Kids s Programming Challenge Ideas for preschool kids .

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Kids' Modifying Challenge Thoughts for preschool kids. Displayed by: Helen Kelly Alicia Subnaik-Kilgour Michele Hopkins Jane Salmon Kimberly Sutherland-Plants
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Youngsters\' Programming Challenge Ideas for preschool kids

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Presented by: Helen Kelly Alicia Subnaik-Kilgour Michele Hopkins Jane Salmon Kimberly Sutherland-Mills

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Helen Kelly

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Take a Bus A piggyback melody to the tune of "Twinkle" A wool story Theme of : Things That Go Storytime week after week farewell tune Concept instrument for shapes, hues and numbering

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Take a Bus Take a transport or take a prepare Take a vessel or take a plane Take a taxi or an auto May be close or might be far Take a spaceship to the moon But make certain to return soon.

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Best Winter Flannel Story Ever: Build A Snowman Have the kids put on a show to roll a major, a medium and a little snowball Place the extensive wool ball on the board Now put the medium ball under it and have them disclose to you what isn\'t right with it. Should it be higher, bring down and so on Now put the little snowball on top of the expansive one and again have them clarify the issue. Keep on incorrectly amass the snowman. The youngsters will cry with chuckling as you mishandle your way through.

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3 Little Monkeys Meet A Crocodile Hide your crocodile manikin and monkey manikins in a canvas/texture pack Describe the creatures inside: cocoa, swing in the trees, eat bananas Shake the sack as you claim to get these hopping monkeys: number every one Describe a green creature with sharp teeth who lives in the marsh Put your submit the sack and have it nibbled (ouch), request that everybody be peaceful while you sneak up on the eager crocodile

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3 Little Monkeys Meet A Crocodile 3 little monkeys swinging in a tree Along came a crocodile as tranquil as can be The principal monkey stated, "You can\'t get me." SNAP 2 little monkeys… 1 little monkey… The last monkey stated, "You can\'t get me." SNAP Ha, ha you missed me.

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Going on a Bear/Dragon/Monster Hunt Going on a Bear Hunt Going on a bear chase ( Have the gathering of people reverberate back each line after you and tap out the melody .) Gonna get a major one I\'m not frightened Look at all the blooms. Do you see what I see? MUD. We can\'t go over it. We can\'t go under it. We can\'t circumvent it. We need to experience it. Gulp, guzzle, guzzle, guzzle. We\'re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (Author), Helen Oxenbury (Author) Audio CD (May 1, 2004) Language: English Penguin ; ISBN: 0763624292

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Going on a Bear/Dragon/Monster Hunt Repeat the above verses with GRASS rather than MUD . Wash, wash, wash, wash. Rehash with a TREE rather than GRASS . Climb, climb, climb, climb. Rehash with a CAVE . We better go in it. It\'s dull in here. I feel a fluffy face and two fluffy ears. Everybody run. It\'s a BEAR! Keep running up the tree, through the grass, through the mud and back to the library. Safe finally!

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Le Hokey Pokey (Bilingual Version) (Alternate English And French) Le hokey-pokey On met la primary devant On met la fundamental derrière On met la principle devant Et on bouge, bouge, bouge On fait le hokey-pokey Et on tourne, tourne, tourne Et c\'est comme ça qu\'on joue ! On met le pied devant On met le pied derrière… On met la tête devant On met la tête derrière… On met le derrière devant On met le derrière On met le derrière devant Et on bouge, bouge, bouge On fait le hokey-pokey Et on tourne, tourne, tourne Et c\'est comme ça qu\'on joue !

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Alicia Subnaik-Kilgour

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Stories in the Park This is a drop in storytime program for families. A large portion of the kids were preschool age. Each Friday morning all through the mid year, the library facilitated the program at a neighborhood stop (facilitated at the library on stormy days). This program was controlled by our late spring understudies. The program comprised of stories, melodies, specialties, diversions and a nibble. Families were made a request to give $2/family towards the cost of snacks. Guardians needed to stay with their child(ren) and were dynamic members. The program was around 1 - 1 ½ hours long. Insights: Always have a decent supply of stories and exercises. Consider the open air components when arranging creates (i.e. breezy days).

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Magic Bag This is a fun action for preschool youngsters. Adorn two hazy sacks and fill one with bright things. Ensure that the thing has a particular shading (i.e. green frog, yellow duck,red winged animal, and so forth… ) Purchase talking toy. The one I acquired is in the state of a ball, when you knock the ball it talks (It says "You\'re extraordinary" or "Great job"). Put the talking toy in base of one sack, and after that place the other pack inside so that the talking toy is covered up. Put the various things inside the second sack. I advise the youngsters they must be calm and utilize their ears to tune in to the enchantment pack. I circumvent the circle and every youngster ventures into the sack to choose a item. We recognize the shade of the thing and after that place it back inside the sack. I shake the sack and the following tyke picks a protest. At regular intervals, I knock the sack and it talks. The youngsters are astonished!

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Magic Bag Hints : This works best amid hover time, with a gathering of 10 – 15 kids. Ensure the talking toy is covered up in the base sack and the second pack loaded with things is covering the toy. Along these lines a tyke won\'t choose the talking toy and the sack will keep on being loaded with "Enchantment." I attempt to discover things to match every one of the creatures (and their particular hues) in the story "Cocoa Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin, Jr.

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Mixing Colors Purchase two or three jars of whipped cream. Put a few dabs inside a zip bolt pack. Include sustenance shading and zip the pack shut. Have the children squish the sack a couple times. They will be astonished when the white whip cream changes into an alternate shading. Utilize the whip cream with a nibble a while later. Indications: This may turn out to be exceptionally untidy. Have heaps of wipes close by. Attempt distinctive shading blends (i.e. blue and yellow to make green).

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Easter Egg Hunt We purchased 10 - 20 pounds of chocolate Easter eggs and shrouded them inside, all through the library. Numerous youngsters came wearing subject. I ran 2 sessions at Easter Time (one in the morning and one toward the evening). We read Easter stories, made a straightforward specialty and after that had the Easter egg chase. This functioned admirably with little gatherings of 20 kids. Guardians/parental figures were made a request to stay with their kid amid the egg chase. Throughout the years, this program turned out to be increasingly well known. Accordingly, we needed to alter the program. When we achieved 100 youngsters, we dropped the specialty segment of the program.

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Easter Egg Hunt Hints: If you are running more than one session, ensure you have enough time to shroud the confection before the second gathering of kids arrive. Be careful with families who come ahead of schedule to scout out where the sweet is covered up. Having a couple of additional staff individuals or volunteers positioned all through the library is exceptionally useful for looking after request. Despite the fact that this program can get to be distinctly rushed, it truly is a ton of fun!

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Form a Partnership with your Local Early Years Center We are exceptionally lucky to have a fabulous working association with our Early Years Center. One of their center administrations is Early Literacy. Currently, they run our "Rhyme Time with Baby" program for kids 24 months and under. The program runs 4 times each year in 4 - 5 week sessions. They additionally offer various "Make and Take" workshops consistently.

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Form a Partnership with your Local Early Years Center They truly appreciate running projects out of the library. It\'s an incredible route for them to network and meet unexperienced parents. It is additionally an incredible approach to elevate our library administrations to families who visit the library surprisingly. In the event that I am doing an exceptional week of programming, I let them know. They will regularly come in and do a program in subject for kids 0 – 6 years old. We have an extraordinary Childcare gathering, and they frequently allude guardians. We advance their projects and they advance our projects.

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Michele Hopkins

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Reading Incentives What are they? Support for program members to peruse library books at home When do we utilize them? As a general and fun part of each enlisted program

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Reading Incentives Different Types of Incentives that Work Homework Challenges Representational Activities Visual Displays Active Encouragement Games

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Reading Incentives

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Jane Salmon Barrie Public Library

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Tapping Sticks Songs Make tapping sticks from antiquated garments pegs or utilize popsicle sticks. Maintain a strategic distance from shaded popsicle sticks – hues keep running on sweat-soaked hands! Music: Tickles and Tunes by Kathy Reid-Naiman ( "I\'m Passing Out the Sticks", "When You\'re One", "An opportunity to Put Away") Rhythms on Parade by Hap Palmer ("Tap Your Sticks")

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Tapping Sticks Songs Let\'s tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and stop Let\'s tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and stop Repeat speedier When You\'re One, one, one tap on your bum, bum, bum Two - shoe Three – knee Four – floor Five – go ahead and jive Six – sticks Seven – up to paradise Eight – you\'ll need to hold up Nine – on your spine Ten – start once more

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Fun with Ribbons Cut out around foot long strips of various hues Using pinking shears will help quit fraying Give every tyke a lace

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Fun with Ribbons Circus subject – youngsters hold strips for their carnival "ensemble" as they walk a concealing tape line Snakes – Use as kid\'s "snake" for melodies like "Sally the Swinging Snake" (Hap Palmer) Try with tunes like "Carousel"

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