Know Your Foe.

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Know Your Enemy.
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Know Your Enemy Spiritual Warfare Sue Bohlin

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Know Your Enemy "It is never the will of God for profound fighting to wind up our core interest. The quickest approach to lose our adjust is to reprimand the villain more than we identify with God. The essential quality we have in fighting is piety, which is accomplished just through closeness with God." - Beth Moore, Living Free

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Know Your Enemy God\'s objective and reason for us: Christlikeness To convey greatness to Him To stroll in closeness with Jesus To set up a Bride for the Lamb

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Know Your Enemy 3 Enemies to Christlikeness and Intimacy with Him The World The Flesh The Devil

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The World The way of life in which we live, unfriendly to God Operates just by the faculties (however enabled by spirits past the faculties) The insight of the world is silliness to God (1 Cor. 1:20) We are instructed not to love it (1 John 2:15-17) We are not to be fit in with it (Rom. 12:1,2)

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The World Materialism and "Staying aware of the Joneses" Entertainment industry Internet: talk rooms, IMs, porn locales Pornography Sexual shamelessness Ambition Spirit of defiance in women\'s liberation Philosophy: no supreme truth, good and bad are what you pick them to be

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The World

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What God Says About The World Rom 12:2 "And don\'t be fit in with this world, yet be changed by the reestablishing of your brain, so you may demonstrate what the will of God is, what is great and worthy and perfect." The Message: "Don\'t turn out to be so balanced to your way of life that you fit into it without considering. Rather, settle your consideration on God. You\'ll be transformed from the back to front. Promptly perceive what He needs from you, and rapidly react to it. Dissimilar to the way of life around you, continually dragging you down to its level of adolescence, God brings the best out of you, grows very much shaped development in you."

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What God Says About The World 1 John 2:16 "For all that is on the planet, the desire of the fragile living creature and the desire of the eyes and the proud pride of life , is not from the Father, but rather is from the world." The Message: "Don\'t love the world\'s ways. Try not to love the world\'s merchandise. Love of the world presses out affection for the Father. For all intents and purposes everything that goes ahead on the planet—needing your own particular manner, needing everything for yourself, needing to seem imperative—has nothing to do with the Father. It just secludes you from him. The world and all its needing, needing, needing is en route out—however whoever does what God needs is set for endlessness."

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The Flesh Our methods for making labor of love free of God Everything we do separated from God Getting our own specific manner ("I need what I want!") Self-centeredness Controlling nature Kingdom building Ignoring God

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The Flesh Idolatry and desire: individuals, control, things, encounters, connections Greed A privilege to be agreeable, a refusal to endure Pride Self-revere People-satisfying

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The Flesh Addictions: nourishment, drink, drugs, betting, shopping, sex Refusing to submit to God: unforgiveness, sexual perversion, wicked connections Temper fits of rage Worry Suicidal musings

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What God Says About The Flesh "Now the deeds of the tissue are clear, which are: indecency, polluting influence, exotic nature, worshipful admiration, divination, ill wills, strife, desire, upheavals of outrage, question, disputes, groups, begrudging, inebriation, partying, and things like these, of which I admonish you, similarly as I have cautioned you, that the individuals who practice such things won\'t acquire the kingdom of God. "Be that as it may, the product of the Spirit is love, satisfaction, peace, persistence, graciousness, goodness, dependability, tenderness, poise; against such things there is no law. "Presently the individuals who have a place with Christ Jesus have killed the tissue with its interests and goals." Gal 5:19-24

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What God Says About the Flesh The Message: "It is clear what sort of life creates out of attempting to get your own specific manner constantly: redundant, cold, shoddy sex; a stinking gathering of mental and enthusiastic rubbish; excited and dreary gets for bliss; knickknack divine beings; enchantment demonstrate religion; distrustful dejection; relentless rivalry; all-devouring yet forever discontent needs; a fierce temper; a weakness to love or be cherished; isolated homes and partitioned lives; little disapproved and disproportionate interests; the awful propensity for depersonalizing everybody into an adversary; uncontrolled and wild addictions; terrible satires of group. I could go on.

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What God Says About the Flesh "This isn\'t the first occasion when I have cautioned you, you know. On the off chance that you utilize your opportunity along these lines, you won\'t acquire God\'s kingdom. "Be that as it may, what happens when we experience God\'s direction? He brings blessings into our lives, similarly that organic product shows up in a plantation—things like warmth for others, extravagance about existence, tranquility. We build up a readiness to stay with things, a feeling of empathy in the heart, and a conviction that an essential blessedness pervades things and individuals. We get ourselves required in faithful responsibilities, not expecting to constrain our way in life, ready to marshal and direct our energies admirably.

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What God Says About the Flesh "Legalism is vulnerable in achieving this; it just acts as a burden. Among the individuals who have a place with Christ, everything associated with getting our own particular manner and carelessly reacting to what every other person cancels necessities is executed for good—killed." (Gal. 5:19-24)

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The Devil Where did Satan originate from? Is. 14:12-14 "How you have tumbled from paradise, O star of the morning, child of the first light! You have been chopped down to the earth, You who have debilitated the countries! In any case, you said in your heart, \'I will rise to paradise; I will raise my position of authority over the stars of God, And I will sit on the mount of gathering In the openings of the north. \'I will rise over the statures of the mists; I will make myself like the Most High.\'"

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The Devil Where did Satan originate from? Ezek 28:17 "Your heart was lifted up on account of your magnificence; you ruined your insight by reason of your quality. I cast you to the ground; I put you before lords, that they may see you. By the large number of your wrongdoings, In the corruption of your exchange You disrespected your asylums. Along these lines I have brought fire from the middle of you; it has devoured you, and I have swung you to cinders on the earth according to all who see you. All who know you among the people groups are horrified at you; You have gotten to be frightened and you will stop to be until the end of time."

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The Devil Where did the evil presences originate from? Is 14:12-14 "How you have tumbled from paradise, O star of the morning , child of the day break! You have been chopped down to the earth, You who have debilitated the countries! However, you said in your heart, \'I will climb to paradise; I will raise my honored position over the stars of God. . ." Job 38:4 "Where would you say you were the point at which I established the framework of the earth? Let me know, whether you have understanding, who set its estimations? Since you know. On the other hand who extended the line on it? On what were its bases sunk? On the other hand who laid its foundation, when the morning stars sang together And every one of the children of God yelled for delight?"

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The Devil Where did the evil presences originate from? Rev 12:3 "Then another sign showed up in paradise: and see, an incredible red monster having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. What\'s more, his tail cleared away 33% of the stars of paradise and tossed them to the earth. What\'s more, there was war in paradise, Michael and his holy messengers taking up arms with the mythical serpent. The winged serpent and his holy messengers battled, and they were not sufficiently solid, and there was no more extended a place found for them in paradise. Furthermore, the immense mythical beast was tossed down, the serpent of old who is known as the demon and Satan, who cheats the entire world; he was tossed down to the earth, and his heavenly attendants were tossed down with him."

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The Devil Satan implies "adversary" Devil implies "accuser or slanderer" He is cunning (Gen 3:1) He is the seducer (Mt 4:3; 1 Thes 3:5) Jesus called him "the detestable one" (Mt 6:13; Jn 17:15) His purpose is to take, murder and obliterate (John 10:10) He blinds the psyches of the unbelieving so they can\'t see the light of the gospel (2 Cor. 4:4) He is leader of this world and sovereign of the force of the air (Eph 2:2)

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The Devil He has armies of fiendish radiant creatures under him who serve him in different managerial limits: rulers, powers, powers, territories, world powers of haziness. He camouflages himself as a blessed messenger of light (2 Cor. 11:14) His workers (devils) camouflage themselves as hirelings of nobility. (2 Cor. 11:15) He is the informer of the brethren. (Rev. 12:10) He deludes the entire world. (Rev. 12:9) His wrongdoing was pride (Is. 14) He slinks around like a thundering lion, looking to eat up individuals (1 Pet. 5:8)

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The Devil He can be opposed (1 Pet. 5:9) He can\'t move beyond God\'s support of assurance around us (Job 1:10) He is on a rope. He can\'t do anything without God\'s consent (Job, Jude 6) Jesus incapacitated Satan and the evil presences at the Cross and made an open scene of them (Col. 2:15) All he needs to work with is plans, wiles, untruths and trickeries. He abides in haziness and will spend time everlasting in everlasting torment in hellfire.

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The Devil What Jesus said in regards to Satan: "You are of your dad the fallen angel, and you need to do the goals of your dad. He was a killer from the earliest starting point, and does not remain in reality in light of the fact that there is no truth in him. At whatever point he talks a lie, he talks from his own tendency, for he is a liar and the father of untruths." - John 8:44

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The Devil What Jesus said in regards to Satan: "Behold, I have given you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the force of the adversary , and nothing will i

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