Land Teachers Course Connecticut Law Upgrade.

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Land BROKERAGE. Authorizing (1) Allows licensee competitors ... Obliges home loan intermediaries and land operators to divulgence that they are not ...
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Land Instructors Seminar Connecticut Law Update Connecticut 2007 Legislative Session is not over until June 6, 2007. Bills gave an account of here might possibly go into law; other new bills may at present be presented. Data on Connecticut Bills and Public Acts can be found at . Katherine A. Pancak, University of Connecticut March 30, 2007

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REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE Licensing (1) Allows licensee hopefuls boundless times inside a one year to take the permitting exam (versus four times); however arrangement for yearly restoration of qualification is wiped out. (2) Eliminates $25 charge for copy duplicate of a permit testament. HB 6992, dynamic. Permit Fees Reduces the yearly permit restoration expenses by $3 (intermediary - from $300 to $297; salespersons - from $225 to $222). SB 110, dynamic. Course Approval Fees Imposes a $25 charge for course endorsement. SB 114; seems idle.

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DISCLOSURES Additional Disclosures Requires exposure of surge risk zones, airplane terminals, unique expense evaluation territories, known or potential radon gas zones, and natural dangers superfund locales. SB 772; dynamic. Ecological Hazard Disclosure Statement Requires merchant to convey an announcement about whether property is situated on or flawless an earth polluted site; dealer and operator obligation constrained for non-fake mistakes taking into account open data. HB 6859; dynamic. Sinkholes Adds sinkholes to current property condition revelation structure. SB 71; seems dormant. Weapon or Hunting Clubs Requires dealer\'s specialist to make composed exposure to purchaser about nearness of firearm club or chasing club situated inside one mile of property. SB 283, dynamic. Title Insurance Requires lawyers speaking to purchasers to make divulgences about alternatives and need of title protection. SB 832; seems dormant. Contract Referral Fees Requires contract merchants and land specialists to divulgence that they are not giving or accepting a referral expense; disappointment could prompt permit renouncement . HB 5344; dynamic.

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OTHER Department of Housing Reestablishes DOH. HB 5049; dynamic. Task of Rents Adopts the Uniform of Assignment of Rents Act. SB 2007, dynamic. Abandonment Protection Protects property holders against value skimming. HB 5222, dynamic. Electronic Recording Allows towns to plan for electronic recording of reports. SB 594; dynamic. Transport Tax Numerous bills have been proposed managing movement charge. ?!?! Prominent Domain Numerous bills have been proposed managing famous space. ?!?!

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