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Image courtesy of Youth-Link. Youth Work and Schools Practitioner Seminar Quality Hotel, Perth 28 th January 2009. More Choices, More Chances Preparing for Post-School Transition. Lee Dunn Principal Teacher Pastoral & School Development (Alva Academy) Sandy Parker
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Picture affability of Youth-Link Youth Work and Schools Practitioner Seminar Quality Hotel, Perth 28 th January 2009 More Choices, More Chances Preparing for Post-School Transition Lee Dunn Principal Teacher Pastoral & School Development (Alva Academy) Sandy Parker Youth Worker (Alva Academy) Tom Snow LTS Development Officer (MCMC) Image cordiality of LTS

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Workshop Aims To place More Choices, More Chances inside the setting of Curriculum for Excellence and talk about the rising topics prompting accomplishment for youngsters. To look at the connections amongst school and Youth Work in a useful setting - laying out parts, exercises, correspondence and the components prompting successful association working.

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Workshop Outline Supporting Young People in Education More Choices, More Chances - Alva Academy Curriculum and Pastoral Welfare Support Youth Work Support Partnerships and Communication Transition Planning

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Supporting Young People in Education More Choices, More Chances Alva Academy Clackmannanshire Council

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"We as a whole have enormous changes in our lives that are pretty much another opportunity\'\' Harrison Ford

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A Curriculum For Excellence Image graciousness of LTS Images civility of www.justteaching.co.uk

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A Curriculum For Excellence It is vital to guarantee that kids and youngsters are obtaining the full scope of aptitudes and capacities significant to developing, living and working in the contemporary world. Educational programs for Excellence intends to guarantee that they will appreciate more prominent decision and chance to understand their individual gifts . Content cordiality of LTS

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MCMC Aims (inside The School) Motivate, empower and raise achievement Build certainty, idealism and desire Educate and create \'life aptitudes\' through a more extensive scope of educational programs and professional arrangement Increase the quantity of understudies who touch base into a constructive goal taking after effective move into job, instruction or preparing

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Pupil Support Structure

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Identifying The Young People SEEMIS Data Behavior Support Agenda Pupil Support Agenda School Liaison Group Agenda (outer organizations) Underachievement and absence of fulfillment Referral from The Police Currently set on Staged Intervention Referral from Careers Advisor Referral from Forth Valley College Link Officer Positive Behavior Policy (endorses and compensates) Exclusion Rate Attendance Rate

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Identifying The Young People LAAC (Looked after in Children\'s Unit of Foster Care) LAC (Home Supervision Order) Social Work Free School Meals Referral System (both inner and outside) Additional Support Needs Young Carer EAL (English as an Additional Language) Educational Disaffection Family Circumstances Poverty Substance Misuse and other outer administering elements: (Teenage Parents; Offenders; Physical - Mental Health) School Leavers (Positive Destination Requirement)

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Pupil Centered – Team Approach

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Curriculum and Pastoral Welfare Support

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The First Steps Why is the Young Person not connecting with/spurred? What are the boundaries? What bolsters/mediations are required? Who can offer assistance? What will it take? Picture cordiality of comicbookresources.com

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Working with The Young Person The First Meeting Building a Rapport Building Trust Appropriate Action Be Prepared A Balancing Act Transition Arrangements

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Positive Interventions Support them (observing and following) Make home visits Reduce/combine timetable Refer to the Children\'s Reporter Place on Staged Intervention/other arrangement Introduce other expert bolster Liaise between educational modules educators Seek exhortation and support from others Do what it takes!

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Youth Work Support

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Youth Work Support What are the connections amongst School and Youth Work? To bolster assigned understudies in their scholarly and social advancement To set up, keep up and add to working connections inside the school, guardians/carers and outside organizations

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The part of The Youth Worker in School Based full time in school Individual caseload – scratch contact Primary move Managing an enrollment care group To sort out, encourage and assess: Groupwork programs Holiday action programs Extended work encounter (Alvie) After school clubs

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Co-ordinating, leading and going to survey gatherings, transition arranging gatherings and The Children\'s Panel Report composing/data gathering Informing staff of the bolster needs of individual pupils Working with staff to enhance classroom conduct (SPinVIP) Framework for mediation, Restorative Practice Attending the Behavior Support, School Liaison Group and Pupil Support gatherings

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Communication Parents/Carers School Staff External Agencies

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Partnerships and Communication Establishing a compelling association

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Who are our Partners? Picture cordiality of flickr.com

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Psychological Services Woman\'s Aid Support Agencies Voluntary Agencies Health Services Young Carers Employers The Police Parents/Carers Social Work Legal Services Forth Valley College Local Authority Housing

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Partnerships and Communication Methodology School Liaison Groups Review Meetings Emergency Child Protection Meetings Children\'s Panels Case Conferences Other formal/casual? correspondence Presentations Interviews

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Partnerships and Communication - Barriers - Traditional proficient limits Different qualities and convictions Language Increasing unpredictability of work Need to diminish duplication and wastefulness Increased desire

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Partnerships and Communication Image civility of cartoonstock.com

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Partnerships and Communication Activity

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Partnerships and Communication Solutions? Keep away from acronyms Be legitimate Be steady Be understanding Be open, clear and share data Stay in touch!

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Partnerships and Communication Getting It Right For Every Child Key Issues: Changes to The Children\'s Hearing System (justification for referral) Introduction of an Integrated Assessment Framework (which will be utilized by ALL offices) Introduction of a Young Person\'s Plan Introduction of a Lead Professional

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Partnerships and Communication Getting It Right For Every Child Image obligingness of The Scottish Government

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Transition Planning

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Transition Planning I\'m taking off! What\'s next? Picture cordiality of comicbookresources.com

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Transition Planning Under the new training act, schools have an obligation to make move courses of action for youngsters get ready to leave school A DUTY TO REQUEST INFORMATION FROM EXTERNAL AGENCIES INITIAL MEETING 12 MONTHS BEFORE THEY ARE ABLE TO LEAVE AT 6 MONTHS BEFORE THEY CAN LEAVE, THERE IS A DUTY TO IDENTIFY REQUIRED SUPPORTS

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Transition Planning The meeting is to arrange the Young Person\'s future and NOT to audit what has happened in school This is a Pupil Centered ground breaking process

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Transition Planning Who will go to? Scratch Professionals Parents/Carers The Young Person Other Image obligingness of comicbookresources.com

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Transition Planning Recording the Meeting

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Contact Details Lee Dunn ldunn@edu.clacks.gov.uk Sandy Parker sparker@edu.clacks.gov.uk Tom Snow T.Snow@LTScotland.org.uk www.alvaacademy.clacks.sch.uk www.ltscotland.org.uk leedunn.squarespace.com

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