Lakewood Wellbeing Framework.

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Lakewood Wellbeing Framework Tim Rice, President Minnesota Country Wellbeing Gathering, Shrewd Wellbeing 2006: Spotlight on Innovation July 17-18, 2006 Little, Rustic, Incorporated Wellbeing Framework PRIVATE, NOT Revenue driven Association Little, Provincial, Coordinated Wellbeing Framework A quarter century basic access healing center
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Lakewood Health System Tim Rice, President Minnesota Rural Health Conference, Smart Health 2006: Focus on Technology July 17-18, 2006

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SMALL, RURAL, INTEGRATED HEALTH SYSTEM Twenty-five bed basic access doctor\'s facility Ninety-eight bed long haul care Sixteen dynamic restorative staff – incorporated center Four satellite centers Sixty counseling authorities Ambulance/transportation Home Care/Hospice Forty autonomous senior living lofts Twenty-seven helped living condo Full continuum of administrations 650 representatives

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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HISTORY Telemedicine Clinical Information System – Care Center Clinical Information System – Home Care IT Staff and Support PACS – Radiology Clinic Practice Management System Clinic EMR Hospital Clinical Information System USDA Grant System Connectivity Web-website/Intranet

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EHR IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS Administrative Direction RFI In-House Demonstration Site Visits Product Selection – Best Breed Team EMR – Clinic Physician Leadership Dedicated Support Team Selected Hospital System Team EMR – Hospital Team EHR

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LESSONS LEARNED Have Physician Champions Utilize a Team Approach Dedicated Clinical and IT Support Address Negativity Right Away Be Sensitive to Your Work Culture No Program or System is Right for Everyone Cannot Accommodate Every Wish/Set a Standard Have a Game Plan/Be Flexible Expect the Unexpected Celebrate the Victories

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FINANCIAL AND QUALITY CARE BENEFITS Increased Staff and Physician Productivity Capture Charges at Point of Care Significantly Reduced Clinic AR Days Enhanced Clinic Prescriptions Enhanced Quality Improvement Enhanced Transfer of Information

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SUMMATION Would Never Go Back Increased Public Perception Increased Professionalism Improved Patient Care

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