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Draft arrangement explanation characterizes moderate lodging. Depicts lodging ... POST DRAFT AFFORDABLE HOUSING POLICY STATEMENT AND PROPOSED RULE CHANGES TO 30 ...
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Reasonable HOUSING Draft Policy Statement and Proposed Rule Changes LAND USE REGULATION COMMISSION 7 FEBRUARY 2007

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BACKGROUND Issue of moderate lodging said once in a while as of late Monhegan asked for guideline changes in September 2005 Affordable lodging board dialog held in August 2006 Commission guided staff to continue with drafting rules Denial of building license to Monhegan inhabitant in September 2006

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DRAFT AFFORDABLE HOUSING POLICY STATEMENT Policy proclamation gives the premise to proposed principle changes Draft arrangement explanation characterizes moderate lodging Describes lodging business sector and salary patterns in ward Discusses a few issues identified with moderate lodging Presents draft objective and strategy articulations

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AFFORDABLE HOUSING DEFINITION Decent, sheltered and sterile living facilities Affordable to lower and direct wage families 33% utmost on family wage for lodging costs

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Maine Housing Costs Housing costs, deals and rentals, expanding much speedier than earnings in many locales MaineHousing tracks provincial lodging expenses and middle salaries Trends are especially hazardous in beach front and southern Maine Uses "moderateness file" to assess degree of reasonableness issues crosswise over Maine (proportion between the amount of home loan advance zones\' middle wage family units can bear the cost of isolated by territories\' middle home cost)

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2005 Affordability for Median Income Buyers Income Needed to Community or Affordability Median Median Afford Median Housing Market Index Home Price Income Home Price Communities Greenville 0.81 $127,500 $35,948 $44,604 Rangeley 0.46 $251,250 $38,243 $83,826 Counties Aroostook County 1.41 $ 67,000 $32,809 $23,249 Hancock County 0.66 $196,000 $41,869 $63,206 Franklin County 0.84 $127,000 $35,930 $42,752 Hancock County 0.66 $196,000 $41,869 $63,206 Knox County 0.69 $192,875 $44,005 $63,675 Lincoln County 0.64 $209,000 $43,559 $68,281 Oxford County 0.88 $129,900 $38,123 $43,510 Penobscot County 0.88 $132,500 $39,453 $44,988 Piscataquis County 1.02 $ 92,000 $31,652 $30,994 Somerset County 1.14 $ 91,500 $35,153 $30,898 Washington County 0.89 $ 95,000 $29,105 $32,723 Labor Market Areas Dover-Foxcroft LMA 1.06 $ 86,750 $30,982 $29,291 Millinocket LMA 1.81 $ 53,950 $33,440 $18,488 Coastal Islands 0.50 $272,500 $42,716 $85,035 LURC MCDs 0.68 $165,000 $36,554 $53,498 Maine 0.70 $184,000 $43,370 $61,648

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Median Incomes and Housing Costs 2001 – 2005

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LURC Regulatory Approach Current CLUP does not say moderate lodging as an issue… Chapter 10 rules don\'t particularly address reasonable lodging

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Affordable Housing Issues Development and Regulation Demand and Location: Accommodate reasonable lodging in all regions fitting for private advancement at first – then screen Environmental Protection and Land Use Regulation: Examine land use arrangements to figure out if measures can be lessened or deferred to decrease lodging costs while as yet securing regular assets

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Affordable Housing Issues Development and Regulation Regulatory Techniques: Inclusionary zoning – rules coordinate moderate lodging into general advancement in groups Density rewards – permit extra units by and large in return for incorporation of moderate units Accessory flats/multi-family residences – use motivating forces to energize advancement; breaking point to moderate lodging purposes Incentives versus commands – at first, utilize motivators, then screen circumstance

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Affordable Housing Issues Long-term Affordability Specified time allotments: Variable – 10-99 years Maintaining reasonableness: Rentals – simpler than deals units… oversight office sets rental rates inside moderate ranges and cutoff points builds Sales – deed agreements incorporate valuing recipes that may consider swelling, upgrades, endowments Mechanisms: Income and reasonableness limits – set reasonable rental rates and deal costs; screen families Various means – deed pledges, sponsorships to extension hole, right of first refusal for deals

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Affordable Housing Issues Initial Commission Approach: Incentive-based Approach Allow diminishment of least parcel size and other dimensional necessities, as required Long-term Affordability Consider time span of reasonableness Leave technique for guaranteeing long haul reasonableness to candidates Housing Oversight Require on-going contribution and oversight by satisfactory lodging elements May require go down for the lodging substances

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Draft Affordable Housing Goal Statement Proposed Goal: Facilitate the arrangement of reasonable lodging open doors in proper areas to families with a full scope of livelihoods.

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Draft Affordable Housing Policies Proposed Policies: Evaluate current dimensional prerequisites and area use models for private structures and subdivisions to expel obstructions to the formation of moderate private parts and development of reasonable staying units. Require that allowed reasonable lodging is supervised by experienced nearby or provincial lodging gatherings or offices that can guarantee it is kept up as moderate lodging over the long haul. Guarantee that allowed lodging reasonable to family units with differed livelihoods is mixed inside private undertakings and improvement subdistricts, as suitable. Work with neighborhood and provincial lodging gatherings, estate and town authorities, and territorial arranging organizations to distinguish the need and suitable areas for reasonable lodging.

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10.02 DEFINITIONS Affordable Housing: Decent, protected and clean living lodging that are reasonable to low, low and direct salary family units Limit of 33% of pay spent on lodging Affordable Housing Covenant: Agreement among proprietors, and/or inhabitants, and qualified holders, that grants holders to control price tag of lodging Primary reason to give moderate lodging

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10.25 DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS U. Reasonable HOUSING Dimensional Requirements Reduce least parcel size to 20,000 square feet Reduce other dimensional prerequisites, as required Income Restrictions Require deal or rental to low, low and direct salary family units Allow waiver of point of confinement on % of wage spent on lodging in specific markets

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10.25 DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS U. Reasonable HOUSING (cont.) 3. Maintenance of Long-term Affordability Require that arrangements keep running with area & are recorded Restrict title for deals in unendingness by deed agreement Limit yearly lease expands Allow other proportional components

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10.25 DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS U. Moderate HOUSING (cont.) 4. Qualified Housing Entities Require oversight of reasonable parcels or units by qualified lodging substance satisfactory to Commission Require go down lodging element or agreement holder Require endorsement of exchanges of rights

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10.25 DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS U. Moderate HOUSING (cont.) 5. Affordable Housing Agreement – Submissions: Identification of qualified lodging element & go down Method for keeping up long haul reasonableness Process for screening and selecting occupants or purchasers Purchase choice for qualified lodging element Method to return benefits for motivation behind lodging Documentation of requirement for waiver of 33% breaking point

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10.26, G Exceptions to Dimensional Requirements 14. The Commission may decrease dimensional requirements with the end goal of giving affordable lodging open doors, in accordance with Section 10.25, U.

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