Learning Outline Workshop Friday 27 April 2007 - Sheffield Hallam Encouraged by: First light Leeder, RLO-CETL, College o.

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Community for History, Classics & Archeology RLO-CETL, London Metropolitan ... Community for History, Classics & Archeology RLO-CETL, London Metropolitan University 15 ...
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Assessing numerous elucidations GLO device workshop Wednesday 15 August 2007 RLO-CETL, London Metropolitan University Learning Design Workshop Friday 27 April 2007 - Sheffield Hallam Facilitated by: Dawn Leeder, RLO-CETL, University of Cambridge Richard Windle, RLO-CETL, University of Nottingham

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Program 11:00 Arrival and acquaintances 11:15 Background with GLO apparatus and interface 12:00 Demo and exchange 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Hands-on use and assessment Deliverables & points of reference 15:00 Depart

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RLO-CETL A synergistic CETL London Metropolitan University Cambridge University Nottingham University Aims - to build up a scope of mixed media learning objects that can be put away in storehouses, got to over the web, and coordinated into course conveyance - by building and managing an effective group of practice and outfitting it with all the backing and instruments required to accomplish our points

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What are RLOs? Demo: Levels of Measurement otherwise known as media resources

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What are RLOs? + Pedagogy + action + appraisal in light of a solitary learning objective

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Sharing the LOAD JISC Circular 01/06: Design for Learning Program year and a half venture May 2006 - Oct 2007 to catch \'certifiable\' shareable learning plans make & assess models Develop as GLO devices

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Design for reuse Workshop question: "What components are alluring for reusability?" Responses: .. Retrievable, searchable, independent, connecting with, open, and so forth… But likewise: Editable Customisable Flexible Adaptable Updatable Create new cases Add segments Add test questions Different dialect forms

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Generative Learning Objects The people to come… in view of a pedagogical example separate case from center versatile by nearby coaches (and understudies) profitability expanded importance improved #3 #2 Core Pedagogical Pattern #4 Subject particular occasions #1 #5 #1

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Learning Design Workshops 2006 + FUN! FREE! College of London Thurs 9 November University of Cambridge Wed 15 November University of Nottingham Tues 21 November University of Oxford Wed 6 December "A splendid workshop that has left my head humming with significantly more thoughts" "Superb workshop – empowering, testing" "Extremely agreeable, useful and all around sorted out"

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Artifact GLO

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Artifact GLO device

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