect to exceptional places on mind\'s nerve cells (receptors) THC upsets nerve cells in some portion of cerebrum where recollections are discovered, making it harder for client to review late occasions and difficult to learn while high. Toll gone up against mental capacities

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Availability According to contemplate, half of 13 year olds reported they could discover and buy cannabis. From associates (others that are more established) Today it is accessible in all kinds of different backgrounds (metropolitan, rural, and country zones) Can be acquired for as meager as $5 Those that disseminate maryjane have now turned into your nearby neighbor or shared companion

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Overall Usage Abuse of Alcohol or Other Controlled Substances for Persons 12-17 years old in 1994 - 1995

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S ocietal Effects

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Society sends kids blended messages about liquor, tobacco, and different medications Kids see and hear messages proposed for grown-ups – confuse them as being for children We, society, grieves for demigods who pass on from overdoses then children trust all good examples utilize medications and its alright to utilize drugs

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Television Before age 10, a kid has seen around 12,000 hours – approx. 17 plugs for each hour, so they have seen more than 200,000 ads by 10 th birthday About 25% advertisements have been for over-the-counter medications – thusly kids see 50,000 O-T-C before achieving age 10 – before creating moral thinking expected to handle the thinking.

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Music Artists Bob Marley – Reggae The Grateful Dead – Rock Cheech and Chong – Hispanic Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica – Heavy Metal Snoop Doggy Dog – Rap Erykah Badu - R&B

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S olutions

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What guardians could do to… Be great good examples. Guardians need to show their conduct the way they anticipate that their kids will act. Stay required with your youngsters. Staying included keeps guardians more mindful of any changed conduct. Instructing kids about medications.

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What guardians can do to help … Don\'t make it simple. Never expect that your youngsters directed suitably. Know where they are and who their with. Manufacture a solid and strong relationship. In the event that you presume your youngster has a medication issue, look for help instantly.

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As far as Media is Concerned… Carefully arranged broad communications crusades can lessen substance mishandle by countering false discernments that medication utilize is standardizing Also by impacting individual convictions that rouse sedate utilize Having media programs work in conjunction with other group – and school-based hostile to medication programs

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Prevention Program D.A.R.E. (Medicate Awareness Resistance Education) is a school and group based program makes progress toward the avoidance of medication utilize and viciousness among optional training understudies. Their emphasis is on issue recognizable proof, investigation, and usage of methodical critical thinking systems together with solid group association as a way to accomplish more compelling long haul answers for tenacious medication utilize and posse brutality

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Prevention Program The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign is an association that objectives youth ages 9-18 (particularly the defenseless center school teenagers) using different media to instruct and engage youngsters to dismiss illegal medications. The Campaign utilizes a blend of cutting edge correspondences methods – from promoting and advertising to Interactive media – and every single conceivable setting – from TV projects to after-school exercises – to enroll and draw in individuals in counteractive action endeavors at school, work, and at play.

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Treatment The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and The National Institute on Drug Abuse Discovering what should be possible to help customer compose a solution for clinical advance and move along a continuum toward, if not forbearance, then quantifiable change. Engagement-one approaching with issue

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Treatment 3. Make a situation in which patients are spurred, are put resources into their own recuperation, perceive motivators and disincentives of conduct, and acknowledge the outcomes of conduct 4. Making a domain in which mending can occur, where there is consistency initiative and research

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Summary Being a youthful is a hazard figure for attempting unlawful medications (particularly cannabis) which assist prompts constant utilization Percentage on an ascent because of accessibility and lack of mindfulness about pot Media and radio have come to assume and progressively vital part in bringing up our kids and prompting the mis-training about medications and liquor

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"It is anything but difficult to do, simple to develop, simple to get and simple to offer" It is a social action, and Teens are at a misfortune for Social exercises at this moment. "When you go to a show Or go moving, the thing to Do is smoke dope. Rebecca Carpenter, 15 Lincoln High understudy (Portland, Oregon)

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