Leader s Office for People with Disabilities .

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Chairman's Office for Individuals with Handicaps. Renee M. Smith-Quinn. About MOPD. Leader Richard M. Daley. Advances complete get to Full cooperation Equivalent open door Systemic change Instruction and Preparing Backing and Direct Administrations for individuals with inabilities. MOPD Magistrate
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Leader\'s Office for People with Disabilities Renee M. Smith-Quinn

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About MOPD Mayor Richard M. Daley Promotes add up to get to Full support Equal open door Systemic change Education & Training Advocacy & Direct Services for individuals with handicaps MOPD Commissioner Karen Tamley Source: www.cityofchicago.org/Disabilites

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Services & Programs (Just to give some examples) Information & Referral Case Management Services Employment Counseling & Training Consultation & Technical Assistance to Employers Disability Awareness Architectural Services Workshops & Seminars Youth Programs Source: www.cityofchicago.org/Disabilities

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HIRING YOUTH WITH DISABILITES Career Exploration… Career Development… Paid Internships Young individuals 14 - 22 years old Disability Mentoring Day National Job Shadow Week Mayor Daley\'s Summer Jobs Program for Youth with Disabilities Annual Employment for Youth in Transition Created database for bosses and understudy procures Offered help to managers with movement of youth in occupation situation Source: www.cityofchicago.org/Disabilities

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TECHWORKS Funded by Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity Increase innovation based business openings City Colleges of Chicago & CPS understudies with inabilities Summer Internship positions to start in 2009 in innovation field In readiness for future workforce in innovation based fields Created databases of schools that offered preparing in innovation courses for youth with incapacities Contacted universities with innovation programs that adjusted understudies with incapacities

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DISABILITY AWARENESS Disability Etiquette Publications Community Outreach Leisure Skills Program Disability Pride Parade

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Phone Selection Center People who are Hard of Hearing With specialist referrals Selection of 4 enhanced telephones with different elements Introduced customers to telephone choices Completed fundamental documentation Conducted trial of TTY telephones with the Chicago Police Department and 911 call focus

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ACCESSIBILE EVENTS Open to all ages and all incapacities Priority seating amid shows and exhibitions Created scripts for headings in securing wristbands Customer benefit agent Escorted members to need seats Initiated staff gatherings Taste of Chicago, Air & Water Show, Blues Festival, Gospel Festival, Jazz Festival, Viva Chicago, Celtic Festival

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Free one-day expo at Navy Pier Open to all ages and all incapacities Informs on inability related items and administrations Provides chances to take an interest in game and recreational exercises Assisted with enrollment Escorted members to the fitting ranges Crowd control Traffic control

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2016 Grant 2016 Olympic Games Grant Benefit individuals with incapacities claimed organizations/state confirmed organizations Develop workforce advancement inventories Employment Placement Agencies Education and Advocacy Agencies Conducted Workforce Development Surveys (phone)

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THE IMPACT… Participants increase: Social communications with other individuals with inabilities Tolerance in face of difficulty Informed of accessibility of items and administrations Learned to end up distinctly better backers My pick up: Awareness of MOPD Awareness of innovation accessible for individuals with incapacities Importance of backing in different territories New fellowships To make lemonade

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CITY HALL 121 N. LASALLE STREET ROOM 1104 312-744-7050 (VOICE) 312-744-4964 (TTY) Joseph Albritton Deputy Commissioner Carolyn Jones Assistant Commissioner Joe Russo Deputy Commissioner Kate Kubey Jerod Lockhart MOPD FIELD OFFICE 2102 W. OGDEN AVENUE 312-744-6673 (VOICE) 312-744-7833(TTY) Sharon Corrigan Deputy Commissioner Deidre James Program Director Lavonzell Paige Prog. Coord., Disability Ser. Kimberly Taylor Administrative Manager MOPD Members Karen Tamley, Commissioner

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