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Legacy. Native Legacy Act 1972. A Demonstration to make procurement for the conservation in the interest of the group of spots and protests usually utilized by or customary to the first occupants of Australia or their relatives. Legacy. Register of Native Destinations
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Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 An Act to make arrangement for the protection in the interest of the group of spots and protests generally utilized by or customary to the first tenants of Australia or their relatives.

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Heritage Register of Aboriginal Sites Statutory Applications Process Functions of Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC) Role of Department of Indigenous Affairs (DIA)

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Aboriginal Sites Register Section 38 – Establishes the Register Minister endorses the way and type of the Register incorporates every single detailed place (more than 24,000 revealed) Assessment of reports results in spots being delegated Lodged, Permanent, Insufficient Information or Stored Confidentiality rules represent access to webpage data Access by means of DIA site or face to face

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Statutory Applications Processes Section 17 – Offenses Section 18 – Notices to utilize arrive for a reason Section 16 – Rights to uncover DIA gives Assessment & exhortation

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Standards & Guidelines ACMC expects that applications are reliable with the measures and rules accessible at http://www.dia.wa.gov.au/Heritage/S18 Notice layout Aboriginal legacy reviews Aboriginal website recordings ACMC expects that discussion incorporates significant Aboriginal individuals .

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S18 Notices, S16 Permits Audience is ACMC & DIA Write for the ACMC inside the setting of the AHA Applications are not a scholarly article Not a guidance to a customer Not an anteroom archive Is a Statutory Application

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Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee Established under segment 28 of the AHA Members: Mr Kenneth Ninyette Chairperson M s Jackie Tang Ex-Officio - A/Director General, Dept of Indigenous Affairs Dr Moya Smith Ex-Officio - Executive Director, WA Museum Mr Ken McCrackan Ex-Officio - Manager, Dept for Planning and Infrastructure Mr Michael Robinson Member - Specialist Anthropologist Ms Violet Drury ACMC Member - Mid West Ms Jean Boladeras ACMC Member - Metropolitan Mr Alec Tucker ACMC Member - Pilbara Ms Pearl Gordon ACMC Member - East Kimberley M r Peter Francis ACMC Member - West Kimberley

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Functions of Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC) S5 - Application to places S16 – Excavations S18 – Recommendations about Notices S19, 20, 21, 25 – Rec about Protected Areas (Governor) S39 – Evaluation, Recording, Preservation, Advisory S40, 42, 59 – Objects (Governor) & (Minister)

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Assessing Sites – Step 1 S5 – Does a revealed put have proof of the accompanying: wherever of significance and noteworthiness where people of Aboriginal plummet have, or seem to have, left any question, regular or counterfeit, utilized for, or made or adjusted for use for, any reason associated with the customary social existence of the Aboriginal individuals, past or show; any consecrated, custom or stylized site, which is of significance and unique hugeness to people of Aboriginal plunge; wherever which, in the sentiment of the Committee, is or was related with the Aboriginal individuals and which is of authentic, anthropological, archeological or ethnographical intrigue and ought to be safeguarded as a result of its significance and essentialness to the social legacy of the State; wherever where items to which this Act applies are customarily put away, or to which, under the arrangements of this Act, such protests have been taken or evacuated.

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Assessing Sites – Step 2 S39 – comprehend the setting of essentialness for announced places and questions (2) In assessing the significance of spots and protests the Committee should have respect to: (an) any current utilize or noteworthiness ascribed under pertinent Aboriginal custom; (b) any previous or presumed utilize or importance which might be credited upon the premise of convention, authentic affiliation, or Aboriginal opinion; (c) any potential anthropological, archeological or ethnographical intrigue; and (d) tasteful qualities. (3) Associated consecrated convictions, and custom or stately use, in so far all things considered matters can be learned, might be viewed as the essential contemplations to be considered in the assessment of wherever or protest for the reasons for this Act.

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Functions of Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC) S18 (2) Where the proprietor of any land provides for the Committee see in composing that he requires to utilize the land for a reason which, unless the Minister gives his assent under this segment, would probably bring about a rupture of area 17 in regard of any Aboriginal site that may be on the land, the Committee might, when it is sensibly capable, shape an assessment in the matter of whether there is any Aboriginal site on the land, assess the significance and hugeness of any such site, and present the notice to the Minister together with its suggestion in composing concerning regardless of whether the Minister ought to agree to the utilization of the land for that reason, and, where pertinent, the degree to which and the conditions whereupon his assent ought to be given.

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Assessing S18 Notices Each Notice should at any rate empower the ACMC to: shape a feeling concerning whether there is any Aboriginal site on the Land subject to the area 18 Notice, and, assess the significance and criticalness of any such site, and figure out if a rupture of s17 of the AHA will happen if the Minister does not agree to the reason portrayed in the Notice, and make suggestions to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs in the matter of whether the Minister ought to or ought not agree to utilize the Land for the reason depicted in the Notice, and prescribe any or to what degree conditions ought to be set on the assent.

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Role of Department of Indigenous Affairs (DIA) Support for & counsel to the Minister Support for and exhortation to the ACMC with statutory applications Advice to Aboriginal individuals Advice to landowners Maintain the Register

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Kimberley Data The North West Kimberley is an extensive remote district From the Department of Indigenous Affairs point of view the learning of the legacy estimations of this area is inconsistent and deficient. In organization with the Traditional proprietors this will take years of far reaching thinks about/studies

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Kimberley Data Status Number of Sites L (Lodged) 110 P (Permanent) 746 I (Insuf Info) 177 S (Stored) 16 SR (SAG) 2 (S) Total = 1051

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