Ladies and Green Jobs .

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What Are Green Jobs?.
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Ladies and Green Jobs Susan Rees Wider Opportunities for Women April 1, 2009

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What Are Green Jobs? "Green" identifies with a vocation\'s motivation Jobs that monitor vitality, grow renewable vitality sources, save or enhance the earth 40% of vitality is utilized to warmth and cool structures 40% of green occupations expected in making structures vitality productive Therefore, many green employments will be in development – like conventional development worker and talented exchanges. Building retrofit, HVAC Infrastructure improvement, e.g. "shrewd matrix," mass travel And assembling – wind turbines, sun oriented boards, auto batteries

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Skills Required for Green Jobs Traditional development abilities with included specialized viewpoints And considering "green," comprehension frameworks Community school course for business HVAC-refrigeration 2-year, 53 units How structures work – building charging Energy utilize incline investigation and diagnostics Control framework programming Communication and presentation aptitudes Basic abilities, including trigonometry and geometry

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Green: A Road to Better Jobs for Women? Development and other green employments likely will pay more than those generally held by ladies. 2/3 of all working ladies are grouped in just 21 of 500 employment classes (Women Work, utilizing BLS information) Except for medical attendants and teachers, these classifications incorporate a portion of the least paying businesses Retail Personal administrations Food foundations

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The Boost From Construction Wages Single mother with one preschooler needs $24,139 to make a decent living, WOW\'s national middle Self-Sufficiency Standard in 2007. 60% of such ladies had wage underneath the national middle. 2007 BLS normal yearly development pay rates: Laborers - $30,950 HVAC - Refrigeration, Mechanics and Installers - $40,630 Insulation specialists - $41,480 Plumbers, Pipefitters, Steamfitters - $48, 442 Electricians - $48,100

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Union versus Non-union Wages Typical development exchanges union part - $993/week, $51,636/year Non-union - $624/week, $32,448/year Government ensured apprenticeships in the exchanges are street to higher paying, long haul professions in development, BUT Only 11.5 % of development employments are union occupations. (Source: Economic Policy Institute)

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How Many Stimulus Jobs Will Be Green? Employments made by Recovery Act Spending EPI gauges $200 billion in development putting in more than 2 years will make 770,000 occupations in: Transportation foundation School retrofit Electric power framework Home Weatherization Assistance Program GSA government building retrofit Public and reasonable lodging

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How Many Green Jobs for Women? Very few, if current workforce piece is any guide Women in development by and large (non-office) - 2.6% Construction workers – 2.7% HVAC, Refrigeration – 0.9% Plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters – 1.5% Electricians – 1.7% Insulation laborers – 1.9% Sheet metal specialists – 3.7% Manufacturing: Machinists – 5.2%

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Training reserves in Recovery and Reinvestment Act $1.2 billion - separated specialist administrations $750 million - aggressive allows in high-development areas, including green and broadband extension $500 million - WIA grown-up program All the above include: Targeting to low-wage populaces Supportive administrations Needs-based money installments $1 billion Weatherization Assistance Program preparing $20 million DOT at work preparing and strong administrations

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Adult Education in ARRA WIA assets might be utilized to contract with junior colleges. Finances in the State Fiscal Assistance Fund for instruction might be coordinated to programs subsidized under the Perkins Career and Technical Assistance program. Most extreme Pell awards are expanded by $500 to a greatest of $4,860. New American Opportunity Tax Credit replaces and extends the Hope Scholarship to $2,500 and makes it refundable underneath $90,000 wage ($180,000 joint returns).

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How to Ensure Women Get Green Jobs Comprehensive approach, including Hiring objectives or inclinations Enforcement of nondiscrimination and equivalent open door laws Pre-apprenticeship programs that include: Local work advertise investigation Specialized effort Orientation to development handle Support administrations and stipends, including youngster care and transportation to occupation destinations Programs tending to inappropriate behavior Apprenticeship situations including unions and businesses

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At the Federal Level Improve WANTO (Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations) sanctioned in 1992 Shown to build ladies\' work in higher-paying occupations by 47% (Mastracci) Pre-apprenticeship preparing and bolster administrations, incorporating effort and coordination with work administration committees Authorized at $1 million – frequently financed at less. Managed by Women\'s Bureau 20 programs have shut because of absence of financing.

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DOL\'s Green Jobs Training Act Green Jobs Training Act of 2007 Pathways Out of Poverty focused show awards Targets people with wage under 200% of the Self-Sufficiency Standard Should consider ladies\' needs in program execution. DOL ought to incorporate WANTO-sort pre-apprenticeship programs as philanthropic accomplices to get stipends. Information gathering requires sexual orientation, race, age and child rearing status, work arrangement and normal wage at position, including benefits.

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DOT - Federal Highway Administration Office of Civil Rights\' On-the-Job-Training and Supportive Services Competitive stipends to state roadway offices. Reason: increment work of "minorities, ladies and distraught people" in transportation occupations. Incorporates enlistment, abilities preparing, work situation, tyke mind, outreach, transportation to work locales, pre-business evaluation, intercession and directing. "Pipeline" projects may incorporate transportation-related temporary positions, helpful training, post-auxiliary bolster exercises.

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Federal Nondiscrimination Enforcement DOL ought to reinforce level with circumstance checking by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs in DOL. Staffing has been cut by roughly 25% since 2001. Reestablish the Equal Opportunity Survey obliging temporary workers to submit data by and large pay of representatives by sexual orientation and race. Upgrade enlisting objectives for ladies (6.9%) and minorities that stay in view of 1970 Census information. Grow utilization of the 2000 MOU amongst OFCCP and the GSA to together advance temporary worker enlisting objectives on chose super activities esteemed over $50 million.

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At the State and Local Level Legislation/controls ought to offer inclination to temporary workers who – Maximize the procuring of impeded gatherings, including "people for whom development is nontraditional business," and Provide wellbeing and retirement benefits. Oblige offices to facilitate employing with neighborhood group associations, procuring focuses, religious, work and not-for-profit associations. Require contracting information on Recovery Web destinations, including to the degree conceivable sex, race, ethnicity, age and past salary.

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State and Local Level (cont\'d) Enact "extend work assentions" that incorporate enlisting objectives. These are arranged deliberate understandings including, work, proprietors and contractual worker associations for substantial activities. Incorporate ladies\' and group voices at the table. Screen finance information. Set up state pre-apprenticeship enrollment, preparing and situation programs. E.g. NYC acquirement strategies require understudies on openly subsidized undertakings for the schools, Port and Housing Authorities. The city\'s Labor-supported pre-apprenticeship program ensures situation in these affirmed apprenticeships.

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Washington Area Women in the Trades (WAWIT) Camille Cormier Wider Opportunities for Women April 1, 2009

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WAWIT Partners and Major Roles Wider Opportunities for Women : case administration, non-union employment and apprenticeship situation, frameworks support; YWCA of the National Capital Area : primary preparing website, educational programs/general program improvement and usage; Community Services Agency of the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO : hands-on and 120-hour Core Construction preparing, union occupation and apprenticeship position, frameworks promotion.

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WAWIT is: a month and a half of pre-apprenticeship preparing with up to year and a half of case administration/work arrangement bolster for graduates. Preparing that gets ready low-wage DC territory ladies for development and utility professions paying independent wages .

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WAWIT Program Components Industry-Recognized Certificates : Core Construction - preparing/affirmation utilizing AFL-CIO\'s educational modules – themes: Construction Math, Blueprint Reading, Industry Orientation/Awareness, Labor History/Contemporary Issues, Tools/Materials First Aid – CPR OSHA 10 Safety Hands-on Skills Training : 40 hours at a DC territory Union Apprenticeship Training Center

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WAWIT Program Components (cont) Fitness – 3 to 5 hours of weight preparing every week, accentuation on abdominal area fortifying Gender Issues in Construction Green Jobs Overview Job Readiness Basic Computer Skills/Research - a-Trade Counseling/Case Management (up to year and a half) Individual Job Placement (up to year and a half) Technical Reading Comprehension Supporting Our Sisters: Monthly care groups

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WANTO Program (a venture of WAWIT) Women into Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations Project Goals: Prepare 200 ladies over a 2-year time span to enter lucrative development Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) in the Washington DC zone; Update and spread of Workplace Solutions site ( ), an online asset for bosses and unions on ladies in nontraditional occupations; Institutionalization of 3 to 5 new approaches/programs in suitable RAPs—particularly in the zone of enlistment a

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