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Client basically call your bolster line and calls are keenly steered to our office ... Inbound Call Management : ( Customer Query/Customer Care ) ...
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Call Center Lead Generation E-Marketing Customer Care Technical Support Web & Multimedia Software Solution Data & Management We are world-class global BPO administration supplier We give complete, financially savvy arrangements, with ensured deliverability and steady execution. Yantram BPO Services PVT LTD 902-903,Samedh Complex,C.G Road, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad-3800009 Gujarat . India 91-79-32938468 +1-408-705-2785 (US Inbound) info@webyantram.com www.webyantram.com

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Services BPO Services Inbound Call Center Outbound Call Center Sales & Marketing Answering Service » » Lead Generation Financial & Accounting Services Customer Service Appointment Scheduling Document Management Services Inquiry Handling Product/Service Promotion Multimedia and Design Service Software Solution Technical Support Market Research Customer Service Sales & Marketing Toll Free Services Web Research Verification administrations Website Response Technical help Order Processing E-mail follow-up Messaging Service Data administration

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Call Center Our Call Center administrations incorporate Inbound Services Inbound Services » Teach. Support » Account status »  Order preparing/status » Product Inquiry » Registration » Troubleshooting, mistake determination and specialized backing » Rate arrangement depiction, deals and general item data » Answering Service Customer Service » Inquiry Handling » Technical Support » Toll Free Services » Website Response » Order Processing » Messaging Service Outbound Services » Welcome Calls and Upgrade Programs »  Win back Programs » Lead Generation Programs » Cross/Up-Sell » Customer/Quality Surveys » Lead Generation » Appointment Scheduling » Marketing/Sales - affiliate and (lessen client securing costs) » Product/Service Promotion » Market Research » Sales & Marketing » Verification administrations » E-mail follow-up » Data administration

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BPO Service Inbound Services » Welcome Calls and Upgrade Programs » Sales & Marketing » Financial & Accounting Services » Document Management Services » Multimedia and Design Service » Software Solution » Customer Service » Web Research » Technical help (Mostly we can give these administrations to the accompanying grounds.) (Hotels, travel organizations, contract, e-business and so forth… any of those are required client administration, by telephone or email)

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E-Marketing Our Sales & Marketinservicesinclude » Web Media » Order Entry » Replenishment » Lead Generation » Market Research » Product/Service Sales » Market Entry Support » Customer Profile Development » Satisfaction Tracking » Post Sales Service » Data section work (In this classification we can give online work & disconnected from the net work any sort of every day office work).

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Customer Care E-mail bolster Email has ended up a standout amongst the most productive method for correspondence in the advanced. Therefore, your clients hope to compare effectively and rapidly with your client administration agents. YANTRAM Mail furnishes you with a completely outsourced email bolster arrangement that gives your clients the level of administration they request, at a small amount of the expense of in-house support . Voice-telephone bolster Though correspondence through electronic has ended up standard, your clients still hope to have the capacity to get the telephone and address a live individual. By outsourcing with YANTRAM in India, your organization can give your clients every minute of every day telephone access, without the immoderate overhead connected with day in and day out in-house support. Client just call your bolster line and calls are insightfully steered to our office in India where our prepared agents benefit your clients . Talk live on-line bolster Though correspondence through electronic has gotten to be standard, your clients still hope to have the capacity to get the telephone and address a live individual. By outsourcing with YANTRAM in India, your organization can give your clients day in and day out telephone access, without the expensive overhead connected with all day, every day in-house support. Client just call your bolster line and calls are shrewdly directed to our office in India where our prepared delegates benefit your clients .

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Technical Support YANTRAM gives backing and deals administrations to an expansive scope of finished items and administrations for the innovation business, including » Computer Hardware (PC/OEM and Server) » Software » Network/Telecommunications Equipment » Desktop Systems and Applications » Peripherals/PDAs » Consumer Electronics » Wireless Handsets » Internet Services

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Web & Multimedia Internet Solutions For more insights about our center administrations click on the accompanying connections: YANTRAM have a scope of web arrangements appropriately customized to our customers needs. We offer expert administrations, for example, takes after: » Content improvement » Flash activitys » Banners (Static/Animated) » Corporate site advancement » E-business arrangements » B2B/B2C Solutions » E-trade Solutions » Web website advancement » Domain Registration/Hosting Graphic Solutions Commercial/Advertisement We can give the outlining arrangement as taking after: » Production of moderate TV plugs » Multimedia Presentations (CD ROM) » Production of corporate recordings » Production of instructional recordings » Creation of advancement recordings » Brochures » Stationery » Logos » Posters » Flyers » Cd ROMs » Product Packaging

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Software Solution We give programming improvement and framework joining administrations in ranges of: »   Application Design, Development and Maintenance (Client and Server side) »   Graphic User Interface (GUI) Development »   Database Design »   System Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing - We have top notch programming improvement experts like task supervisors, programming creators, software engineers and architects, analyzers and specialized scholars with selective aptitude to deal with your necessities. - We offer a settled task cost or hourly rates for programming advancement which relies on upon the unpredictability of the undertaking. - If you oblige us to grow new programming for you, please Contact Us with a portrayal of the task. After an evaluation of the undertaking usage and cost, we will hit you up with the accessibility status.

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Data Management Business Process Outsource Transaction handling » Credit card Verification Process » Invoice indexing. » Invoice preparing. » Data preparing. » Customer questions. » Fraud approval. » Skip following. » Business Process Outsource » Data Management » Finance & Accounting Services Data Management Finance & Accounting Service » Collections » Check handling » Application preparing » Credit/Debit Card administrations » Customer Account Management » Debt solidification and accumulation » Receivables and Payables administration » Data Conversion from paper to electronic organization. » Data Entry & Processing » Imaging & Indexing » Database Management » Data Conversion

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Scope of the Proposal This record depicts how Yantram will give contact focus administrations to various players in the calling card industry. It clarifies the fundamental administrations that Yantram can give and a brief about the framework, procedures and specialized capacities that Yantram needs to give the administrations in An aggressive way. Administrations for TELECOM Inbound Call Management : ( Customer Query/Customer Care ) Yantram operators will deal with all inbound calls for calling card giving the clients an acceptable reaction to their inquiries. Yantram can give round the clock administration (24 by 7) including Weekends for this. Yantram likewise g ives the adaptability of variable staffing wherein relying upon the customer necessities Yantram can fluctuate the number and sort of operators staffed at every hour of the day and every day of the week. Yantram additionally gives the adaptability to handle blasts of call volumes by keeping prepared staff prepared as standby Outbound Calling : ( Sales Promotion and Marketing of Cards ) Yantram has rich involvement in outbound calling as it has call for all the more then 4 telecom organizations In US. We can advance your image, Sale your cards to clients, to little merchants, merchants, Collect request from merchants and re dealers.

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MIS & REPORTING Since the change of client information to client data and client data to client learning is extremely critical for Calling Card Company, it is vital to remove the right information and present it in the right organization for examination. Here are a portion of the reports we propose might help Calling Card Company: Desk/Agent Reports MIS Reports - Dispositions shrewd reports - Problem particular reports - Hot, Warm and Cold questions report - Demographic Reports - Feedback Reports - Callback subtle elements - Product/administration savvy reports - Agent Working Reports - Call Detail Reports - Login & Talk Time Report - Floor Attendance Report Customer request report Yantram has a dynamic 24 x 7 reporting group promising to convey precise reports inside 3 hours of finishing of movement.

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CRM SOFTWARE For Calling Card Company, every exchange with the client conveys part of worth to the general business. Yantram has thorough, completely adaptable CRM programming, which keeps the tack of every exchange of client and operator cooperation. It helps specialists to perform all the more proficiently as Every verifiable exchange is accessible to him every time he converses with the client. The CRM programming Gives significant elements like: - Customer Transaction Tracking - Customer History Storage & Retrieval - One Click Information

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