Land for Whatever is left of Us.

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Members will a percentage of the imperative components in the home purchasing procedure ... Look for a home. Find out about home purchasing projects. Locate a decent operators ...
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Land for the Rest of Us

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Goals of Workshop Participants will find out about the print assets that will instruct them in the house purchasing and offering process Participants will get comfortable with the electronic assets accessible to bolster them in purchasing and offering a house Participants will a portion of the critical components in the home purchasing process

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Key to Mastering the Real Estate Market Do Your Homework! Get your Financial House all together!

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Do Your Homework!! Perused ebb and flow writing Read nearby paper and Wall Street Journal Take a workshop at a grown-up ed focus or neighborhood group focus Do investigate on the land market in your objective group.

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Select a particular geographic zone Length of drive/Public transportation School frameworks Medical administrations Cultural occasions or venues Extended family Recreational offices

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Pre-qualify How much would I be able to bear the cost of ? Get your free credit reports.

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Figure out what you need versus what you require

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Buying a House

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Shop for a home Learn about home purchasing programs Find a decent specialist Look at properties Go to Open Houses

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Pick the comfortable Negotiate the best arrangement and make the offer Research late land exchanges in neighborhood

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Arrange for an examination

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Get financing Open escrow

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Close the arrangement

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Selling Your Home

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Preparing your home to offer Curb advance Staging your home Check B&T for land exchanges in your neighborhood.

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Go to Internet!!!!

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