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1) Buy your favored nourishments/snacks in mass at the close-by stores (G20 , ... alike will discover astounding stand sustenance at the Jewish and Libanese eateries. ...
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LBAT-PARIS 2009 Arriv é e à Charles de Gaulle… voyage au MIJE If you touch base with the gathering, Dr. Nerve be sitting tight for you at the air terminal and will manage through the maze..we\'ll take the bus to the MIJE Fourcy If you touch base before or after the gathering, getting from Charles de Gaulle Airport to your Paris inn is simple as un-deux-trois Useful connections MIJE (Maison Internationale des Jeunes É tudiants) Fourcy. Adresse: 6 mourn de Fourcy, 75004 Paris (4 è me arrondissement) Tel: 01 42 74 23 45. Lignes de m é tro (from the Parisian center point, Ch â telet-Les Halles Station): Saint-Paul, ligne 1 , course Ch â teau de Vincennes or Pont-Marie (2 stations far from Ch â telet station, then a one-minute stroll to the MIJE), ligne 7 , bearing Mairie d\'Ivry or Villejuif-Louis aragon (1 station far from Ch â telet station, then a 3-minute stroll to the MIJE) Plan du m é tro et du RER parisien rendition PDF Plan du m é tro et du RER parisien avec les regrets form PDF Mini-arrangement du m é tro variant PDF (request a smaller than normal tram map at a RATP\'s free) Plan de Paris virtuel

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LBAT-PARIS 2009 Ordinateur – Appareils é lectroniques – Paris complimentary wireless internet Paris Wifi remark ç a marche? Paris Wifi accesible dans les jardins parisiens Localisation des bornes wifi dans le 4 è me arrondissement de Paris Bringing your hardware to Europe Grounded Adapter - CE Certified - USA to Europe - Heavy Duty Adapter for non-Mac tablets Apple World Travel Adapter Kit (accessible @Lenox Square Mall) Kensington International Travel plug connector Travel voltage essentials (hair blowers) We\'ll give electrical strings and electrical extensions with surge security in and outside the classroom Cell telephone alternatives Paris Cybercaf é Web 46 Ungrounded Adapter - CE Certified - USA to Continental Europe - Adapter for non-Mac portable workstations… accessible at Radioshack, Circuit City , etc..Price range: $3-5 Paris Wifi – Place des Vosges

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LBAT-PARIS 2009 Appareils electroniques – Telephones portables et appareils photographs Cell telephone choices Public telephones. Accessible at tobacco shops, post workplaces, and France Télécom stores, a genuine France Telecom card or télécarte is important for about all open phones. You\'ll see that on the front/left side, they have a microchip or "puce" that monitors the quantity of units left after every phone call. Every card has either 50 or 120 " unités "( call credits that you can watch consider down you decide) and is sold for either 7.50 € or 15 €. The télécarte will permit you to make calls inside France effectively and at a sensible rate, and you can call home at a rate that, while not great, is at any rate discernable. These quick and simple cards are especially helpful when you\'re just calling home to ask that somebody get back to you. To make a global call from France, you first dial 00, then the nation code, then the number you are calling. For the U.S., you will dial something like 001xxx-xxx-xxxx Digital cameras

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LBAT-PARIS 2009 Vie pratique: les commerces de la lament de Rivoli – Carte ISIC – Carte d\'Assurance – Mangez bien et pas cher! La carte ISIC: les avantages en France et pour voyager :rebates on social exercises (historical centers, films and so on), ventures, youth inns and a great deal more. Keep it in your wallet alongside your protection card for field trips and/or each time you go out or travel. The ISIC understudy card is issued by the Office of International Education ( you will get it for nothing on the off chance that you travel Rue de Rivoli : 30 seconds from the MIJE, you\'ll find all that you requirement for your every day errands inside a 500-yard range (stores, drug stores, post office, boutiques d\'opticien, wireless merchants, Internet bistros, cake shops, "sandwicheries", laundromats, boutiques, ATMs, station de m é tro, shoddy and not really modest eateries) Rue de Fourcy (MIJE) Rue de Rivoli

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LBAT-PARIS 2009 Vie pratique: tips for eating shabby and well Please email me ASAP on the off chance that you have any dietary limitations (veggie lover, vegetarian, religious dietary tenets) or on the off chance that you are oversensitive to certain sustenance sorts to determine what you can\'t or mustn\'t eat ! Merci… Knowing that lunch is not served at the MIJE-Fourcy eatery and that you may not generally be 100% fulfilled by the nourishment for breakfast and/or supper (be it subjectively or quantitatively), here are some cash sparing arrangements : 1) Buy your favored sustenances/snacks in mass at the adjacent stores ( G20 , Franprix … hours of operation: 9am to 9pm). For breakfast, you might need to purchase baked goods, jam, Nutella. For lunch, you might need to get ready sandwiches produced using scratch (with baguettes, camembert, brie, tomatoes, organic products and so on..) and/or purchase bundled blended plates of mixed greens and/or yogurts. 2) Buy crisp (natural) produce, veggies thus substantially more at the marché en plein air in Place Baudoyer Wed 3-8:30pm + Saturday morning 7:30am - 3pm 3) Vegetarians and/or and non-vegan alike will discover magnificent stand sustenance at the Jewish and Libanese eateries. In case you\'re wanting falafels , hummus , or taboule , check L\'As du Fallafel et L\'Escale du Liban out. These eateries are inside strolling separation from the MIJE… miam-miam! Keep in mind: the "to-go box" (or "doggy sack" for the French) is an idea is outsider to French eating society and restaurateurs.

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LBAT-PARIS 2009 What to pack? Pressing List. Keeping away from pickpockets. Paris wellbeing tips. Tipping in Paris and France. Climate in June Weather in July Packing list : counsel this rundown before your trek to France so you don\'t leave home missing those required things. Definitely, not everybody will require everything off this rundown. In the event that you take everything on this rundown, you won\'t pack light . Tips for staying away from pickpockets in Paris : don\'t bring costly adornments, don\'t convey an excess of money. You can buy just about anything anyplace with a VISA Mastercard. Paris security tips : Paris is factually a protected spot. Indeed, even more secure is the top of the line area where you will stay ! Abstain from taking the first and the last metro. Abstain from grinning at or looking at men you don\'t have the foggiest idea: in France, this is (lamentably) frequently deciphered as a welcome to make propels. Abstain from grinning at or looking at ladies despite the fact that the envious maddened spouse or beau won\'t not be in sight. Go out as a gathering each time you can. Keep away from jam-pressed spots and shady bars/clubs (they\'re generally void). Stay balanced and withdraw from any circumstance possibly prompting verbal misuse, physical meeting or lewd behavior. Tipping in Paris and France.

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LBAT-PARIS 2009 Academic Honor Code. Set of accepted rules. MIJE standards and approaches. As a Georgia Tech understudy, you will stay subject to the Academic Honor Code and Code of Conduct for the whole length of the project. Dr. Nerve will hand you out the French-English MIJE-Fourcy tenets and controls structure for you to survey and sign. Maintaining these principles will guarantee that you fittingly speak to our system and foundation. MIJE Fourcy is a pleasant inn that is cleaned every day and has great space. Staff is useful and agreeable. There aren\'t lockers inside the rooms however the inn has a few. There\'s night reconnaissance inside the lodging and at the passage entryway. Breakfast/supper room Bedrooms

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LBAT-PARIS 2009 Useful connections and locations Blog LBAT-Paris 2008 LBAT FAQ (Dr. Cottille-Foley\'s site) Tips on the most proficient method to enhance your French before leaving for Paris (Dr. Cottille-Foley\'s site) Ambassade des Etats-Unis à Paris : 2, Avenue Gabriel - 75008 Paris, France – T é l. 01 43 12 22 Dr Lionel Gall: 4, Rue des Lombards-75001 Paris – Cell 06 20 00 03 25 (in the event of crisis, you can contact me all day, every day by telephone (favored) and message message)..Dr. Cottille-Foley will utilize this telephone too after my flight) - Apt. T e l. 01 44 61 07 69 – or (if there is a framework blackout with Zimbra Spectrum) Dis moi o ù … un guide personnalis é, interactif et collaboratif pour visiter, sortir, trough, faire du shopping à Paris.

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