Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen .

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Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. By: Evan Pierce, Wim. KTM. High Performance motorcycle company from Austria Produce Mini-bikes ,Dirt Bikes, Sport Bikes, and Dual Sport Bikes Company Colors Orange, Gray, and Black They are the only non-Japanese bike that is part of the big 5.
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Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen By: Evan Pierce, Wim

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KTM High Performance bike organization from Austria Produce Mini-bicycles ,Dirt Bikes, Sport Bikes, and Dual Sport Bikes Company Colors Orange, Gray, and Black They are the main non-Japanese bicycle that is a piece of the enormous 5

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How They Started Founded in 1934 by Hans Trukenpolz in Mattighofen, Austria. Begun as an auto and cruiser repair shop. The organization extended all through Austria Ernst Kronreif gets to be accomplice in the Trukenpolz organization and the name is changed to KTM

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Start of Motorcycles In 1951 Trunkenpolz organization started creation of a light weight bicycle driven by Han\'s affection for cruisers. 1953 the principal generation bicycle is entered in the Gaisberg race and wins 1,2, and 3. Taken after by the 125 Austrian Championship in 1954.

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Early Years

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Market Crash In 1957 offers of every European bicycle backed off. Brought on by the acquaintance of Japanese Bikes with the world business sector, for example, Honda, Suzuki, and YAMAHA. Japanese Bikes were more reasonable To contend KTM presented creation of line of bikes and bikes. By 1959 all generation bikes stops

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The 1960\'s 1964 Production resumes. KTM wins three gold titles at the six days rivalry. KTM assembles Penton Bike and turns out to be first bicycle sent out to the United States by KTM. KTM Works gets to be processing plant dashing group

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1970\'s The Beginning of Success Designs start for their motors and start with a 125 cc Production of a 250 MX and Enduro bicycle. KTM America INC. opens in Lorain Ohio 5 World Championships

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The Soviets Gennady Moiseev was without a bicycle at the big showdown sitting tight for his CZ to be conveyed. KTM offered the Soviet rider their bicycle. Moiseev was awed by the bicycle kept on utilizing the bicycle and won the 1974 Enduro big showdown. Moiseev went ahead to win 3 big showdowns amid the seventies and two colleagues won 2 titles in street hustling and in the 125 circuit of motocross 1979 the socialist party constrained the Soviet Riding group to utilize the comrade made CZ cruisers.

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The Soviets

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The 1980\'s Saw a great deal of outline changes into the more present day earth bicycle. Initially to deliver water cooled four stroke Production of Radiators Became the principal organization to offer front and back plate brakes End of the KTM bike division Eric Trukenpolz Dies in 1988

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Bankruptcy Majority of Shares sold to a holding organization In 1991 KTM Motorfahrzeugbau AG bows out of all financial obligations Company is partitioned into four separate substances Radiators, Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Tooling Manufacture.

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The 1990\'s 1992 generation bikes resumes under KTM Sport bikes AG 1995 KTM obtains Swedish made Husaberg organization and White Power Suspension Extensive Engineering and outline take a shot at creation models.

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Today Marketing as Ready to Race KTM offers more than 80,000 bicycles a year. Generation models incorporate smaller than usual bicycles, Enduro, MX, and Supermoto earth bicycles, double game bicycles, and game bicycles. Bicycle sizes range from 50 cc to 990 cc Have central station in Austria, Spain, France, America, and Great Britain

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Dual Sport

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Sport Bike

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European Competitors

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World Competitors

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Racing KTM has won more than 96 big showdowns Has won the Dakar Rally each year since 2001 Part of 15 Pro-Circuits and innumerable novices circuits.

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Two Stroke Use a high octane gas premixed with oil Powerful motors Oil smolders in perplex of fumes framework Cause air and commotion contamination World out cry has brought on bans

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Four Stroke High octane gas just 250, 4 stroke does not equivalent 250, 2 stroke Less air and clamor contamination Since 2006 Majority of KTM\'s rough terrain vehicles are four strokes.

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Failed Partnerships In 2004 Polaris and KTM collaborated up to acquaint both organizations with the ATV dashing circuits. KTM would make motors and Polaris the bodies Late 2006 KTM hauled out of association KTM still wants to give a 525cc motor to Polaris

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Future KTM\'s tentative arrangements are to produce both an auto and an ATV

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X-BOW The X-Bow name of KTM\'s first auto Release date late 2008 Plans to enter in hustling circuits 0-60 in 3.9 seconds Top rate 217 MPH Weight 700 lbs. Controlled by an Audi Engine

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All Terrain Vehicle Set up to match dashing legacy. Discharged in late 2006. Discharged to contend in developing European business sector and bigger than cruiser market in American.

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