Kids in Destitution.

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Youngsters in Destitution. Law and Destitution. US $51,000. Louisiana $37,000. Middle Salary of Families with Youngsters. Ages 18-64 11%. Ages 0-18 17%. Destitution Rates - USA. Authentic Neediness Rates - USA. All out Matured Kids 1960 22% 35% 27% 1970 13 24 15
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Youngsters in Poverty Law and Poverty

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US $51,000 Louisiana $37,000 Median Income of Families with Children

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Ages 18-64 11% Ages 0-18 17% Poverty Rates - USA

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Historical Poverty Rates - USA Total Aged Children 1960 22% 35% 27% 1970 13 24 15 1980 13 16 18 1990 13 12 20 2002 12 10 17

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Child Support Of the 11 million mothers qualified for kid support, just 63% even have any kind of court honored kid bolster request forgetting 5 million moms right off the highest point Of the 6.2 million moms who have a request of bolster, just 75% got no less than one installment and just 25% really got the sum due. So just 1 in 4 of ALL WOMEN get full tyke support.

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US 35% Louisiana 31% Female Headed Households Receiving Child Support

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Enforcement of Child Support Primarily state obligation Feds give some $, checking Welfare Reform obliged more implementation of tyke backing on state levels US helps states in their gathering endeavors

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Federal Child Support Assistance Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) gives US government help to encourage find non-attendant guardian to secure and authorize youngster bolster commitment. Government Income Tax Refund Offset: permits states to catch expense discounts for remarkable tyke bolster commitments Passport disavowal for individuals who have bolster arranges more than $5000 past due

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Big Variation by State Children who have CS request and get full sum Range from high of 30% in WI, 29% in MN To low of 14% in CA, 15% in NY

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Child Care

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Importance of Child Care Labor investment by moms has expanded After WWII, 1/4 of all moms worked Now, 3/4 of all moms work (Incl 64% of moms of pre-school youngsters) Rise in single guardian homes In 1970, 11% of families headed by single parents In 2002, 31% of families headed by single guardian, basically mothers (fathers 11% of single folks) Today 33% of all children live in single guardian homes, 23 million

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Federal Child Care Assistance Child Care and Development Block Grant CCDBG (Arose out of welfare change) About $5 billion a year in optional and qualification (sufficiently financing $ to assist 1 with excursion 7 qualified kids with sponsored tyke care) DHHS says 15 million kids meet criteria, 2.2 million got it LA has $ for 44,500 children: application on-line

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Child Care Standards and Quality First comprehend that just around 1 in 4 kids are in paid kid look after kid care (most are with family or in private homes - frequently paid however unregulated) Child consideration is fundamentally controlled on state level: permitting, medicinal services, appearance

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AFDC Welfare to TANF

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AFDC into TANF Aid to Families with Dependent Children 1935-1996 1935 AFDC was sanctioned elected - state coordinating gift for penniless kids without fathers at home Was privilege boundless time of qualification

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TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families 1996 TANF was ordered elected piece awards to states

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Dramatic Reductions in Welfare US has decreased number of individuals on TANF by half 1996 were 12 million individuals in 4.5 million families, now 2.1 million families Great Job of Reducing Families on welfare in LA (considerably more than half) from 68,000 to 20,000 In July 1996, there were 68,000 families on TANF in LA midpoints around 20,000 families/month on TANF

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TANF Ends privilege to AFDC Terminates elected advantages following 5 years of qualification State choice for less time Instituted a work necessity More state control

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TANF Requirements Must have kid under 18 - no grown-ups without children Must be in poor family Must be US native Work typically precludes everybody Must not live in family where grown-up has gotten TANF for over 5 years Not get elected trusts, state stores are alright (NY issue: individuals still on tanf paid for by state these are normally the minimum employable) Adult must begin work inside of 24 months of accepting guide Statewide: half of all families must be working

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Impact on Single Mothers In 1993, 44% of single parents were working By 1999, 71% were working

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TANF in Louisiana Income procuring utmost $3,720/year Assets $2000 (barring auto) Work inside of 24 months of enlistment Benefit for 1 individual $122/month advantage for 2 man $188/month advantage for 3 persons $240/month in LA 20,000 families are on TANF-FITAP (Out of 276,000 low wage families in LA)

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Work and Poverty “Poorest fifth of the country ’ s female headed families have less extra cash in 1999 than in 1995. ” – NYT SO, WE HAVE DONE A GOOD JOB OF GETTING PEOPLE TO WORK; NOW THE JOB IS GETTING WORK TO PAY

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Welfare & Legislative Goals: Family? Assist kids with staying with mother (superior to anything apprenticeship) But don\'t generally permit mothers and fathers together Charity? Offer something to those in need. Be that as it may, disgrace them & insufficient to live on (shame) Work? Try not to need to debilitate working poor so oblige work however once work, on approach to losing advantages (better now with CHIP) Child support? Have mothers report fathers so we can gather yet in the event that father does contribute, gift is lessened & if father does contribute govt gathers first Honesty? We request month to month/quarterly reporting, turn in reprobate fathers however we know individuals are tricking, they need to!

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Hunger in USA & Response

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Reality of Hunger in US USDA (Agriculture Department) data on neediness and appetite in US: more than 9 million individuals in US really hungry sooner or later in year; According to U.S. government gauges, 38.2 million Americans live in hungry or “food insecure” families. (FRAC)

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In 3.8 million families a year ago, somebody skipped dinners on the grounds that they couldn\'t manage the cost of them Including kids in 265,000 families American Second Harvest reported that it serves more than 20 million individuals a year at nourishment banks

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Food Stamps (Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards) Federal Program Federal Funding & Rules Mostly government subsidizing (100% elected financing of sustenance stamp advantages) States pay for half of regulatory expenses States have some constrained alternatives in extra program decisions

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Food help for poor families Poverty characterized by : month to month wage and fluid resources (barring home, auto under $4650 esteem) TANF & SSI are programmed qualified (effectively decided low wage and resources) Others must be confirmed as qualified Sliding size of advantages size of family more wage, less advantages

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Additional Food Stamp Reqs: There is a work prerequisite (welfare change of 1990s) for all physically fit grown-ups Citizenship Issues (Part of Welfare Reform of 1990s)

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Administration US Department of Agriculture

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Size of Food Stamps: Size of system: 2006 $36 billion 26 million individuals got nourishment stamps - 2006 Four out of ten individuals qualified for nourishment stamps don\'t get them (FRAC)

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Emergency Food Stamps Available in 5 days if sudden change in family circumstance

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Louisiana Food Stamps 807,000 individuals got sustenance stamps 2006 Roughly 69% of those qualified Average advantage in LA $100.96 US $ to LA Food Stamp Program: $978m source FRAC

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School Lunch and Breakfast Federal cash for open and tuition based school free or decreased value suppers for low pay kids free dinners if underneath 130% of neediness rules diminished expense dinners if beneath 185% of destitution rules

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School Breakfast Lunch in LA 211,000 kids in free or lessened School Breakfast US pays LA $48 million 421,000 kids in free/diminished School Lunch -US pays LA $151 million

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WIC Program Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children

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WIC Federally supported Administered by the States (state and neighborhood wellbeing organizations) Provides sustenance help and related administrations (therapeutic screening & nutritious instruction) & WIC vouchers that can be reclaimed for particular nourishments (milk, cheddar, eggs, baby recipe, oats, leafy foods juices)

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WIC Eligibility low salary pregnant ladies and youngsters under 5 low wage is 185% of destitution level

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Louisiana WIC 143,000 individuals get WIC US pays LA $97million for WIC .:tslides

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